Ya know what I LOVED about the ME TOO movement is that it gave people “permission” to share years of suppression, everyone was doing it, so hey, it was easier to share too eh?

We live in a world of avoidance, does this help, no, it makes us believe that we can’t talk about our pain or misery. It makes us think we need to wear masks to be okay and to be accepted and LOVED by “others” in this earthly play.

We see it all the time, people saying “don’t talk about your problems or any negativity.” Well in a sense there really isn’t any positive or negative experiences when we see it in the light of spirituality. We say they’re positive or negative because of how we feel. If we feel bad, we say it’s “negative” if we feel good, we say it’s “positive.” That’s judgment and if we’re saying something is “negative” and we don’t want to look at it in ourselves or others, then we haven’t dealt with or made peace with our own shadows, past hurts or wounds. Once we do, all of our experiences will be accepted by me and you.

There’s a big fear that most people have bought into and that is if they speak about something “negative” they might attract it or create it or people will look down on them and see them as “less then.” Those fears come from fear based teachings that promote suppression and spiritual bypassing.

If we’re feeling something inside, that energy is inside of us, that’s where we’re vibrating and creating our lives from, not talking about it or avoiding it doesn’t make it go away. That energy is asking to be acknowledged and shifted into LOVE, which allows us to come into alignment with our true essence. Not doing so keeps barriers around our heart and we’ll be on high alert as we go about our day, trying to protect ourselves and keep the pain away, but it really remains inside and filters what we see and who we believe ourselves to be.

What if, just for today, we let go of labeling our feelings or situations good or bad, negative or positive and we just called what’s happening in our lives an experience. Why? There’s always a blessing in everything, everything is serving. The ME TOO movement showed how many people have and are suppressing their hurts and pains, doing so makes us feel alone, scared and confused and we try to hide that feeling of being wrong inside.

Oh my LOVES, there’s nothing wrong with me or you and we didn’t do anything wrong, like I shared above, we’re all having experiences here, and our experiences are helping us move into LOVE and away from fear. It’s setting us free from our hurts and pains, the trauma we experienced in this earthly game. The idea that we can’t talk about what we’re going through, isolates me from you. We’re just keeping our feelings contained inside and we never really enjoy this earthly ride, why? We’re trying to protect ourselves and hide.

Out of “problems” comes SOULutions, we get to see what we’re believing in this reality and shift internally. We don’t know what we’ve been or are carrying inside until we’re “triggered.” Some people say let it go, just go about your show.

But are we really letting it go or are we creating more fear below? Adding to the pain just makes us go insane. That pain will try to get our attention again, it’s really our friend, it wants us to heal and mend. If we don’t listen it will get louder, sometimes though aches in the body, illness or tragedy. We’ll never truly BE FREE until we can embrace ourselves, others and our experiences unconditionally.

If we want the world to change, we need to BE that which we want to see, this is why I share everything, including healing. A true master knows how to move through earth school using their tools. Not avoiding or running away, rather, embracing everything in this earthly play. Seeing it all in the Divinity it is, moving out of the conditioning of this worldly biz.

Out of blessings comes challenges and out of challenges comes blessings, it’s all part of our life experience. Deep inside we’re always oaky, when we connect to our source we feel this in every way. For me, my source is the LOVE of GOD, it helps me see through beyond the worldly fog. Whatever you call it, it’s up to you, this loving energy is always available and is always flowing through. We allow it or we block it with judgment or fear, when we move into acceptance of ourselves and everything that life brings, this brings forth a divine healing.

Once we feel at peace inside, we’ll no longer have to run and hide. When we feel at peace, it’s easier to BE and do what comes naturally. In order to get here many of us need to allow what we’re feeling and bring LOVE to the parts of us that are asking for a healing.

This is what will help us BE FREE to move more easily and really enjoy this magical life journey, yes unconditionally loving is the key.

Loving you Beautiful souls

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