If you are on a spiritual path and have chosen to dedicate your life to the development of your spirit, or you are in a healing phase after losing a loved one. Perhaps the most important aspect of that chosen path is developing the ability to hear or communicate with spirit more effectively and easily. Mindfulness is a tool in spirits toolbox that is there for you to use to achieve a deeper awareness of spirit communication. 

Mindfulness has many wonderous and unique benefits based on a meditative and contemplative aspect. However, one particular side effect, which is a rather welcomed benefit to being more mindful is the ability to hear and communicate with spirit more effectively. It is something that can be learned and deeper awareness achieved. 

From personal experience as an evidential medium, the question often asked is how can we hear spirit or guides better and more clearly. Some individuals would consider this ability to be unique to only a person with mediumistic abilities. Nevertheless, In some instances, it is more imbued in one person more than another - rather like a pianist being able to play a wonderful piece of music with every perfect note and vibration and another barely getting a tune. Nonetheless, mindfulness plays a role in being able to develop the senses to a heightened state allowing you to not only hear the music but to interact with it on a spiritual level. The first step in this journey to deeper awareness is to understand how to breathe and how you can become aware of the hidden breath within the breath.

Chasing The Tail

Learning to breathe properly is one of the fundamental aspects of achieving a powerful level of awareness and yet rather like a dog chasing it's tail because it does not know why it has the appendage and what it is for; you go round and round trying to control your breathing - your chasing your own tail.

The important lesson to learn here is control, for when you try to control something, you are not in that natural state. Perhaps a better term would be to surrender to your breathing and to mindfully create that pattern which you can then feel becoming your connection to the divine. Of course one must understand at the beginning you will most probably be interrupted by the ego, who wants to stop you, but recognizing this is like a child tugging at the mother to get attention, you just show the child love and gently move it away at that moment. Your breathing pattern will then turn back to the calmness of the inner spirit. In that space between the in breath and the out breath, you will be in touch with the divine energy in which all things exist, and it is this space that you can begin to become aware of being aware. That small intimate moment is your connection between you and spirit and it is something that also has to undergo development. 

Daily Awareness

There is a lot to be said of sitting in a development circle to develop the psychic faculties to be able to touch the void between life and afterlife. However, sometimes this will not be enough as the mixture of energies can hinder development due to the intentions and actions of others. The key to breaking through those walls that block you is living in mindfulness daily. Being aware of being aware daily will give you the keys to opening the door to spirit and in this way you will be allowing spirit to develop you.  From experience, it is easy to talk about, however, actions speak louder. Therefore you must cocreate the awareness by becoming an active participant rather than looking from a distance.

Imagine if you will, taking several moments in the day to become more aware of becoming aware. This does not have to be a difficult thing and it starts with making things easy rather than complicated. Divinity is not complicated and neither are those in spirit. Simplicity is the truth and so let's look at a simple example of how you can become aware of being aware. 

Recognize Beauty In Everything

Seeing a beautiful butterfly, you notice how beautiful it is and so you have become aware of its beauty. However, that is often as far as you will go. The thought comes to mind that it is beautiful and then leaves you. Take that moment to recognize yourself becoming aware of your awareness of the butterfly, then become aware of its beauty. Contemplate its life and its interconnectedness to you and realize you are not separate but rather a part of its life. In each part of the awareness process, you will also give thought and feeling to becoming aware of each stage. The more you do this, the more awareness you will achieve and so your vibration has no separation to those in spirit for you are part of spirit and like the butterfly there is no separation. 


It does not need to be an example like a butterfly, for beauty is all around you in your daily life. Even the rain is something wondrous to behold and so no matter what you experience, there is beauty in everything. This is another aspect of being aware - seeing with the eyes of the soul and not that of material perception.  This awareness makes your connection to spirit stronger and so you speak the language of the soul that helps you achieve the communication you seek.

Communication With Spirit

Communicating with spirit is nothing more than a raised level of awareness and therefore you will learn this awareness through active participation in your daily life. With each step forward comes victory. You will begin to recognize those subtle nuances of changes in vibration when spirit draws close and the spirit communication becomes easy like a flowing waterfall, you submerse yourself in it and allow it to become part of you rather than trying to capture something you cant. Being Mindful allows you to hear clearly with mindful connectedness to spirit. 

Author Bio

Jock Brocas is a renowned evidential medium, author and the president of the ASSMPI. He can be contacted at http://jockbrocas.com

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