Not Out of the Woods Yet: Forecast for May 13-19, 2013

The wild ride continues. It’s bringing more revelations, discoveries, revisiting and rethinking the past, and watching foundations crack and reshape under and around us.

Yes, more of the same we’ve been experiencing, only even more of it. All of it is building up  to monumental activity that is peaking next week.

The intensity ramp-up starts on Wednesday, when two moves occur that point to next week.  One of them has high potential to add some ease to the ongoing upheaval; the other quickens the ongoing r/evolution.

Talk and movement both lighten and speed up when Mercury, ruler of gab, gadgets and getting around, moves into his airy base of Gemini. He is most nimble and comfortable here, where he can flit and flit and multi-task and play while he’s at it.  Watch for the change in atmosphere: Talk becomes less ponderous, less weighted by practicalities, more free-flying.

The timing of his sign change is important for two reasons. Mercury makes this shift, as so many other planets have this year, during a void of course Moon, underscoring that the inner experience is more important than the outer.  He’s also moving into Gemini a week before the last of the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipses we’ve been in since December 2010.  With him in this sign, we have the opportunity to gather data about the eclipses -- in advance of the final one, and through the rest of the month.

Be alert for information about how your thoughts affect what happens in your life.  That’s one of the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse themes. (Read more here about them, and how to use them.) Also look at how your approach to communication, information and life itself has changed since December 2010.  And if your thoughts go all over the map, well, they’re supposed to.

Wednesday’s second big move is Uranus entering the degree of his square to Pluto. These two titans are responsible for the relentless upheaval (and collective nervous breakdown) of the past year. The cosmic change agents are traveling through 2015 in an aspect that demands action, and next Thursday is one of the two times this year their link will be absolutely exact.

The tensest part is between this Wednesday and Thursday of next week. Some players and events may be newcomers, but the general issues are oldies. The shock waves are targeting areas of your life that have already been worked over; we lived through two squares last June and September.  Developments are inevitable in the dramas that have been playing out in those areas. Can’t identify them? Use this: What huge remodeling projects started then, intentionally or otherwise? Because Pluto is retrograde, this round of the square has an Empire Strikes Back streak, with the status quo trying to reclaim order and control.

Work the two shifts together. When a situation creaks or fractures or breaks open (some of this is positive, you know), let your mind rove. Explore ramifications, possibilities, alternatives. 

For another take on this week’s events, listen to my five-minute podcast. If you like it, please give it five stars on iTunes! Look for it under Religion & Spirituality.

Monday: Big, ponderous developments, urges and longings are in the air and on your mind. Rumblings are palpable deep within, below your feet and in the words of companions and the media. You’re anxious to take action, but please, let your heart lead you.  If you’re unsure or fall into over-thinking, ask for guidance. It’ll tell you if you’re romanticizing or misperceiving, or if someone is playing sleight of hand. And if your solar plexus goes off when you consider contacting a specific person or bringing up a particular topic, keep quiet. The off feeling is a signal that the time is not right. Bedside writing materials could prove handy.

Tuesday:  Most of the day’s astro-activity occurs before dawn. The overnight hours have you processing the ongoing imperative to change. Some part of you is not liking what you’ve been seeing. It has you feeling overwhelmed and powerless, yet compelled to strike some kind of blow or break out. Note your early morning mental ramblings. They contain clues, as always, about what your psyche has been assimilating. If that opportunity passes you by, or if you can’t make sense of dream snippets, notice the actions to what you are naturally gravitating. They’re clues, too. The overnight process leads to action late afternoon and into the evening -- so much that winding down could be hard.

Wednesday:  Overnight your psyche seesaws between what you want and what some outer force dictates. One side wins, eventually. Clues to what you decided are in your early morning mental meanderings.  You stand every chance of feeling good about that choice as the Moon goes void of course for most of the day, from 8:15 AM to 6....  Within the void, Mercury enters his home sign of Gemini and brings quickness to how our minds and bodies get around. A lot could be getting your attention. Although it won’t be exact till the 24th, Uranus has entered the degree of his square to Pluto. The cosmic change agents are ramping instability and the imperative to confront and evolve. Use this void to gather information -- about your reactions, about other people, about the structures and situations that are teetering, about the locations of the fracture lines you’ve been observing.  Some of what you uncover will prove useful after the void ends.

Thursday:  The inclination today is to push against walls, limits, responsibilities and expectations. That could include pushing for commitment or structure in a relationship, which is not likely to meet resistance. Opportunity opens and circumstances cooperate. We are all more ready emotionally for next big Uranus/Pluto push -- at least, as much of it as we can glimpse; surprises are, of course, still in store. Even so, your identity is not quite in alignment. There’s still catch up and adjusting to do..which may occupy you for a while longer.

Friday:  That darned issue of personal change remains. (Actually, if you are facing only one such issue, you’re faring better than a lot of folks.) It’s unsettling and just will not go away. Your best response is to enlarge your sense of self. Push through the growing pains and into a larger, grander view of possibilities for who you are and can be. Put writing materials at your bedside, too.

Saturday: Dreams are a double feature of indie films, heavy on romance. They’re a sweet diversion, but they do raise questions:  What is real? What is illusion? Most importantly, what -- or who -- dominates the dreams? Today brings an opportunity for an unexpected connection -- bumping into each other in a bookstore, say, or being online at the same unusual time. Avoid any temptation to ramrod this serendipity into a preconceived scenario. Say no to power games or manipulation. Observe them, yes, but do not engage. You have a choice in how you are going to get an itch scratched (and that itch could very well connect all these dots into a yummy connection that you greatly desire). This may play out in an unreal way, or with you in observer mode and keenly aware that the playing out is occurring, forcing a conversation or exchange of information (it’s time) and, counterintuitively, leading to stability.  Whether a heavy-sparking connection is not where you end up, you will see the truth and speak it responsibly, after which life calms down. In fact, choosing responsibility serves you throughout the day and leads, counterintuitively again, to chasing a wild hare or going off on a lark. Being mature and responsible frees you up to be spontaneous and wild. It’ll make sense.

Sunday:  Big day. Huge day. Overnight brings another round of processing and assimilating the ongoing upheaval, this time more comfortably and productively. As a result of where the process lands you, certain agreements and arrangements have to give. The day promises lots of talk, lots of hashing out, lots of seeing and discussing situations and people in the best possible light. (Many of these conversations will occur in your mind before you get out of bed.) Once you get going, it’s non-stop action. This is a day of implementing and following through. Slow and steady not only wins the race, but knocks off the to-do list. You have company, and how. We are all making like action figures into the night. Sensible folk would be winding down and at least thinking about bedtime, but we’re on a roll. One little task brings to mind another and another. Wiping out the sink leads to cleaning out the tub leads to doing laundry leads to making a snack and, oh why not, lunch for tomorrow. Resistance is futile.

For another take on this week’s events, listen to my five-minute podcast.

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