Our Three Aspects: Spirit, Soul and Body.
By: Steven R.W. ©

We all have three aspects that make us who we are:

1. Spirit (Ghost) The link connecting all that exists. One could view the spirit as the matrix, the ether, or the fundamental energy that is the source to everything that exists in the physical and ethereal. It is the original source, the creator and is Eternal and Forever.

2. Soul (Mind) The seat of Free-will. It is the conduit of thoughts, ideas and decisions, through which it collects and remembers experiences. It also serves as the mediator between the Eternal and the Singular. It would be a mistake to limit the soul to only physical life. There are other forms of life that have soul, yet are not physical, and are not in the time-space continuum. The soul is Infinite and Endless.
(See below for a more in-depth explanation)

3. Body (Physical) That which is created in the space-time continuum. The body gives voice to the soul. It speaks and acts. The physical body is Temporary and Singular.

Note: Because this subject is focusing on humans, who obviously inhabit physical bodies, and are bound by the laws of the space-time continuum; this does not necessarily limit the existence of singular, non-physical beings living outside of the space-time continuum from possessing a spirit and soul.

Most people use Spirit and Soul interchangeably. This is an unfortunate misinterpretation. In doing so, misunderstandings of fundamental processes, ideas and concepts are made. It is very important to understand the difference between the two. Coupled with that, it is equally important to understand that the Mind and the Brain are not the same things either. The brain is simply part of the physical body, albeit highly sophisticated, it is not the same things as your Mind.

With that being said, there is further research in progress to possibly identify a fourth aspect between the mind and the brain. The brain can be trained and even measured via brain waves: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta waves. Each has a narrow band of frequencies that correspond to the four states that the brain cycles through. Everyone experiences these cycles daily. Through practice, meditation, biofeedback and other methods, it's possible to control these frequencies in order to induce a controlled altered state of consciousness.

Note: Here is a perfect example as to why designating the definitions of terms being used is so important. Generally, scientists and even meta physicists would use the phrase, "the state of mind" when referring to measuring brain wave frequencies. I point this out because discussing subjects such as this often wind up in heated debates that over a battle of semantics that lead off into tangents.

It is likely that the brain is a sub-conduit of and to the Mind. In other words, the brain is used to process ideas and thoughts for the body, much like the soul processes ideas and thoughts for the spirit. The brain does so on a conscious level as opposed to the collective sub-consciousness that the Mind interacts with. The body/brain that is currently occupied by your soul, is but a fraction of who and what you really are. Your True-Self (TS) is so much more than this one life. This one body is Singular and Temporary.

The Soul/Mind that occupies the body, and the experiences you have during this life are imprinted on the single soul. It will then transmit all of these life experiences to your True-Self, and reunite after you physically die. Your True-Self is the conglomeration of all the other souls you have previously lived and experienced. Your current soul is but one of the many souls that comprise the totality of who and what you are.

Your True-Self are the combined experiences of all the individual souls from previous lives. Since the Spirit is the Eternal, the complement of Souls are the Infinite. Finally, the individual soul is composed of the experiences derived from a single life that was hosted by the ego of the physical brain and the emotional experiences that life has, ultimately adds to the whole of your being, your True-Self.

Before you were even born, you chose this life with reason and purpose. Your TS may have had specific experiences in mind. Possibly it was simply an unexpected opportunity for your TS to see what the Earth was like as a human or a cat. However, it has been my understanding that most of us have lived and experienced thousands of lifetimes here as a humans.

The reasons for this are too complicated to explain in this chapter, but will certainly be addressed later.

Whatever the reason may be, each time you reincarnate into the physical space-time continuum, you do so for a reason. You choose the time and place, your parents and your gender before you are physically born. Again, the reasoning is simply so your TS can attain chosen experiences for reasons unknown while you experience this life.

Within your experiences are goals you have set to accomplish. The things that we perceive as "good" and "evil" are nothing more than that, perceptions from a very limited point of view. It is much like a game or a ride. What would the point be in even playing the game if you knew what the outcome would be? You either win or lose, enjoy it or not. Either way, you leave with an experience that you can now call a "Known." Voila, the purpose of the spirit is complete; it now has one more piece of the infinite puzzle of existence added to its eternal source, another "Known."

Knowing something is far different than believing in it, or having faith in it. Knowing requires direct experience. Faith requires believing in the experience another person tells you is true. In fact, it may very well be true for that person, but not for you. Truth is relative to perception because perception is relative to direct experience.

This is the key factor in understanding the difference between a Known and a Belief. There will be instances that two or more people believe and know the same thing(s) simultaneously. When two or more souls are able to do this, they are synchronizing with the natural universal energies of the Eternal Spirit. This is quite rare in comparison to the infinite possibilities of the eternal; but it is possible, and it is very powerful. To quote one who knew this better than the majority of all humanity, Jesus said it quite simply, "When two or more agree, it shall be done."

Author: Steven R.W. ©

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