Need Solutions to Your Problems? In Your Dreams!

...while we sleep, some part of the mind continues working on the problems that beset it during the day, so that when we awake the solutions may be already in place. 
David Fontana: The Secret Language of Dreams

I don't know about you, but I often try to solve my problems with my rational brain - analyze the pros and cons of a situation, think though possible outcomes, then plan the most likely path forward.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it is an incomplete way to approach problems. You are more likely to get a better solution to a problem by using a combination of rational-analytic and creative-intuitive thinking. Dreaming is a perfect way to tap into the creative-intuitive mind to get the full picture.

For example, many years ago, I was trying to decide about whether to take a position in an organization that seemingly thrived on chaos. The head of the company liked me, and when he offered me a job, I couldn't decide what to do. The job paid well, was close to home and I truly liked the head of the company, as well as, most of the team members. Rationally, it totally made sense to take the job. Yet, I was feeling uneasy about the decision. 

Then I had a dream. In the dream, I had taken the job. My work environment was dreary and grey. The walls were white, the floor tile was black and white. The rooms were small and suffocating. There was grey equipment scattered everywhere, cluttering the offices and hallways.

In the dream I was trying to help another team member with a problem they were having with the company head. I told them I would go and talk to him and started walking down the hall to his office. As I walked the hall became lighter and more open. I kept looking for his office, but I couldn't find it.

After awhile, the hall opened into the woods. In a clearing, there was a beautiful hardwood desk nestled on a thick carpet of golden pine needles. I knew it was my desk. I left the dark energy of the job behind and claimed this beautiful, outdoor "office" for myself.

When I awoke, I knew without a doubt I couldn't take the offered job, despite all the "rational" reasons I should. My unconscious mind showed me the dark truth of the commitment I would be making. The truth my rational brain was hiding from me. 

Want to Solve Problems in Your Sleep?
Make the most of the wisdom of your dreams by tapping into your sixth (third-eye) chakra. One of the energetic goals of the sixth chakra is to balance rational-analytic and intuitive-creative thinking for a whole brain approach to decision making and problem solving. Dreams are a great way to dive into the intuitive-creative mind.  

Here are some tips to track your dreams and find solutions to your current problems:

  • First and foremost, set your intention to remember your dreams. Repeat ten times, “I will remember a dream upon waking.”
  • Ask for insight or understanding about your problem or issue.
  • Place a journal beside your bed so you can readily capture your dream upon waking. 
  • Awaken slowly and take a few moments and hold the dream in your mind.
  • Write down the dream in the present tense, as if it is happening right now.
  • Write down whatever comes to you, even if it is only an impression you have of the dream, a fragment, or a feeling.
  • Allow your unconscious mind to finish your dream for you if it is unclear.
  • Record as many details of the dream as possible, and what they mean to you personally.
  • Pay particular attention to how you feel.
  • Continue your dreaming by writing about possible messages and insights you have about your dreams.
By following your dreams, you will begin to see patterns that will inform you, whether those patterns indicate self-limiting beliefs, emerging beliefs, or beliefs in transition. Ultimately, your dreams will help guide you so that you are using your whole brain to solve your problems and make the best decisions possible. 

Happy dreaming!!

To those who work with her, Nanette Giacoma is the Chakrapreneur. By walking between the worlds of traditional business and alternative practices, Nanette offers you a unique path to growth, discovery, purpose, and success.

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