Mitakuye Oyasin: The Wisdom of the Ancient Ancestors Moving Into the Twenty-first Century

Throughout history, the wisdom of the ancestors of many indigenous peoples has been passed on, generation after generation, family after family.  As we look at the crises happening across our strife-torn world today, we find ourselves searching like never before for solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems.  Yet I believe the ancient ones had a key:  in Lakota it is said, “Mi Ta Ku Ye   O Ya Sin,” — “we are all related.”


In presenting this article, I would like to state that I am not intending to teach you my philosophy of reality—what my books, music, community, and life represent.  Instead, I feel that I must share two simple points that many Native American elders are now seeing and teaching in their vision quests and sundances.  I am presenting to you a common enemy and enemies. 


Perhaps some of you have heard negative things about me as a spiritual leader and/or about the community I founded, known as Global Community Communications Alliance.  In response, I would like to only say that the same media who demonized the Native Americans for three hundred years on Turtle Island, as well as the American Indian Movement (AIM) recently again, since the modern Wounded Knee, has done the same thing to me and our alternative community.


Why do they do this?  Because any one individual or group who has a different alternative lifestyle than the dominant culture is a threat to the government that controls the masses.  All over the world the indigenous peoples, the poor, the peasants, the people of the earth are battling the same enemy:  the corporate powers—the profit-motivated and power-hungry leaders of the world who care not for any children of this planet except their own.  They care not for the environment, nor for the sustainability of our world for future generations.  They look with a greed-limited vision, making decisions disregarding the needs of the world’s populations and instead serving themselves, building their materialistic personal “dreams” while the world deteriorates day by day.  Worse yet, these corporate powers have amassed an arsenal of puppets to perpetuate their vision of a “new world order” (a cloaked yet actually tyrannical world), using their pawns of the media and bought-and-paid-for governments to blur the truth, presenting to the masses their candy-coated distortions, propaganda, and lies. 


My immediate ancestors in Italy were farmers. They grew olives. When Mussolini came to power the Fascists took their land.  My grandfathers and fraternal grandmother came to America.  My father’s father worked in a steel mill in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the open hearth.  He lost his leg in an accident and died in his mid-forties. My maternal grandfather worked in the coal mines, and my maternal grandmother was from a family of farmers in Scotland who lost their land to the King of England.  I was born and raised in a “blue-collar” American family.  My father was a decorated war hero from World War II.  We experienced, like most of the world’s struggling families, the worries of keeping a roof over our head and food on the table.  For generations, my ancestors strove to provide a better life for their children, despite the odds set against them by those in power who sought to keep them and so many other families impoverished and  oppressed. 


Today this condition of struggle to meet life’s basic needs continues to exist world-wide.  In Nigeria the Ogoni people fight for their land, as courageous leaders like Ken Saro Wiwa are tortured and murdered, all backed by America’s  Shell Oil.  In Chiapas, Mexico, the indigenous Mayans (the Zapatistas) fight for their survival because oil and other precious materials have been found on their sacred land.  In Chechnya the same sad scenario exists. The peoples’ choice for President, Khozh-Ahmed Noukhaev, was demonized by the media while a puppet new world order president was enstated. If you have the opportunity, I suggest you see the very well done French-produced documentary about this atrocity, titled The Making of a Republic.


A Chiapas elder said, “We must incorporate the past teachings into the present.”    What did he mean by that? One interpretation is that today indigenous people must use technology for the advantage of their people.  Some modern inventions—including developments in artistic fields and other career choices—are needed in order to best serve the indigenous peoples and genuinely meet their needs.  Modernization in many areas is wise and can benefit the masses if done without materialistic conformity.


In the area of spirituality, I would say this Mayan elder meant that the spirituality of the past must be joined with the knowledge of scientific facts of today.  For instance, the Earth, once believed to be the center of the universe thousands of years ago, is actually just a spec of dust in the universal cosmos.  Truth is ever-expanding, and our minds need to begin to grasp a more cosmic perspective as we become true planetary citizens of this earth.


In looking for a spiritual answer to our world’s problems, I would like to give this quote:  “We must know our Creator better than our enemies.”  Additionally, I’d like to share the definition of Spiritualution, a word that I coined:


Spiritualution is a movement of millions inspired by Divine Administration.  True revolution is the spiritual fusion of the heart/earth/star knowledge teachings of the old ways of the ancestors with the latest revelatory cosmic teachings of ascension science and the physics of rebellion in Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation as revealed in The Cosmic Family volumes. It is the realization by five hundred million starseed, who have not  been able to fit into the present system, that they have lived before and know that they have a point of origin from another universe.


I believe we must begin to unite planet-wide, for on our Mother Earth many forms of genocide exist in the ever-demoralizing globalization of the new world order.  Where once majestic trees stood, now stand Coca Cola and McDonald’s signs.  The military of various governments, often backed by the United States government, comes in and destroys the livestock of the indigenous so that they have no food to eat for their families.  Courageous men like Marcos and the murdered martyr Che Guevara are far and few between.  The world is crying out for real leaders, men and women who put the welfare of others first, before satiating their own desires and needs. 


We can no longer separate ourselves based on our metaphysical theological differences.  We must begin to see the bigger picture.  In some places around the globe today, the indigenous are joining together in solidarity as is evident in Quebec, Canada and even in the U.S. in Seattle, Washington.  These efforts are beginning steps of the Spiritualution our planet so desperately needs.


Native Americans and the indigenous worldwide understand the difference between “good spirits” and “bad spirits;” good guys and bad guys.  They see the hierarchy that exists on the other side and know that the Great Spirit controls all the good spirits.  There are many names for the Great Spirit in indigenous cultures, including:  Ta Ja She La or Ta Ku Wakan (Lakota); Wakan-Tanka (Dakota); Taiowa (Hopi); Ktsi Nwaskw or Tabaldak (Abenaki); Ah-badt-dadt-deah (Crow); Agudar (Aleut); Orenda (Iroquois); Manitou (Algonquian); Ma'heo'o (Cheyenne); and Wako'da (Omaha) to name a few.  However, many tribes believe that it doesn’t matter what you call the Great Spirit but rather that it is important to know that the Great Spirit is a personality and that this Creator has a will, a destiny, for all free-will creature life, known on this planet as human beings.  The Native teacher Sun Bear said, “Does your religion grow good corn?”  I challenge you to think bigger and seek higher thoughts; to examine your own philosophies and beliefs, in hopes of us all uniting to stop the pain and tremendous suffering of our brothers and sisters worldwide, to end the evil.


At the opposite extreme of all love and goodness is a dark entity who controls all the dark spirits.  This entity also has many names, but what is important for us human beings is that we know the difference between the two voices of good and evil; light and darkness.  Native American tribes call the leader of the dark spirits by names such as: tsv-s-gi-no (Cherokee); madjahando/“evil power” (Abenaki); aatinloska or aattobiilachi (Alabama); Matchemenetoo/”bad spirit” (Shawnee); Lavaihoya/“the talker” or  Masaw/keeper of the Third World until he fell into self-importance, then Taiowa [God] made him ruler of the underworld; later he got a second chance and God made him ruler of the Fourth World (Hopi).


This same leader of the dark side—according to the Fifth Epochal Revelation  (which is a new language for the Fifth World)—is called Caligastia.  He is of an order of beings known as Secondary Lanonandek Sons, and he has a great army of soldiers of many fallen celestial tribes.  Millions of them are unsuspecting humans who carry out his orders of greed and separation of the star tribes.


To battle this evil one, we must walk together through the old dark wilderness into this time of the purification with new spiritual eyes and ears. We must not have animosity towards each other.  Our ancestors on the other side are waiting with patience and praying for our unification against those who took away their land and starved and murdered their children.  Like the spirit of Crazy Horse, we must save our strength to fight the true enemy and enemies of the Earth Mother, and perhaps most of all, like the spirit of Sitting Bull, all of the Star Tribes must now join together to dance the dance of true unity for a new age—it is the sacred sun dance of hope for our children and grandchildren.


Remember what our ancestors taught:  Mi Ta Ku Ye  O Ya Si. 


We are all related.

Gabriel of Urantia is one of the most unique and distinct spiritual leaders and authors of our time. His work provides wisdom, cosmic absolutes, and answers to the questions of the seeking soul.

Gabriel is the co-founder of Global Community Communications Alliance in southern Arizona, a multifaceted global change nonprofit, comprised of about 120 change agents from five continents on 220 pristine acres called Avalon Organic Gardens and EcoVillage. His lifelong devotion to God and service to humankind has led him through many levels of spiritual growth resulting in his founding innovative and highly successful programs for helping others to ascend spiritually so they can heal and prosper as ascending souls of God.

Gabriel is the author of several books including The Divine New Order And The Dawn Of The First Stage Of Light And Life; The Cosmic Family, Volume I and II; Teachings On Healing, From A Spiritual Perspective; The Sharp End Of The Needle; Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf? —A Handbook on How to Defeat The 1%, to name a few.


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