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Conscious living is becoming somewhat of the new thing. Everybody wants to get healthy and balanced. There are so many things in life that we are not in touch with that is becoming somewhat of a phenomenon. Many are following in lead with big names in the business of this lifestyle. Wide arrays of public figures are conforming to this lifestyle, which is encouraging others to follow their lead. One of those up and coming stars in musician and artist Laura Cheadle.


Laura is a New   Jersey native and not only an amazing singer and songwriter, but she is a soul funk diva who offers her audience more than just music. Laura has had four successful albums including and Christmas album. Laura accomplished such feats as opening for The Jonas Brothers, Sister Hazel, Spin Doctors, John Oates/Hall and Oates, and so many more amazing performers. Cheadle has been featured in television, magazine, and radio. She has played in such hot spots while touring such as The Joint in Los Angels and the famous Viper Room in West Hollywood, California. This is all just the tip of the iceberg on her accomplishments. Just to add one more to the list, she just partnered with Ice Jewelry Company with her very own jewelry collection, which happened to also be voted best of web 2012 and top 100 Company by Internet Retailer.


She firmly believes in living her life a certain way along with incorporating that into her music. Her lifestyle truly encompasses her music and vice versa as you will see in this interview with the singer. She is living her dream the right way and proving that life has so much to offer. Talents are on the rise in the music business and she is one of them.


Q. Tell me about yourself personally and who you are and why you choose to do what you do?

A. I am a very upbeat and passionate person and a deep thinker but also goofy at the same time. I'm very self aware and I feel like the world is my constant muse. I choose to be a performer because music lives inside my soul and I love spreading my love for this around the world.

Q. In what ways do you feel you live a conscious lifestyle and why is that incorporated into your music?

A. I live a conscious lifestyle because I am a strict, healthy vegan and runner. I think this is incorporated into my music because it allows my mind to be her healthiest mind it could be by keeping my body and mind clear.

Q. What approach do you take with your music?

A. My music is one of the most honest parts of me. I do not ever think of it in a technical way. Every time I begin to write a song, it is drawn from that exact moment of emotion I am going through at the time. Every performance I engage in, I am in that moment and feeling the vibes of the audience.

Q. Do you have messages in your music for people to gain from for a specific purpose?

A. My messages are always to be your authentic self. As a performer, we are automatically forced to 'put it all out there' and if you ever catch me live on stage, you will notice on the microphone that I always say ' life is too short to not be the best version of yourself'. I always encourage the crowd to dance with me and not be shy.

Q. Tell me what activities you enjoy as far as natural, holistic, or organic in nature?

A. I love hiking in nature, marathon running, picking fresh vegetables and cooking something amazing from it. I also love yoga outside and, of course, writing music with the sky as my first audience.

Q. Have you always followed a balanced lifestyle or was there a change in adulthood?

A. I was always a vegetarian growing up, but about 9 years ago I went completely vegan and I have never felt healthier spiritually, emotionally and physically ever since.

Q. What message would you give readers about living consciously and the importance of living healthy?

A. I would say do this for you. Don't let outside people influence or try to convince you to 'be something' mediate and find your own truth.

Q. Tell us about how you first got into music and how you fell in love with it?

A. My father, James Cheadle, is a very well known and accomplished keyboard player who has played with so many famous acts. I was literally born into this amazing life. I went on my first tour at 4 years old and I have never looked back since.

Q. I know that your band is a family band…is your conscious lifestyle a family trait or limited to you?

A. My father is actually a vegetarian but no one else is a vegan like me; :)however, they always enjoy trying the foods I eat and engage with me in exercise!

Q. What do you enjoy most in life besides your music?

A. I enjoy time with friends and family and just laughing and going out dancing sometimes!

Q. What made you become a vegan?

A. I always was a vegetarian and dairy always made me sick so it was a wash transition. This was my calling in life to be a vegan. Even as a child, I would take the hot dog off the roll and eat the roll. I never enjoyed dairy either. Even the smell of cheese would bother me as a young kid.

Q. What advice would you provide for those people who are trying to become successful at life and do what they love as you have?

A. Stay true to yourself and your being. There are so many people out there who will try and change you to fit 'their idea of you' you are you for a reason. Embrace it and live it.


Q. You followed your dream life which many are afraid to do. You are becoming quite popular in the industry. Was it hard to break into music? How did you first get noticed?

A. I am lucky to have my amazing family as musicians in my band and my dad owns a professional recording studio where I record all my music. I have worked (and still continue) to work hard performing and getting my name out there. I think people notice that I light up on stage and I'm so true to myself. I am so grateful for the success I have had so far.

Q. Did you have any personal struggles that took your life on a certain course?

A. Absolutely. There was always a struggle with identity and who I truly am. Since I have become nothing but myself, I have had more success than ever.

Q. How do you feel about yoga and meditation? It is a growing phenomenon. I know you engage in it often. Many say their schedules do not permit, but it is so vital to find time for ourselves in today’s society. Where and how do you find the time with your busy schedule?

A. I meditate every single morning no matter where I am. I think it is crucial to the soul. It took many years to be able to quiet my mind. My new song 'Be Myself' off my upcoming CD 'What's It All About' was written while I was meditating. I just got into yoga and I'm hooked!

Q. Do you find that yoga and meditation help you with your music?

A. Absolutely. Especially with my new album! It helps me write and be in tune with my spirit.

Q. Who is an inspiration in your life and where you find motivation to keep striving towards your goal and not give up? Some find it hard to do these days.

A. My father inspires me every single day. He is the most hardworking musician I have ever met and really hones his craft as a piano player and producer.

Q. Do you have any advice for young singers who want to break into the business?

A. Be Yourself.

Q. Do you have any of your own special tools or techniques you want to share that you recommend? Any good secrets?

A. Constantly fill your body with good food. The greener, the better. It will not only enhance your body, but your mind.

Q. Do you feel your music and lifestyle intertwine and that is what provides you with such balance or are they separate? I know some people feel music defines them.

A. They are absolutely intertwined! My core is from my lifestyle which translates into me as a performer.

Q. Where does your music come from the most? It seems very soulful and as if you get your energy from someplace special rather than just singing.

A. I am inspired by life, love, and finding myself each year on my journeys. I pull from so many places. I think people and just the world around me are the most interesting things in the world. I can be inspired by simply looking into the Philadelphia skyline.

Q. Where can everybody find out all about you and your music?


Q. What is next for you and your music? I know you just recently released a new song and have a shirt line. Am I right? You are also currently touring?

A. Yes, I am currently doing an east coast tour and have 'Stay Funky' T Shirts and CDs available at I will be releasing an upcoming CD late summer/early fall called 'What's It All About' I am so excited. This is my most honest album yet where I really found myself.

Many people find it hard to balance a lifestyle when in the entertainment business. It is possible to be successful without all the chaos and craziness that often comes along with the music business. I want to thank Laura for such a personal and intimate interview. You want to check her out and listen to her music. It is for everybody and her incredible music which shines right through in her personality and who she is as a person.  

Dana Jacoviello is a writer, psychology student, student affiliate of APA and NYSPA. Dana is also a motivational mentor and coach, with a strong interest in networking and social media, healing, yoga and meditation. Dana is also a contributor to OM Times Magazine and a 30 Day Challenge Expert in emotional well-being/personal growth. Please join Dana on her latest anti- bullying campaign/project


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