Naturally Empowered – In Spiritual Communion with Nature

In our hurry up western culture of convenience and material success we are suffering with the loss of our connection to earth and her natural manifestations. Naturally speaking, man and his earth environment are made up of all the same chemical compounds; nitrogen, carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. This means that on a chemical and thus, molecular level, earth and humans share a symbiotic frequency and essential divine aspect. As a culture however, we avoid interacting with nature intimately. Every year technology leads us further and further into an artificial virtual reality away from intimate, real experiences in nature. Our souls cry to experience the sense of awe and vitality that is stimulated when in relationship with nature. It is becoming increasingly important for humanity to re-commune with the forces of nature if we want to preserve human life and consciousness.

To compensate his loss of communion with nature man strives madly to satisfy his needs and longings by using his mind and his hands to create an artificial world to provide stimulating experiences. He will never however, find an adequate expression of his innate power through the things that he creates to appease a soul starved for meaning and purpose. Man's divine essence will only be found in the reflection of nature. Only the divine essence of nature has the ability to mirror back man's greatest authentic self. Only in nature will he be able to realize his innate power. Man is in danger of forgetting his creative, spiritual nature and ultimately who he is.

Over the course of recent centuries we have increasingly understood ourselves only in the reflection of our fellow man and the material world that we have constructed. Today we are still for the most part, so far removed from the forces of nature that we tend to undermine our inherent dependency on them. Arrogantly, recklessly we have endangered and destroyed our natural resources, ignoring the direct effect it has on human beings.

Fortunately though we are waking up to the fact that we, as a species, are being adversely affected by the neglect and abuse with which we have treated our earth and her nature. We will need to reconnect with nature intimately, spiritually, if we are to grasp and restore our inherent relationship with her.

In Quiet Appreciation
To connect with nature we must develop a quiet state of mind. To know nature we must come to meet it with a willingness to experience it. Communion with nature isn't realized in the mind but rather is felt through ones' whole being; a sense of harmony, oneness and awe overwhelm the mind into a heartfelt experience when we realize we belong to nature. Man can't understand and truly appreciate nature until he has spent silent time, alone, immersed in it. Only when he has faced himself alone, quietly with only nature as a reflection can he grasp the truest nature of himself. Only when he is in harmony with his natural environment will he grasp his authentic expression and unique offering to humanity and consciousness.

It is becoming increasingly crucial for man to re-adapt to his natural kingdom and to learn again who he naturally is. In his belief that he is separate and above all other beings, he has been destroying the very heart of himself. The air of man-made invention is un-breathable, polluted beyond service to the human organism, water is undrinkable, earth is toxic and unable to grow nutritious food. Without the support of his natural allies man is left to survive with modified artificial substances to provide his nurturing. Man is quickly becoming imprisoned by his own inventions. Very soon, on this current trajectory, nature and her environments will no longer be able to sustain humanity. Man will have to invent a new system just to survive. But an artificial system will not long satisfy man's needs. Our hearts are naturally entrained to the energetic vibration of earth and universe, as man disengages further and further from earth so will the rhythm of his heart become weaker and weaker.

Should man somehow manage to survive this shift in reality, he will be forever altered and as artificial as the world of his creation. This is not evolution; this is devolution. To deny the very chemistry of humanness is to become all that we fear in science fiction movies, cold, heartless, mechanical beings alienated from our own environment. To deny our spiritual oneness with earth and nature is to deny our divine essence. In realizing our spiritual relationship with our earth we claim back our own power as co-creator.

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