Nature: The Missing Step In Our Spirituality?

There are many ideas that we hold as true within the new-age movement which developing an ability to connect with Nature might help us with. For instance, the more we can listen to Nature, the more we will realize that She has a mirror like quality that can reflect the predominant energy of the whole. The more we can realize these reflective qualities (both positive and negative), the more we can examine what is being reflected. After all, Nature is energy; She is communication. Everything within the universe is energy that is in constant communication. Which, right now, Nature is communicating to us that there is a lot of abundance and beauty within Her. She also communicates that the majority of us are not seeing, treasuring or appreciating it. This only happens, however, when we are unable to see or appreciate what is nature-al and abundant within ourselves.

If we look at human life at its collective level of expression, what we will see is that the beauty and abundance of Nature, as well as our appreciation for this abundance, is being eclipsed by our appreciation for something else: lifeless objects that we create through taking bits of Nature’s life in some way. Possibly, we feel that we need all the toys and gadgets that we create, because we have forgotten how to play in a more nature-al way.  

In addition to this, the focus on having more keeps us anxiously focused upon the future rather than on gratitude or the present moment. We end up focused upon all of the things we can attain or lose. It follows that the more we live this way, the more our daily mantras and affirmations need to shape themselves around a subtle feeling of ‘not-enoughness.”  The more we focus on this not-enoughness, the more easily we forget that beauty is all around us; enoughness is all around us—waiting to be of service. In truth, the majority of us within the developed world have ample enough for our own needs.  It is only due to the societal conditioning we have received that we come to believe that we always need more and more.

This is the reason why manifestation is occurring in a predictable way with regard to our environment. While ideas have circulated that disasters and dis-ease states manifest from a collective fear of Armageddon or of harm befalling Nature, the explanation is simpler than this. In truth, people fear that harm is coming to nature because they see that harm is coming to nature; the fruits of what we reap and sow are becoming more visible within the world. Which, if we stopped caring about the fruits of our behaviors (rooted in deeper fears and material addictions), then we would block our own enlightenment. This is because we are supposed to care. Not in a way we worry, but in a way where we can learn how we have strayed from a path of Self-Love in order to find our way back to the path again.  

Reflecting upon what collective thoughts are causing the most harm when it comes to nature, it is clearly revealed through Nature Herself that the by-products of our worship of lifelessness (e.g. the focus on lifeless possessions, suppression of emotions, going against our natural cycles in order to be more productive, etc.) are what creates the disappearance of life. When we worship and pray this way, our protection of what is unnatural (un-nature-al) and what has no life, begins to take precedence to protecting what has life; our concern over our need for speed and conveniences, can inadvertently take precedence to our understanding how Nature and life is being affected by these behaviors. We are not wrong because of this, but simply missing a step--having never been taught that there was one.

Missing a 'vital' step--the ability to connect with nature--many of us may even suffer from increased stress and lowered vitality, which the environment mirrors this stress and low vitality, as well. Many of us may try to fill a void within with external lifeless pursuits. However, if we focus on lifelessness to the point that we shut ourselves down when it comes to appreciating what has life in it, what naturally begins to happen (physically, emotionally, internally, externally)?

Furthermore, in our rush to manifest or have many lifeless things, there is an expenditure of energy. In fact, it is a Law of Nature that where ever you pursue excess, you are going to create depletion, because you are using up resources and energy in some way. The depletion that results can even be of our own energy. This explains why some individuals will burn out if they attempt to create too much without taking time to replenish (through rest, food, care, etc.).  It also explains why the environment will burn out (or experience a burn out of resources), as well.  This occurs because Nature likes balance.

So, what steps can we take to include Nature within our spiritual practices?

As a start, we can begin to recognize what is sacred again and what brings everything back into balance; honoring the Holy Spark that is not only within humankind, but within Nature and all of her plants and creatures. We can come to understand that our outer world is a mirror for our inner one; and we can look for what is out of balance externally in order to find our way back to balance internally. We can also let go of any conditioning we have accepted that encouraged us to believe that we don’t have enough, aren’t enough, or don’t do enough.  We can begin to ask;

  • Why do we need to create as we do? What tells us to and why do we listen?
  • Why do we focus on the lifelessness?  Why can’t we focus on life?
  • Why can’t we enjoy Nature anymore?
  • Why is Life not worthy of value or protection?

By looking at what our collective consciousness is creating on a greater scale, we can learn more about what the same consciousness is creating on a smaller scale; i.e. the scale that we try to cover up with quick fixes, medical treatments, attunements, healing techniques, “grin and bear it” mentalities, or through learning to tolerate an acceptable degree of lack of health, anxiety or fatigue.  

Another thing that we can do is learn how to grow things. This can help us to refocus our thoughts toward nurturing life—knowing how to take care of it.  When we can take pleasure in seeing life grow and be nurtured, it distracts us so that we are not always focused on lifeless pursuits or life that is being wasted.

In the end, through recognizing there has been a missing step within our spiritual worship, we can more effectively learn the dance of energy and communication that occurs all around us.  And, the more we connect with this communication, the more unity, peace, and balance can become realized within our inner and outer worlds.

Mandy Peterson is a psychic visionary, empath, channel and EFT Practitioner. She is the author of the book I Am the Lotus, Not the Muddy Pond: Peace Through Non-conformity and the EFT Divination & Chakra Deck. As an empathic healer and reader, Mandy works 1-to-1 with clients, helping them to achieve clarity, peace and balance. For more information, see Mandy's website at

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Comment by Mandy Peterson on October 29, 2013 at 2:52pm

Ok thanks for letting me know!

Comment by Trevor Taylor on October 29, 2013 at 2:29pm

Hi Mandy - just seen your query. Articles published in the multi-media editions don't necessarily appear on the website but they do stay on the community

Comment by Mandy Peterson on October 29, 2013 at 11:56am

Do the articles get transferred to the main site if they make the editions? Just curious, as I can't find a link to 'The Colors of Abundance' on the website other than finding it in the multimedia edition. Maybe its supposed to stay at the community though, which if so, that's fine. That's were I've been tweeting mostly

Comment by Mandy Peterson on October 29, 2013 at 11:21am

Thanks so much Trevor!

Comment by Trevor Taylor on October 29, 2013 at 6:40am

Hi Mandy - recommended to the publishers for inclusion in one of the December multi-media editions 

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