Fathers’ Day is here. I never knew my birth father. My fantastic, loving step father entered my life when I already had children of my own. He was the most generous of men, a loving father and a gentle grandfather. Even today I miss him and wish he could be with me. Love you Dad!

Today however I want to talk not about dads but about one extremely important Mother. That is our own precious and giving Mother Earth.

The news media is having a field day. Our television channels, our internet are both jammed as we receive almost minute by minute updates on the Gulf of Mexico oil leak…speeches, congressional inquiries, scientific opinions, on and on. There are multiple projections of how horrible this disaster will be. It is frightening, daunting and all too real.

In the midst of all this I cannot help but wonder if we would be paying a quarter of the attention to this disaster if it were happening in another ocean far away from our Florida shores on the other side of the globe. For our own comfort many times we turn a deaf ear if a particular problem does not affect us personally.

Human caused earth disasters are nothing new. I am reminded of the video images of polar bears as they lost their islands of ice at the pole. We see photos of the dense smog in China caused by industrial pollution.

Sometimes we do not admit our part in the damage that we as citizens of earth are doing day to day. We demand and use more and more energy to satisfy our desires.

If you have internet access you doubtless have received e-mails from friends suggesting various prayers and affirmations to assuage the damage in the Gulf and on the shores. All of those suggestions have merit and if used with intent and conviction any or all of them may be of some help.

There is a great noise being made over the guilt of the particular oil company whose well leaked, its C.E.O. and all the companies it hired. The incessant blame is heard loud and clear, repeated over and over again. There has been agreement about the large sum of money that will be earmarked to alleviate the suffering this spill has caused and its ongoing effects on the people and the environment.

The real problem is this: all the anger,blame and retributions in the world do not address the underlying cause. We, you and I, are asking our sacred mother earth to give more than she possibly can and to do it faster!

It is not this company or that company. It is us, individually and collectively. We are raping our own home. If we want to continue enjoying life on this beautiful planet we must make some changes.

What can we do one individual at a time? I am sure I do not have all the answers but I know we can make a start. Energy conservation is a pretty broad term so let’s break it down to some small solutions.

Do you have a bicycle gathering dust in your garage, hidden by the car? Would a little exercise help eliminate that extra weight around your middle? Or how about walking? Is the grocery less than six blocks away? Too far?

O.K., think about this: could you and your neighbor share the car trip to the grocery or the church or the library? It could be fun catching up on each other’s lives. That might also be a gallon or two of gasoline you don’t need to buy or burn.

Do you realize that all your plastic water bottles are made from petroleum as well? That suggests to me that recycling or reuse is important. At the same time I must confess I am absolutely the worst when it comes to remembering to take my canvass bag into the grocery instead of receiving still another round of petroleum-birthed plastic bags.

Planting a landscape that requires daily watering is a waste of another one of our valuable resources. It is no secret that the better way is to use native plants that are able to thrive without constant attention no matter what the weather.

Yes, I admit all of these ideas appear to be small stuff. So I want you to consider these things: the citizens of Atlantis eons ago used much different energy to accomplish their transportation needs; the builders of the pyramids moved boulders weighing tons without gasoline powered vehicles.

The huge rocks weighing many tons that are a part of the Coral Castle in Homestead Florida were moved into place at night using unusual, and as of yet undefined, energy. That energy to move such giant rocks may have been electricity or magnetism but that power was not provided by a coal burning electric plant or a gasoline powered generator.

Whether we believe it or not, we have access to the same energies used in all of these examples. Perhaps this is the time to claim our abilities on a higher level. Think for a minute what we are doing when we channel hands-on-healing to another person. Are we not using invisible energy?

Perhaps it is a different form of energy when we send healing, but knowing that is possible, could we not channel another kind of powerful energy? The possibilities involved certainly deserve our attention. One of you may be that particular person to bring forward one of those ancient energy sources.

A good beginning in our efforts to be kinder to Mother Earth would be to encourage our current day scientists to build their energy inventions by you and I monetarily supporting their ideas. Let us be willing to step up and fund the best energy saving ideas, those that give rather than take.

Let us support our best scientists and their innovative ideas and put those inventions into general use right now. We do not need to create one more gasoline powered engine. This effort of seeking workable, affordable alternatives and utilizing them could signal the start of a new era.

We need to begin today to love Mother Earth. Give her your gratitude by showing kindness and respect for her abilities. She is busy providing for all your basic needs. Thank her today.

Many of you are familiar with the work of Dr. Emoto concerning the effect of words, thoughts and emotions on water. This is what his website had to say on the issues with the Gulf:

Dr. Emoto's Healing Gulf Prayer

"I send the energy of love and gratitude to the water and all the living creatures
in the Gulf of Mexico and its surroundings. To the whales, dolphins, pelicans,
fish, shellfish, plankton, coral, algae, and all living creatures . . .

I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you."


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