I have took a bit of a hiatus from my blogging in the last week or so, not for any writer's block reasons, but because I was simply just exhausted. Writing a blog, working full-time (yay!), additional freelancing, boyfriend,  Reiki Master Class, weekly Reiki Circles...well you get the point, it can be a bit overwhelming, and when you add too many days in a row that do not pan-out as you would like, it can bring you to your limit. I had to do the most sensible thing, which was take some much needed time away from the very gray cubicle filled office I am confined to M-F, and have some fun with my love, my soulmate, and just play. This 'staycation' was brought about by my remembering the  last time I worked myself too hard for an extended period of time; I became very ill for quite some time, and while I learned some incredibly invaluable lessons, I have no desire to ever go back there again if I can help it. 

It is my belief that when we become ill, no matter how or at what age, that there is a metaphysical reason/explanation for it. This ideology is not meant to at all negate medical science, there are some incredible doctors and scientists out there who have developed some amazing treatments. What is lacking however is the 'reason' we get ill, the 'why' and if we can pinpoint that reason, can we also look at it as the cure? Maybe this question is too philosophical, but this is my biggest, if not sole reason for getting to Reiki in the first place, and it desereves to be examained, even if the question still remains at the end of this post.

Disease manifests on the outside of our bodies before it ever reaches us. I like to take the common cold & flu virus as a example, this illness can be received by anyone who 'believes' that they can get it. My office seems to be a hot bed of germs with someone being sick every week, it is a non-stop cycle. What is funny is that is was not always this way, people did not seem to start getting these flu-bugs until the office energy began receiving some negative energies. When you have a reason to want to fly the coop, your body will muster up a problem and send you to the comfy secure confines of home. This is a simplied version of illness and metaphysics, but I think it displays the point. Your soul, mind, or emotions may be under attack, and this attack can be so great that it now penetrates to a very physical level prompting a physical reaction. 

I had a dis-ease years back that was near debilitating for me. This dis-ease is called Wegner's Granulomatosis, it effected my breathing in my nasal passages, my nose gushed blood, my lungs were not getting enough air, and the medication had it's own set of potential long term problems. I was so worried and so in my own head about it, that I developed chronic head and face pain, this eventually turned into fibromyalgia in my upper body, it hurt to be touched (love)...I lived in fear of going to sleep, I was afraid of the dark, literally, I slept with all the lights on for months at the age of 25. Perhaps I will do a complete post about this in the future, because it is quite a story on it's own, but back to the point...I needed to find reason in why this was happening to me. I questioned if it was my fault, if Spirit had turned It's back on mebecause I was not leading the life I was meant to be leading. I was in a relationship with a man I absolutely knew I should not have been with, nor his friends, I was angry and resentful for so many reasons, over worked, and in school full-time. Looking at this dis-ease, which was an auto-immune disease, meaning that it is self-created, that you are attacking your own body, your very own cells and attacking the healthy cells in your body; YOU are your own problem! Seriously? Me! All this personal anger and resentment I had was because I allowed it, and I was punishing myself for it, and couple that with the negative energies around me from people who were not living the most positive lifestyle, that created a multitude of problems. I was not doing anything to my physical body that caused this, but my outer reality and actions on a metaphysical level were not positive at all. 

The metaphysical philosophy of illness in my own case was that my spiritual guard was down, and my relationship with Spirit was very weak and I knew it, I felt very guilty because I knew better, and I was certainly raised better, hence the self-attack that I unconsciously manifested. After I found Reiki and was 'cured' I found a level of gratitude that I had never ever experienced before in my life. I was honored that Spirit loved me enough to have me learn this profound lesson, that I was allowed to be strengthened in mind, body, heart and soul. I was no longer angry at myself, or seemingly resentful of others who caused me harm, my relationship with Spirit was strengthened once again. Spirit had not forgotten about me, if that were true than I would have been allowed to continue on a negative downward spiral, but I was saved. 

My case is one of so many in this world. Looking at illness and dis-ease from a metaphysical sense is not always easy, it is an admission in most cases of a self-created problem. This has always bothered me, I am sure we have asked at some point, why do innocent babies get cancer, or even why are children raped or murdered, etc. This is something I certainly ask as a compassionate soul, 'why'? I do not wish to sound naive or possibly even harsh in such a simplified explanation, but these things do happen, I do believe we can create these situations, but I also certainly believe evil exists and perhaps Spirit allows this as a means to teach us lessons.

I warned you in the beginning that this could get philosophical and that we may not have defined answers, but if you can take anything away from this, let it be that we have the power to control our own existance, our own health, and well-being.

Be well. 

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Comment by Candice Diggs on February 27, 2012 at 1:14pm

Thanks for your insights & reading Shervin! 

Comment by Shervin Hojat on February 27, 2012 at 12:19pm


Very interesting discussion. I agree with you that we can minimize our dis-ease by being aware of energies that we attract to ourselves (beliefs, words, feelings). Reiki is a wonderful way to experience our connection.


Comment by Candice Diggs on February 27, 2012 at 10:58am

Hi Lori, great question! I believe we are all mirrors of one another, so yes, absolutely, change (positive or negative) effects us all! Problems/learning opportunities tend to present themselves when we ignore our 'issues', these reflections tend to come back again and again until we have faced them. Hope that helps, thanks for reading! 

Comment by Lori Glier on February 27, 2012 at 7:48am
Intriguing read,Candice.
I am interested in what you said about the energies that are surrounding you!
Now if one person changes their mind set would they be able to stop these energies that surround them? As you got my mind churning !

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