Mirror imaging, also referred to by many as the Law of Attraction, is a very simple concept and when it is understood it can literally change your life. The concept originates from the idea that we are all one or that we are all connected and that each of us is really an extension of the other. In quantum physics we understand through the examination of entities at the quantum level that all energy is connected and as Albert Einstein said, “Separation is an optical illusion”.

Just as icebergs in the arctic waters appear to be separate we know they are not. The illusion of separateness only exists because of varying temperatures and thus varying vibrations. Two icebergs perceived to be separated by water are clearly colder than the water that appears to be separating them and the energy of the icebergs has a much slower rate of vibration. If the temperatures outside continued to rise to a level where the ice could melt you would see that the ice and the water would be one. But they were always one to begin with and if you tried to search for a point of separation you wouldn’t be able to find one. The same is true for the perceived space between people.

In order for something to be separate there has to be something doing the separating. We used to believe that something was empty space. Now we know that there is no such thing and what appears to be empty is really filled with enormous amounts of energy. This unified field connects all of us. This field is like the water between icebergs. The difference between the energy of this field and our own physical energy is rate of vibration. What we can see with our eyes has a slow rate of vibration, what we can’t see has a fast rate of vibration. In A Different Universe: Reinventing Physics from the bottom up, Physicist and Nobel Laureate Robert B. Laughlin states that “one can infer from the results of experiments with large particle accelerators that space is not empty but full of stuff.” He goes on to explain that, “empty space and matter cooled to nearly absolute zero are similar and that the internal motions are physically indistinguishable”.

So why is this important? Well when you understand that everything is connected, that individuality unfolds from wholeness, and that separation is merely an illusion then you can begin to see how our energy affects the energy around us and vice-versa. Just as a change in one iceberg affects the whole that it is a part of, a change in our energy affects the whole in which we are a part of. Thoughts are a form of energy and when that energy is emoted  or put into motion via e-motion (energy put into motion) then that energy is projected outward and because of our energetic connection to one another that energy actually gets mirrored back to us through other people’s words, behaviors, and actions.

The problem is when we don’t understand that we are the ones who are creating this reflection then we go around pointing fingers and placing blame at the people doing the reflecting instead of actually changing the image that is being reflected. This would be like if I put on a shade of eye shadow that I didn’t like and instead of trying to actually remove it from my eye lids I attempted to wipe it off by wiping the mirror in front of me. No matter how much I clean the mirror the eye shadow is never going to change. Furthermore if someone saw me doing this they would think I was insane. But that is what we are doing on a daily basis.

Let me give a personal example using one of my lessons of the past. For about a month a person very close to me was losing their temper periodically and blowing up at me for what I believed to be completely irrational reasons. I was so upset and disturbed by these occurrences that I kept pointing the finger at them and blaming them for this miserable lesson I was enduring. What I didn’t see was that this was a quality that I was completely denying within myself. I myself was doing the exact same thing with my children. I was losing my temper over completely irrational things. Once I saw this trait, owned up to it or accepted it, I was able to transform myself. First by just acknowledging that I in fact did do this, then by catching myself in the act, and finally by recognizing my triggers and remaining calm in a time when I normally would have lost my temper. As soon as I myself became a calm and peaceful person then this person who was mirroring me began reflecting this new image back to me.

We are always attracting that which we are. Energetically we are putting out a frequency and that frequency is matched. If you put out anger you get back anger. If you put out joy you get back joy. When you understand that the people closest to you, your friends, family, and soul mates are all really helping you to evolve spiritually, your daily interactions with them become more appealing because as irritations crop up you begin to see them as opportunities for personal growth and you no longer take offense to them. These are not attacks by the other person. They are simply reflections of things going on within you.

Mirror imaging is like playing the game “Simon Says” and you are Simon. Only the other people playing don’t take verbal orders they take energetic cues. They send back the energetic image that they receive from you. If you are unaware that you are a part of this game you might take offense to the actions of the other players, but as soon as you realize you are a part of this game and that the object of this game is for everyone to mimic you, all of a sudden you become empowered because you realize that you can get everyone to smile at you just by smiling at them.

So if you are currently frustrated with someone in your life I challenge you to sit down and write out on a piece of paper all the qualities about the person that bother you.Then with a really open and forgiving mind ask yourself if you have been exhibiting any of those same qualities with them or someone else in your life. Remember these are traits that you are most likely in denial about, and that is why these qualities are being shown to you as a lesson in the first place, so it may take a while to see. But if you are honest with yourself you will eventually come to see that you have some of these very same traits. Once you see and accept this then every time you begin to project a negative quality you can stop yourself and transform the negative trait into a positive one. As soon as you evolve and leave the negative trait behind, you will no longer be bothered by the person mirroring you because they will begin reflecting a new image. In fact I am always grateful for anyone who mirrors me and is a catalyst for my own personal growth and reflection.

Affirmation: Today I will accept that what I am receiving energetically is what I am sending out. When I wish to alter my external world I will do it through introspection, acceptance, transformation, and finally self forgiveness. I understand that at the heart of every action or behavior is a lesson waiting to be uncovered and that lesson and all lessons have the purpose of transforming me into a more loving person.

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Comment by Rev. Marcy Ellen on August 11, 2013 at 9:51am

Thanks Stephanie! :)

Comment by Stephanie Whitaker on August 5, 2013 at 9:33am

Great Read! Will be Scheduling for the website! 

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