A scientist once had a conversation with God and said; God, we don't need you anymore. We scientists have come a long way with technology; we can fly across the sky, increase agriculture and travel into outer space. So, we don't need God in society anymore. God quietly listened and said; I will make you a deal. You and I will have a competition to see who can create human life the fastest. If you win I will leave forever but we must create life like the good old days from Original Source. The scientist all confident and excited said; ok let's do it! So, the scientist reached down and grabbed a handful of dirt to use to create life, God immediately stopped him and said; Oh no! You must get your own dirt.

It is quite easy to put extra attention on human technology and ignore nature (God's) technology. Our ego can quickly seduce us into feeling superior while overlooking the far reaching complexities of the very earth we walk upon. As humans we can manufacture many things, but at the end of it all, they are objects, and objects do not carry the "life force" that you would find in nature. To be able to create "life" is an outstanding accomplishment when compared to making "things." I would certainly agree that there are many products and machines which help to improve people's lives such as; cars, medical equipment, heating systems, water pumps etc. However, natural creations undoubtedly are a far more impressive level of creation.
No matter how technologically advanced we become Mother Nature will remain superior. Try to manifest an apple on your kitchen table, create an airplane that can fly like a butterfly or figure out how to make dirt, and then, you will see how complex nature really is. We have computers  with facial recognition software, and, as impressive as that may be, one must ask; who or what designed the facial recognition software within you? Can you not be amazed about the inner technology that enables you to recognize a friend's face? The designer of your brain and mind cannot be ignored and the more you contemplate the world (and your own body) you will find that technology is an attempt to duplicate and accomplish what nature has already figured out and done.

Look deeply into nature and you will be intrigued at how it all comes together to give us mountains, rainfall, oak trees, corn, wheat, tomatoes, birds, dogs, whales, water and gravity. Life is happening all around you. Take the time to enter nature (life) and you will feel alive. Ignore it and you will feel an emptiness quickly setting in. An indigenous wisdom says; when the blood in your veins returns to the sea, and the earth in your bones returns to the ground, perhaps then you will remember that this land does not belong to you, it is you who belong to this land.

There is a story of a man who was provoking and trying to make the Buddha angry. Buddha stayed quiet and observed the man for a little while and then said; I would like to see if you can break off a branch from that tree over there. The man all puffed up with confidence went over to the tree and with one swift movement broke off a branch showing off how strong he is. The Buddha then simply smiled and said; very good and now I would like you to put it back together. The man suddenly realized that the Buddha just snapped his ego in half and he reached enlightenment.

The point is anyone can destroy.  A child can break off a branch but it takes a superior intelligence to make a tree. We must humble ourselves, merge with Mother Nature and understand that we need her to survive. By dedicating time to reconnect to the beauty, mystery and creative attributes of nature it will then help you to see those very same qualities within you as well. So, the next time you walk past a mirror don't just walk by without awareness, stop, and see the mystery and sacredness of who you are. The very same intelligence that gave birth to the Universes, galaxies, solar systems and planet earth is the same force that springs forth in you as well. Begin to appreciate the divinity in life and the divinity in yourself, and then, you will realize that God is in you.

About the Author:
Bob Mangroo is a personal potential coach and spiritual teacher.  His training and coaching work includes hypnosis, meditation and Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP). In addition, he has earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at York University in Toronto, Canada. www.bobmangroo.com

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