Meditating with Animals   737 words

By Lisa Shaw


Abstract:  Because animals live on a more intuitive level than we do, they are receptive to higher energies and often operate on higher levels of consciousness.  This enables us to meditate with them for greater communication and healing.  Here is  a basic meditation for you and your animal companions.


Those of us who understand consciousness as a spiritual word know that on the earth plane, we do not function strictly as physical creatures; there exists a body-mind-spirit continuum that regulates wellness of all creatures. This understanding has spread to the Western medical world as well, with   traditional physicians recognizing the value of a mind-body approach.  The increasing emphasis on complementary medicine has encouraged physicians to recommend relaxation methods and alternative therapies along with traditional medicine to foster the healing process. However, this trend is not limited to the human being.   Even veterinarians prescribe such alternatives as herbal remedies, acupuncture, massage and Reiki along with standard veterinary care.


Can dogs meditate and visualize their way to health?   We know they fall into deep sleep (etheric travel) when we meditate alongside them, sometimes needing to bring them back to waking consciousness with a bit of rigor.  They don’t visualize the same way we do, , but we can certainly facilitate  healing visualizations on their behalf.

Using our creative visualization abilities we can see them and internally to locate wounds and scars that have impeded growth, often manifesting in illness.  Then we are able to identify the cause, facilitating release and restoration.  All we need to do is trust our own insight and intuition.  Here’s a meditation script to get you started.

Begin with the breath. Inhale deeply through your nose to the count of four.  Hold it for four counts.  Then release to the count of eight.  Repeat.  In for four. Hold for four.  Release for eight.  With each round of breathing feel your body relax.  Feel your mind relax.  In for four.  Hold for four.  Release for eight.  Let this become automatic. 


As you relax this way your animals will also begin their relaxation.  See them settle down, breathe deeply, and relax.  You are both now in a receptive state.  Keep breathing this way and allow the universal healing energy to move through your animal.

See yourselves surrounded in a cloud of pure white light.  See the light above you, below your feet, and around you, wide enough for your to extend your arm out sideways and still have room.

Look into your animal’s center.  Focus on the core.  See a tiny spark of light like a miniature star.  When you locate that spark ask for a vision of where in the body your animal is holding on to trauma, hurt, fear.  Let the spark move to that spot.  Don’t push it.  Let it gently and slowly move to the area that has not let go of the pain or hurt.  It may take a minute or so for this to happen.  When you locate it, ask your animal to tell you the cause.  Trust what comes to mind.  You may get pictures instead of words.  Once you have identified it, let the light spread through that area.  Allow the Reiki to penetrate.


Move to the next area.  Ask the spark of light to show you the exact place this old energy remains.  Again, when you see/feel/sense or just simply know where it is, ask for the origin and let the light expand and heal the spot. The Reiki will soothe it.


Do this as many times as you need to until you feel your animal has released the residue that has prevented wholeness.  When you have finished see your animal illuminated completely.  Let the Reiki complete the task of restoration.


You can do this for yourself as well.  All it takes is deep relaxation and a willingness to heal.

You can repeat the mantra to yourself, “I am willing to heal.”  Let the Universe know you are an active partner.


When you are ready, breathe in deeply and feel the refreshing flow of energy from your head through the soles of your feet.  See how easily that energy flows, without pause or obstacles.


When you are ready to return to normal waking consciousness, tap your feet on the floor, wiggle your fingers and then gently bring your animal back to the same state.


Your animals will be grateful for the opportunity to attune with you in meditation. 


Lisa Shaw is an animal communicator, Reiki Master, writer and professor who lives in South Florida with her furry and feathered family.  You can find out more about her work on her website


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