Part 5 of a Message
Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On July 21, 2013

Question: When you walked on the Earth with Yeshua, I believe you gave birth to a daughter. If that is so, then there must still be a genetic lineage on this planet, because I assume your child had children, and so on. In the spirit world in which you exist now, can you influence your lineage on this planet, or does it really matter?


Mary Magdalene: It is true that I gave birth to a daughter and that this was through my union with Yeshua. It is also true that there was a genetic lineage. It was one possibility for influencing the world. But as it turned out, it did not become the most important, by any means.


The process of manifesting higher energies into a third-dimensional reality, such as the Earth, happens in many ways. The physical is simply one way. And the physical genetic lineage is actually less important than what happens at the higher levels, which you might call the soul levels and the soul family. We are always manifesting through our soul family. It is not simply a linear process. It is not that I take form on Earth and that is my only form.


At the higher dimensions, we don’t assume individuality in the way that you are familiar with in your world. So even what you speak about as being a particular higher being is not exactly the way that we relate to that. We are manifested in a different way, which has much more to do with our soul group and has a much larger form, encompassing many beings. So for us it is entirely natural that our influence would come into the Earth realm in many, many ways, in many forms, which are not limited to time, space, or manifestation.


It is a very complex subject, upon which I am not the highest expert. The thing I can say about this is that it is not wise to get too focused on who may be an incarnation of whom, or who may be related through their genetics or their ancestry to whom, who is experiencing a soul connection to this being or that being… We have connections to so many beings.


The most important thing is for you to connect with those who are your guides, who you become clear are guiding you from the highest realms, in the highest forms of light. Then consider other beings who are manifested on the Earth who may be receiving messages, connections, guidance from their guides, and to consider if that is right for you or not. That is what is most important.


It is a great limitation to try to contain what higher beings bring to you within a certain structure or form, saying “There is this incarnation of a being,” or “There are a set number of incarnations of a being.” It is a distraction from what the beings really want to be bringing to you, which is ultimately light. And light is not limited by form. Neither light nor love is limited by form.


While it may certainly be interesting to want to understand the mechanics of how it works, that will come in time. And in time, you probably won’t be so interested in how it works at the third dimension anyway (she laughs), because that won’t be your reality.


For some, it is more important to understand this than for others, because that is part of their path and their work, to understand how these functions work. But the important thing, from my perspective, is to focus on what is drawing you to light. The whole reason that Yeshua and myself and all the others involved became significant 2000 years ago was not because of who our parents were or because of our lineage. It was because of the light that was brought in, which was undeniable, unmistakable for those who were able to see it and recognize it. That is what to put your attention on. Let everything else be lighter. I did not mean that as a pun. (She laughs.) Let everything else be of less significance or concern. Let it be a celebration rather than a limitation.


It is a miracle that anyone ever incarnates here, and a joy that so many do. Let it take that form. Find the light that is in all. If it communicates to you as the light of Yeshua, the light of Mary Magdalene, the light of any being, let that just be a joy and a wonder to your heart. That will carry you into your own union with light and you will not need these other forms. That will be the most strong and powerful, and, over time, the most real.


That is my suggestion.


[End of Part 5]




Copyright 2013 Mercedes Kirkel,, All Rights Reserved. Please copy and share this article as long as it is shared in its entirety, including this copyright notice, and the information is not altered, excerpted, or added to; credit of authorship and my website address ( is included; and no money is exchanged. For any other uses, please contact Mercedes Kirkel to obtain permission. Thank you.


Mercedes Kirkel is an award-winning author and spiritual channel, bringing forth messages and instruction from Mary Magdalene and other Beings of Light. Her new book, Mary Magdalene Beckons: Join the River of Love is available at All messages and practices are universal and are not affiliated with any religion.


To receive ongoing messages from Mary Magdalene and other Beings of Light through Mercedes, go to and request to be added to the mailing list.


Mercedes offers workshops and private sessions in Santa Fe, New Mexico, including Evolve Life Coaching, Guidance from Beings of Light, Spiritual Instruction and Support, and Light-Filled Intimacy™ Instruction. She is available in-person or long distance (by phone and Skype), or to travel to your location. For more information, go to


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