Existence is perfect! Since this moment is part of a perfect Existence, this moment is perfect also. Since you exist in this perfect Existence, as part of this perfect moment, you too are perfect! Everything is truly perfect just as it is, and this moment of Now is also part of the perfection expressing itself. 

When you are in the Now, there is no resistance to what is directly in front of you. There is no conflict with this moment; you are enveloped in the peace that lives in this moment, and the peace that comes from not having conflict with what is directly in front of you. When you can live in the Awareness that all is well and perfect, regardless of any circumstances, you are living a life free of judgments and labels. You are not engaged in the normal power and control game of the mind. When you know the perfection of the moment, you are then able to embrace the moment at hand, and get the most out of it. In that moment, you are living in the Now.

There is so much beauty in the Now because the Now is complete and total, in and of itself. This moment of Now may envelop another moment of Now; it may roll into another moment of Now, but each Now is new, complete and total! No moment of Now is incomplete; it may be in process, but complete just the same. This may be a little hard for the conditioned, thinking mind to comprehend, or even believe, but when you begin to embrace the truth that ‘life supports life,’ a whole new world will begin to open up for you. You will find that a moment of Now is free from timeframes. Time does not exist in the Now. Time, and the ideas of past, present, and future only exist on your clocks, your calendars, and inside your mind. The Now cannot be locked into a timeframe because the Now is constantly in motion; it is evolving, rolling from one to another, but complete just the same. 

Yes, life does support life, even if you are being blinded by the conditioned, thinking mind, or choosing not to see that life supports life. When you liberate yourself from living life based upon the conditioned, thinking mind, you begin to live in the ever-present moment of Now, and you begin to see how life truly does support life. You begin to live beyond duality, and begin to see that when a question arises, the answer is born with it. As you begin to live beyond duality, you begin to see that when a problem arises, a solution is born with it.

Most people forget one simple truth: the mind is a tool. It is a tool to be used for a purpose, and when that purpose is complete, you no longer need that tool. You set that tool down until you are ready to pick it back up and use it for another purpose. Remember, the mind/ego is the invisible man behind the curtain that attempts to make you believe that it is real, that all things are real, and that things are important and serious. It also wants you to believe that it is you. The mind wants you to be ‘over here’ or ‘over there;’ it wants you to be just about anywhere other than here and Now. The mind is destination oriented, rather than simply experiencing the journey. The mind and its judgments are also based upon shoulds, woulds, and coulds. These qualities do not exist in the Now, for how could they? The idea that this moment of Now should be something else negates the perfection of this moment, for if this moment truly is perfect, why should it be something else. You have to begin to realize that it is ONLY the conditioned, thinking mind that labels something as good or bad. It is only the mind that thinks a moment should be something else. It is only the mind that impedes you from experiencing peace, bliss or joy because of its labels and judgments. So if you are truly wanting to experience those qualities, you will have to live life differently, and from a different place. You will have to see the mind for what it is, and use it for its Divine purpose, and begin to live life differently by embracing every moment of Now as it arises. 

Think about this ---

Now is constantly moving, changing, evolving, and transforming; one moment of Now rolling into the next moment of Now. This has happened since the moment that life began, and it will continue to happen, eternally. Nothing stays the same; everything evolves; it is constantly in motion. Because of this fact, the Now cannot be locked into a timeframe. Yes, with your mind, you can ‘freeze-frame’ a specific moment, but in that frozen moment, that moment is dead. The Now is alive and moving, and Now is where you find life. There is life in the Now, and in life there are peaks and valleys, but when you label one as good, and the other as bad, it negates both. Ultimately, you cannot have one without the other (duality), and again, we must begin to realize that it is only the conditioned, thinking mind that labels it as such. Also, it is the conditioned, thinking mind that robs you from living in the Now. 

As I said, there is life in the Now; nothing is dead or stagnate. When you chop up life into small pieces and parts, you are also cutting yourself, and everything, and everyone into pieces and parts; you are cutting yourself out of the beauty of the big picture. Yes, if you are choosing to live a spiritually mature life, you will have to begin to look at the big picture, which is the ever-changing moment of Now! 

Fundamentally, essentially, and at the heart of life, you only have NOW! Begin to practice living in the Now, and begin to live in the freedom and beauty that only exist when living in the NOW!

Vedam Clementi is a Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach, Meditation Coach, Author, and Lecturer. A full recovery from paralysis using spiritual concepts, meditation, and natural healthcare led to Vedam’s spiritual awakening and desire to share what he has learned. Vedam has taught fellow souls for over a decade to leave the past behind, plant seeds for their desired tomorrow, and to be present in each moment as they move through life. Vedam has a unique way of uniting psychological and spiritual tools that support the individual to relate to themselves, others, and life in a new way: openly, lovingly, and authentically.



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