Mind Created the World


We see and think that we know, but it is only our mind that sees and knows. We see and interpret everything through our mind.

We think that we possess and control our mind to our own convenience in the world, to move around the world and make correct decisions. We think that our own individual mind is different and separate from the world around it.

Is it true?

Now, there is a question for us and i.e. what if the mind is a program like a software (computer program) with which we can do so many things but only within the paradigm of the program? What if just like the software game program it is our mind that defines our surrounding environment and we are having an immersive experience within this 3 dimensional field of creation like our character in the game program? What happens to our Truth then? What happens to our Knowledge and Reality?

Because, if the mind is a software program then we only see things and know them that the mind is programmed to see and know. The mind can’t go beyond its limitations and hence we stay and operate within the boundary of the mind. It is the mind which creates the reality for us which in truth may not exist but exists for us as we look and see, know, feel and experience through the mind.

The mind is the one creator behind all the creation. And, this one mind gives their unique characteristics to all the elements of creation seemingly having their own individual minds and behaviors. And, this one mind experiences everything through its creation and the elements within it. Let’s call this mind the cosmic mind.

The body that we are living in is similar to a suit comparable to a very advanced cinema theatre entering which we visualize this world. Using this advanced suit like body not only can we visualize the movie but also interact and participate in the movie becoming the actors and playing various roles in it; like Shakespeare once said “All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances…”.

There are not only human suits; the consciousness can also enter a stone, a tree, insects, animals, planets, stars and galaxies etc. There are infinite number of varieties within this creation of the cosmic mind with each of them providing us with its unique kind of experience and so there is a seeming evolution for the consciousness involved, beginning with an ordinary stone and gradually moving towards human and beyond. We jump from one suit to another so that we can watch all the movies in the multiplex of the creation.

Like, Alice in the wonderland we experience our wonderlands when we enter in these rabbit holes created by the cosmic mind using senses, emotions, desires and intellect etc. The rules are set by the cosmic mind and within these rules the dreamer can dream his world and create anything he likes because the cosmic mind allows him the flexibility to do all kinds of things; he becomes limited by only his own perception and level of imagination.

The mirage is that everything is part of the cosmic mind, even the dreamer himself. However, the dreamer is under temporary amnesia and has forgotten his real nature in order to experience the particular aspect of the creation that he is experiencing now which is inherent in the cosmic mind. Each of the qualities belongs to the cosmic mind and there is nothing except this. The cosmic mind is the only player, the playing field and the play itself.

As the cosmic mind is the only actor and director in this process; everything happens by its own accord. The individual mind or the ego merely tries to capture this process with ownership by the mental image of itself and projections. We are not living the life; the life is living us. From the enlightened perspective it has been rightly said that actions happen by themselves and we just observe them without interfering in this process.

It is the stories in our head what makes it as we define it. It is our own stories and nothing written out there, all made up by the mind and believed by the mind at the same time. When we drop our individual stories then all of it becomes universal flowing as one with the universe without any limitations and boundaries. In fact the limitations and boundaries that we define for ourselves are what create the pain and it is the pain that provokes and motivates us to transcend these boundaries.

In this way we find the Ultimate freedom when the individual ego mind is transcended for the cosmic mind.

About the Author

Asim Choudhury is the creator and founder of “Awakening the Inner Sun within” to help people to transform their lives for good with various quantum healing modalities. His mission is to allow others to receive the love and proper education that will eradicate the victim persona to find their inner healer within to finally end the search and meeting their inner master.www.blissofnewsun.net

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Comment by Asim Choudhury on November 13, 2015 at 12:45pm

Thank You Shelly :)

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