Meditation Beyond the Om: 8 Non-Traditional Ways to Clear Your Mind

Current circumstances, upbringings, and interaction with other human beings all contribute to our experience of stress. The good news is that we don't have to sit and wait for the stressors to take over our lives, and slowly destroy our peace and wellbeing.

Meditation has always been known as the practice that helps us reach tranquillity and a better understanding of our inner selves. However, applying non-traditional techniques to clear the mind can also elevate the spirit. We all have different needs and habits, which is why creating a universal relaxation technique has never been possible. What helps one individual may not work for the other, but if you allow yourself to experience the variety of options, you will find your ideal routine for clearing the mind. 

Release your inner dancer

When you start to feel the fog taking over your mind, it's time to play your favorite tunes and start dancing if the circumstances allow you to act. Even our ancestors were able to recognize the soothing power of music and what influence it has on the human spirit.  They used it for healing, or as a vessel that helped them unite and communicate with their gods. Play something cheerful and dance to the rhythm of your favorite songs. 

Movement of the limbs will help you get rid of the stress faster than when you're standing still and waiting for it to pass. After only a few minutes of dancing, your mind will be refreshed, and you will feel competent to move on with your daily routine. Dancing can also improve your posture and make you more physically active. If some aspects of your life are stopping you from going on walks regularly, dancing for fifteen minutes a day will improve your health. 

Fill your life with colors

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you take your old art supplies and start working on a new painting? Engaging in creative and artistic pursuits will shift your focus and improve your skills, for any form of art can be therapeutic, both for artists and observers. Instead of watching television or spending time on the internet, dedicate some time to creation. Buy art supplies, start mixing colors, and smear the canvas. 

Allow yourself to shift the focus to bright colors and lose yourself in their radiance. Colouring books can also put you in a meditative state and help you stay in the present moment. There are other creative processes that those who are not fond of drawing and coloring might want to try out. Making origami figures or finding DIY projects- it doesn't matter what it is, as long as you're feeling relaxed and at peace.  

Treat yourself with your favorite meal

Eating food is an integral aspect of our lives, but when we taste the perfect combination of spices that make our taste buds tangle, food becomes more than a life sustainer. Recognizing and experiencing with our senses the food that we love can instantly improve our mood and make us forget about the stress that continues to pile up. 

Engaging in the process of preparing your favorite dish can also clear your mind because it builds joy and excitement associated with the food you intend to eat. If cooking makes you nervous, watching others cook can create the same effect.
Eating nutritious food is crucial for your health, but if you're fond of less healthy variations, know that it's okay to indulge with fried food from time to time. Apart from that, try to create a balanced diet that includes eating fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Food rich in nutrients and vitamins will create more balance in your system and make you feel much lighter and full of energy. 

Try Yoga moves for beginners

We all tend to stand or sit in different positions that cause our muscles and joints to ache. A routine that includes doing Yoga for half an hour a day will change your life for the better. Your body will feel younger, and the pain in your muscles will go away. You don't have to be a yoga expert to notice the results. Enroll in a Yoga for beginners online course, or find a local studio where you can practice with other people in groups.

Group therapy is ideal for healing. As you start attending classes, you will notice that Yoga and meditation are very much alike. You'll feel the energy circulating through your body and in alignment with the world around you. Going to Yoga classes is also excellent for your social life. The communities are very welcoming, and you'll meet individuals that usually lead a similar lifestyle as yourself. Not only will you feel at peace, but you might establish connections with people that may last for a lifetime. Give it a try, for it offers various opportunities to elevate your spirit and make you feel more centered and content. 

Declutter your space

The way we tend to arrange our living space influences the way we behave and react in that environment. Small living space with lots of furniture enables you to move freely around your house, which may be the primary cause of your stress. Create a living environment that promotes productivity and stress-free conditions. 

Take your time to clean your home and declutter the area where you spend most of your time. A clean house is a fresh start that motivates you to create order not only around you but also in your inner thoughts. Dedicating time for decluttering will shift your focus on something productive. That small break from whatever is occupying you can restore your energy and put you in an active state. 

Go for a two-minute walk

The simplest thing besides meditating that can help you get back into your natural state is taking a five-minute walk. Although it's good for your health, you don't have to walk for hours to calm yourself down and achieve mental clarity. Changing your surroundings is the first step toward a more stable mind. Put your shoes on and take a short walk around the block to gather your thoughts and breathe some fresh air. It's advisable to go alone to give yourself enough space to lower the stress levels. 

Your mind will once again feel capable and in control, after you provide some space for relaxation. When you get back from your walk, give yourself time to shake off the stress and panic that use to overwhelm you. Although this practice won't solve your problems, it will clear your mind, and that will prepare you to find an adequate solution to overcome your obstacles. 

Spend more time in nature

Breathing fresh air and enjoying the company of plants creates the most relaxing atmosphere, ideal for reaching your OM moment. You can get the best of each season if you regularly schedule solo expeditions to get in touch with nature and maybe get to know yourself better. There are various options available to you, no matter where you are in the world. You can go running or hiking, or sit on the bench in your favorite park. 

It would be ideal if you could spend time in nature while being physically active. That way, you will save more time and also achieve the best results. If you're always up for a challenge, you and your friends can go for a ride on sturdy city bikes around your town or visit the nearest mountains or villages. Go on the rides regularly to experience all the health benefits of spending time in nature and being physically active. Once you discover your possibilities and learn that it's not hard to take a break and focus on yourself, your life will flourish. You'll feel good both mentally and physically, and you won't feel tired and unable to focus on everyday life. 

Get to know yourself better

If we don't learn how to understand and take care of ourselves when we face difficulties and can't think clearly, we'll always struggle to reach our OM state of being. Although meditation will bring focus on you, and encourage you to sit with your thoughts until you learn to accept them or let go, there are more engaging alternatives you can apply to achieve better clarity. Start a journal and compare your thoughts every once in a while to notice changes. Be honest about what's stopping you from getting into your calm state because honesty and acceptance are the only way toward a clear mind and a content soul. 

Spend more time with yourself and give your mind and body the permission to relax. Take yourself out on a date, or go to the movies to critique a genre you've never been into before. In other words, try new things that will change your perspective of the world around you. Once you become more open to new possibilities, you'll get to know yourself better, and that's going to help you achieve mental clarity and emotional stability. 


Taking breaks and allowing your mind to heal and become less overwhelmed should be your regular practice. Find the relaxation technique that gives you the most apparent results and practice it as often as you can. Many want to know the secret formula that will help them release tensions of the body and mind.

Although we have covered various practices and solutions that can put you in a tranquil state, it's vital to know that preventing stress is more effective than dealing with troubles and soothing the symptoms. If you continually engage your body and mind to do their best to improve your lifestyle, there will be little to no place for stress in your everyday life. A healthy mind can sometimes enter the state of fogginess, but if you know how to respond to your anxiety and stress that follows, you will break free from your old patterns.

You want to feel good, and applying various methods to reach your goal will make the process of self-development a lot easier. To ensure there are no medical conditions that can ruin your experience in nature, inform your doctor about the relaxation techniques you're going to try and ask for a recommendation or feedback. 

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