On Your Way to Psychic and Spiritual HealingAs you know, each one of us has psychic and healing abilities.  Like all other endeavors in our lives, if we choose not to use them we will forget how to u…

On Your Way to Psychic and Spiritual Healing

As you know, each one of us has psychic and healing abilities.  Like all other endeavors in our lives, if we choose not to use them we will forget how to use them.  Perhaps there has been a time in your life when you were very intuitive but it frightened you and you wanted to shut it off.  You would still receive messages, have a feeling but now instead of paying attention to it you likely brushed it aside, allowing your ego to convince you it was all your imagination.  You may have wanted to open up more but refused to follow the lead that God, your angels and guides were showing you so now you feel as though they are not doing anything around you when in fact, it is you who have tuned them out. 

Remember that we are not always given things in the manner we think they should come.  You may be expecting to “see” things at will but instead you sense or just know things but ignore these messages, as it isn’t what you want.  That would be your ego getting in the way again!   A good friend of mine told me a story about her own attempt to change a guide’s message.  When asking what she should do in a particular situation she received a very clear answer at the end of her meditation.  Not really liking that answer, she decided to ignore it and meditate again the next day on the same question. That night she had a dream and the same message came through very clearly in her dream.  Upon awakening she decided that she likely just dreamed that because it had been on her mind from early that day. Twice more she meditated and twice more the same reply was given to her.  Through out the week she would receive signs that verified the message until she admitted that must be the direction she needed to take.  She laughs about it now but said had she listened to her guides the first time she would not have wasted a whole week trying to change the message and gotten on with things!  How often have you asked for help or guidance but then refused it when it came?

Another thing you may find that happens when on a spiritual journey is a feeling of being stuck.  Again, you need to ask yourself if you are truly being open or are you putting off moving ahead? If you have ever played a video game you know that when you complete one level you will just sit there until you agree to move to the next level. You don’t go back unless you want to start the game all over again. Perhaps you have been instructed that you should be a healer, teacher, take a class or share with others your story but instead you have sat down and not moved…you haven’t agreed to move to the next level.  As in other areas of your life, it is possible to decide to remain in your spiritual comfort zone. Ask yourself if you are afraid of moving ahead for whatever reasons then face the fears and proceed.  Are you increasing your form of spiritual practice – for example do you have a meditation time each day, read articles or books on the subject? Begin increasing your mind and your spirit will follow.  You may not be as stuck as you think but actually in a position where things are going to shift.

Often this shift comes in a new form of “sensing” things.  If you were very visual, you may now sense, know, be sensitive to scents or hear things but see very little. It is just another way you are opening up.  Accept and welcome these new avenues and soon you will discover where you fit the best. When I first started doing healings, I would see colours and feel the energies around myself and the client via temperature changes and a sense of heaviness or lightness.  The more familiar I became with this, then visual began and I soon realized that I was receiving messages for my client and that it didn’t happen for every client either.  The more I accepted what I saw as coming from Spirit and not my ego, I would receive a knowing along with a visual or sometimes on its own.  I then began to ask questions on what I was sensing before relaying these messages to my clients and found I would receive even more information.  I understand now that I needed to take baby steps and I was given things at the right time and when I was most willing to accept them.  I also believe as I continue to open up more completely I will increase my awareness even more. Also, I have come to understand that in order to move ahead I have needed to let go of some things that seemed so important to me….and they were, at that particular moment in time.

Putting the ego aside is the biggest challenge.  You are the one who put the limits around yourself so you have to put them to one side and allow your Higher Self to come through.

Here are a few tips to help get you back on track or to assist you in moving forward:
  • Dedicating a meditation time every day is vital.  You need to have your own time, with no interference from energy of other people and focus on your own messages.
  • Be patient! If you have a meditation that is “nothing” then bravo!! You may want or enjoy the picture show but as you grow, it is even more nurturing to have those “in the gap” moments as that is when you are totally connected to Spirit.
  • Don’t push aside those thoughts, symbols in your head or gut feelings.  Instead, tune into them, ask what they mean and above all remember them
  • You may receive information that you do not need to act upon but rather to store it in your memory to verify your psychic abilities.  For example you may be “told” what someone is going to say.  Just listen and see if this happens.  You didn’t need to necessary do anything about it but it will be a form of confirmation to you that the messages you are getting are not from ego.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix up your meditation  - chanting, mantras, with music one time without the next, automatic writing, walking meditation, singing bowls, drumming.
  • Journal, journal, journal.  This book is for you to remember and review.  You will be pleasantly surprised at what really occurs during your meditations, dreams and thoughts you receive throughout the day. Write down everything you sense.
  • When you are opening your third eye and especially when you are going to do Reiki, any healing or a reading, avoid mood altering drinks, foods and such.  Coffee, chocolate, caffeine drinks, foods and drinks high in sugars and fats that either stimulate your or calm you should be avoided until after the session as they have been proven to interfere with psychic abilities.  As well, drugs and herbs that work in this same manner are best avoided.
  • Take a look at what you are doing.  Do you feel drawn in another direction? Why are you resisting?
  • Do you have talents that you are not fully utilizing? Are there ways you can use them for the higher good but are not?
  • Always remember to show gratitude to what you receive.  This is the Universe’s payment.  Even if you feel your meditation was empty, your guides and angels have abandoned you or things are not moving quickly enough for you, take time to say thank you for what you have been given and for guidance to understand its message.  Even a void has meaning if you ask!
  • Listen and observe the world around you.  You are likely picking up more than you realize as you have gotten use to the energy of yourself, your guides and others.  When you advance, this form of reception becomes part of who you are. So you are receiving, but perhaps you are simply unaware of how in tune you actually have become.
  • If you feel “stuck” remember not to fall into the trap of expecting things to unfold in a particular manner. Perhaps you need a time of reflection, to regroup, make a decision, ask questions, listen then act.

No matter where you are in your journey, there will be times of “dark side of the soul”.  This will sometimes sweep over you and resemble a form of depression.  Remember, this is the time you need to meditate more fervently, listen more intently and give thanks from the heart and soul.  You are not forgotten, cut off or unloved.  We are all children of God and like children, often require our alone time. Even though we may feel alone, the Divine and all the angels are silently looking on, ready to help us when we ask.  We wouldn’t have learned to walk, talk or do things on our own if our parents had not let go of our hands, trusted us as some point to make our own decisions and let us leave the nest.  So it is with the spiritual family.  We are here at this boarding school to learn lessons but our real family is never far away.  Perhaps the dark side of the soul is more of a feeling of homesickness than anything else. Maybe its time you wrote a letter home??

This week’s assignment:

  • Take time to meditate, journal AND write a letter to God ,your angels and guides. If your life here is a trip away from home, what do you write about? What would you ask? Are there feelings you would like to express? Questions, acknowledgments, gratitude, forgiveness that need to be included?
  • When you are done with your letter you may wish to keep it so you can add to it any message, future questions and answers. You can perform your own ritual of burning the paper as a sign you are sending the letter to the heavens via the smoke.
  • Most importantly, remember to include a forwarding address! Set up a time to meet (next time you will be meditating) and keep the date.  No one likes to be stood up.  Often by writing out how we feel, our frustrations and desires, will act as a form of cleansing.

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