Manifestation: Opening The Door To Receive

If you tuned-in to the Twin Flame Manifestation ritual on Psychic Reading Radio through the BlogTalk Radio website, you learned the secret to Abundance Checks and how they work to bring you what it is that you really want. Sounds great, right? Create your check, complete the ritual, make a wish and leave it to the Universe and God to answer your prayer and your dreams will come to fruition. Boom! Well, pretty close, anyway. In order to manifest though you also need logical, common sense.

For example: while a Twin Flame's intuition (gut feeling) might tell them that they should call their twin on the phone, the logical mind reminds us that sometimes, the other twin needs space enough to heal and will come forward faster when left alone. It's the "rubber band in the bubble" effect I've discussed many times. There's only so much space in the bubble, so if you lean forward, your Twin can only lean back. But on the flip side, if you lean back while your twin is leaning back, they have to spring forward by default. And the balance is leaving the door open. I'll never forget the woman who called me some years ago who had been in separation from her twin for months. They had blocked each other every way possible since a falling out, and she wanted to know when he would be coming forward. All the other psychics had advised that she would have heard from him by now (except me) and she wanted to know why she hadn't.

The logic went something like this.. "First of all, he hasn't been able to call since he doesn't have your new number. You also blocked him -on everything. He's assuming you want nothing to do with him based on your own actions. Second, you two fought and you told him you never wanted to hear from him again just before blocking him, and yet now, you're disagreeing with the breakup. He's not a mind reader."

Assuming someone thinks like you do is a narcissistic thing, as is assuming that it's "all about you." This is why it is never good to assume. When we assume, we have...Ass, U and Me. This is why we never assume. Additionally, she wanted HIM to prove he cared by tracking her down. When we want to go to London, England and we want to get to London, England by tomorrow and we want to go there by way of horseback, it is impossible. The logistics just can't make sense that way. Change the logistics and maybe you'll see some results.

We want things to turn out like they do in the movies, and while that's a nice sentiment, it's impossible most of the time. You can have your fairy tale ending, but you need to be logical about it. My friend, Joe, is an engineer. He shared a diagram with me once of a triangle. Each side of the triangle was labeled: Fast, Quality and Cheap. He explained that you could pick two but not three. You can have fast and quality, but it won't be cheap. You can have quality and cheap but it won't be fast. You get the idea...

Of course, this displeased my client because she wanted it all her way. Of course we want it our way but in order to get our way, we need to pave the road so that it can happen. After my client had gone through all the waiting, inner work, surrendering and so forth, she was still waiting. So, I advised her. She unblocked the twin, showed him that she was ready through moving forward, and he reached out. Boom. Again, we want to go to London, England and we want to get there by tomorrow, but we want to travel by way of horseback. We can have two but we can't have all three. The same idea holds true with things like winning the lottery.

There's a story about a woman who was absolutely certain she'd win the lottery and she did -twice. I have read all the lottery stories and the tales of what happened when the folks received the money. It's referred to as the "lottery curse." It is the Karma that is attached to winning or receiving something that you are due, but attempting to manipulate the blueprint (timing.) Most people, during their lifetime, will earn and receive somewhere around one million dollars. Think about it: if you earn a standard salary of, say, $50,000 per year, by the end of your life you will have likely earned upwards of around that million. If you want to win properly, then use the blueprint but also use the common sense logic to make it happen.

Example: in order for lottery to comply with the laws that govern winnings, they must pay out a certain amount (in most cases, Vegas, for example, is 75% of pay in.) That said, if you typically purchase scratch-off tickets, there's an average of 2-4 winners per 25 tickets. If you're going to purchase one ticket per day for a month to equal 30 tickets, then it makes more sense to purchase them all at once from the same roll. Common sense, logic and timing.

The Key Elements of Manifestation go hand-in-hand with opening the door to pave the way for your dreams to become your reality. The Key Elements are as follows:

1. Desire. You must possess a strong desire for what it is that you hope to Manifest.

2. Belief. You must believe both that you deserve and that it can and will happen.

3. Gratitude. You must give gratitude sincerely and often.

4. Positive thought and emotion control. You must raise your vibration and frequency by keeping your thoughts and emotions that you put-out into the Universe as positive. Because the Universe can only hear positive thought and emotion, when you worry or convey doubt, the Universe will read these negative emotions as being what you actually want. I.e., "I don't want him to talk with other women," will be received by the Universe as, "I __ want him to talk with other women," or "I want him to talk with other women." 

5. Action. You must put your words and desires into direct action. Making space in your closet for your soulmate to hang his clothing when they move in with you is an ideal example of paving the way and opening the door.

Using your key elements of Manifestation combined with doing what your logical mind tells you to do in order to open the door will pave the way for your dreams to come to fruition. The stronger you believe and the more you do on your part to open these doors, the more quickly you will see results. Give it a try. You just might surprise yourself!

Helena Roman, LRMT is an internationally acclaimed psychic medium,  licensed spiritual counselor, author and lecturer. Helena counsels patients and provides readings to the public by phone and at her private Springfield office, Helena currently resides in the suburbs of Springfield, Massachusetts. You can read more of Helena Roman's articles via her personal blog at and on the OM Times Magazine website.

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