‘MahaDharma’ is for those who are desirous of true and universal self-development, freethinking –reasonable and lovers of true spirituality. ‘MahaDharma’ is the excellent system of universal development. That is ‘MahaDharma’ which helps to develop our conscious Mind, that which is free from all bad sides like superstition, malice, hatred, cruelty, malpractice, and which does not give us any false promise.  The main subject of this brilliant system is, true and universal self-development (Maha Atma-Vikash education) -that which directly helps to develop our mind, that which teaches the method of better living and that which helps and incite or insist to get true knowledge. In fact, ‘MahaDharma’ is neither Religion nor irreligion; even it is not like current ‘Dharmic’ systems also. It is a new concept of human welfare.

   ‘MahaDharma’ is formed by some students and devotees of MahaManas alias MahaAnand –the great sage of the modern age, and it is formed on the base of ‘MahaVad’. ‘MahaVad’ is a true spiritual, –true and universal self-developmental doctrine & teachings of MahaManas. Making us fully developed human being –is the chief object of ‘MahaDharma’. This Maha system of universal development chiefly consists with virtues and duties of human beings, not with any blind-faith and inhuman activities. The chief duty is to belong to the universal self-development education of 'MahaVad' (‘Mahaism’).   

   The bounden duty of human beings is the practice of ‘MahaDharma’. The main duty is to advance to be fully developed human being –to get true development of conscious mind and universal soundness. The continuous study of that is our worship. To develop oneself consciously–continuously by the help of ‘MahaVad’–the way of real life, –is ‘MahaManan’ or ‘Maha-Yoga’ practice and that is ‘MahaDharma’.

On the other side, in perspective of reality or universal condition (place – time – object – surroundings etc.) and depending on deliberation which is need to do or which is proper to be done– is ‘MahaDharma’. The motive of ‘MahaDharna’ is not to bind human beings with any self-made rules and regulations like religions and ‘Dharmic’ systems. Its only desire is to make conscious human beings about the law – quality – disposition and aim of nature.

By holding which Maha system of self-control and acquiring self-knowledge, one can be able to advance towards the path of true & universal self-development –to be a fully developed human being– is ‘MahaDharna’. The great humanitarian MahaManas says, it is not possible to attain salvation in this stage of consciousness. There are high to higher conscious-stages after this human conscious stage. At last–, step by step you need to reach to God conscious stage, and then you will be able to be same soul with God. Now, do your duty of this stage, –be a fully grown human being– first. 

This Maha system of universal development by name –‘MahaDharma’ has been introduced at the beginning of this century in India. It has a scripture and doctrine, too. But this doctrine says, it is not necessary to follow me in every part, –being a follower of ‘MahaDharma’ one need to follow the main principle– that is–, “you have been born as a human being, your aim is to be a fully developed human being. Try to keep yourself always wakeful –conscious, to know oneself and this worldly system with your aim of life, and be effortful to make yourself true and universal developed human being.

The great sage MahaManas says, Development of humankind or a nation is possible only through the development of individuals. For that, true and universal self-development is the main program of ‘MahaDharma’. MahaManas also says, an individual by oneself will be able to decide that which is proper to be done and which is to be practiced, –after knowing rightly oneself. Therefore 'MahaDharma' does not load any code of conduct or any rules and rites. It helps us to be developed rightly, –by that one can be able to know oneself and God in its own reality. When some conscious persons will be enough developed in different places by the help of ‘MahaDharma’ (Maha-self-development program), then those who are connected with them, also will be eager to be developed. In this way, so many human beings can be developed gradually.  

   ‘MahaDharma’ is not like other religions or ‘Dharmic’ systems. The differences here are more pronounced than the similarities with them. Worship of God is not object of this system. The main object of ‘MahaDharma’ is to make us fully developed human beings. Development of mind and also blooming of consciousness is the fundamental tune of ‘MahaDharma’ –and that is the natural quality of human beings.  The great universe existence is the God –from the viewpoint of 'MahaDharma' (for details visit our websites).

 ‘MahaDharama’ is the eternal truth which has revealed newly from the abyss of oblivion, or which was hiding for our ignorance so long.  We –self-oblivious men, forgetting our aim of life, are living in an ecstatic state. By practicing which Yoga (Maha-Yoga) with great devotion, one can become a fully developed human being, is ‘MahaDharma’. ‘MahaDharma’ is a natural way. When you will be aware or conscious about it –about aim of life, and also will be desirous to practice it –to be advanced towards the aim of life, then you will be initiated in your own path– ‘MahaDharma’.


Welcome if you are of the same mentality. We want to establish a Maha-system of universal development world wide– that is ‘MahaDharma’ –the obligation of humanity.                                      We are benefited and we want also you be benefited with us!

MahaDharma: The Call of humanity

Although, it is ‘Dharma’ in name but it is not a ‘Dharmic’ system (like such and such ‘Dharmas’). It is ‘Dharma’ in true sense that is the law and quality of nature, and the natural duties of humanity.  In real meaning –it is the way of real life; –it is the call or invitation of humanity, –the call of becoming fully grown human being. To respond at this call is not meaning abandon one’s religion, that is to say, to hold ‘MahaDharma’, no need to abandon one’s religion. We don’t want to convert any one. We don’t want to hurt any religious faith. We only want them, those who are of same mentality with us.

Practice of ‘MahaDharma’ is a special kind of Yoga ––‘Maha Atma-Vikas Yoga’ (briefly ‘MahaYoga’ or ‘MahaManan’) practice, by which one can advance on the path of becoming fully grown human being, through this true and universal self-development program. Actually ‘MahaDharma’ is a universal self-development program for conscious human beings.

To embody the main program of ‘MahaDharma’, we are desirous to set up a ‘MahaManan Kendra’ or ‘Maha Atma-Vikas Kendra’ (Universal Maha-Self-Development Education Center) of international standard. Please extend your helping hands to make successful this great endeavor. 

Help us make it possible!

If you enjoy our endeavor, please spread the word about it. You can spread the light into the world and help more people find this wonderful message in this time of deep great changes. Please Share your new knowledge, Chat with your friends about ‘MahaDharma’ –‘MahaVad’, and make them enlightened. To know about ‘MahaVad’ & ‘MahaDharma’ visit-  www.mahavad.webs.com &  www.mahaism.webs.com and also search ‘MahaVad’ ‘MahaDharma’ through Google & Yahoo.                                         


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Comment by Vikas Saha on October 20, 2011 at 2:21am

Always ‘Dharma’ is changed with the change of time. Now, ‘MahaDharma’ is befitted of the new times. ‘MahaDharma’ is the fundamental guiding spirit of the new age.


Comment by Darlene McPeek Kancharla on October 18, 2011 at 2:32am
thank you, Dayamoyee, for sharing this! i learned a lot!! big hugs, xx Darlene

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