Natural Healer Dove Macob Talks Shop And Soap

Dove Macob is in a jam. A YouTube reviewer just raved about her felted soap and now Dove is so “overwhelmed with requests” she can't keep up. The product is a wool-covered soap “and it's a royal pain to make.”

Dove is a healer and a spell-worker who has been mixing magic online for 11 years. She sat down for an exclusive chat with OmTimes to explain her gifts.

Dove said she was “born with natural psychic abilities and these traits are very widely shared in my family. It was never an issue or even interesting that I had the gift because everyone basically does to some degree.”

The healer was born in Ireland to American parents, but “came to the U.S. when I was only a few months old, so I usually say I'm from NY because that's where I live.” She is an ethnic mix of Irish, Scottish, German, French and Italian.

Macob performs “all types of healing” but says “the most common type is an Aura cleanse.” She usually works long distance but also does in-person sessions if the client “lives nearby.”

“I use their information and photo to clear away negativity and harmful energies which will allow them to heal naturally,” Dove explained. “I do not work on actual illnesses except in a cleansing way to help with energy and natural healing. I always make sure that people know that I cannot offer any type of actual medical treatment or healing because spell-work is not an exact science and I never know how a person will react to it.”

Do you need plants and herbs?

I do use plants and herbs all the time. I use them in my oils, soaps, lotions, etc.. and sometimes in spellwork, but not always.

Would the postal cops look in the packages thinking they’re carrying bad stuff?

I do not think the postal cops would think I am sending anything bad because I actually don't send anything that looks questionable. Most orders are soaps, lotions, hair products, etc.. and they never look iffy, and I honestly don't use or sell anything iffy anyway.

What traditions of healing do you use? What natural gift were you born with?

I learned Natural Magick, which is the type that I practice, from the women in my family. I never work with evil, negative energy, demons, or anything like that. All of the energy in my spell-work comes from me, the natural environment and sometimes the other members of my coven.

How much of your healing has to do with someone's faith in you?


It is extremely helpful if someone has true faith in the spell-work because their trust and positivity will always allow things to flow naturally.

Is there a placebo effect?

I do have skeptics and I find it funny when they let me know that they have turned into believers, but if someone did not have any faith at all, I don't think they would come to me to begin with. Sometimes I do think there is a placebo effect and that is often when someone will tell me that something happened at a specific time and I know that I hadn't cast yet.

I find it to be helpful though because it gives them that much more trust in the spell-work and in the long run, allows the manifestation to really happen without any type of doubt.

Are there positive affirmations involved?

I sometimes use positive affirmations but they are only on my end and I never send clients off with a to-do list. With a spell that is cast by me, it is done when I'm done and they will not have anything to do from that point on. If they have issues, questions, etc.. they know to contact me and I will take care of it.

I would rather do whatever it is myself then have someone worry that they aren't doing it right or possibly causing harm, though my spells do not cause harm, I just mean that I wouldn't want them to worry that.

Do you have to be near the person you are healing?

If someone is nearby, I do sometimes hold their hand or put my hands on them for a reading or a spell but typically I do not because very few people actually live near me. They do not need to be close or even within the U.S. for a spell of mine.

I work via distance and as long as I have enough information and can connect with the person, their spells will manifest for them regardless of where they are.

You can read more about Dove at her website.

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Comment by Kathy Custren on June 5, 2016 at 7:52am

Hi, Tony - were you asked by the publishers to obtain and submit this "exclusive to OMTImes" interview? It does not follow our usual article or interview protocol. It is written in first person, and appears to be advertorial in nature. There is also no bio paragraph or reference other than the website. It is not being forwarded.~ Blessings! 

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