Our reality is created by what we believe and not what we want. And, most of the times when we are complaining about not getting what we want, it is because what we want is not in our beliefs. In fact what we want is in opposition to our beliefs and so are we craving and wishing for it to happen but truly and inwardly either we don’t believe or trust enough to make it happen!

We don’t believe because we don’t trust in what we already have is all what we need. We believe there is more to it before it can happen to us, and when the more arrives we can believe in ourselves. In this we create a lack within ourselves. And, now with lack in our beliefs and patterns, we don’t seem to get what we want from life. Life always seemingly evades us, it walks past us while we wait with desperation in our hearts.

How do we adopt and adapt to a belief structure that is supportive of our development and precursor to our growth and contribution? A belief structure which does not stop us from what we want in our life when it is constructive and life fulfilling.

Often life does not arrive in full package. It arrives in packets and when we work on what we have the next packet arrives. The mind wishes to know and predict. The mind decides what is possible or not possible from its past experiences in life. Life is befuddling for the mind and unpredictable, which creates all the spice and drama of the life. We wish to know everything beforehand; however life has its own ways and we have to follow the ways of the life rather than life following our ways. The new cannot be created by the past and hence risks must be taken and boundaries must be crossed. In this way life can flow completely and uninterruptedly.

Life’s wish is to teach and mind’s desire is to play. In life’s wish to teach and mind’s desire to play the whole life can be understood and carried out. If life stops teaching and mind forgets playing then it is a complete disaster to our lives.

Thankfully life has not stopped teaching, however we have forgotten to play. So, disasters happen for us again and again until we learn how to play with complete abandon and freedom. In this way disaster becomes the fierce way of life to teach us how to play.

Where can we stop our little egos? Where can we allow life to take lead for us so that we can follow life instead of doing our bargains and shenanigans? Where will we stop completely and become one with life, one breath and one heart, so that life takes over?

Life may seem like such a daunting and cruel teacher sometimes. However, all it is asking is to trust in ourselves and take the next leap, the next faith in action. And then take the next leap and then the next. And this way we learn to fly with life. Perhaps, our time of walking is over now and it is time for us to fly! So, life has to make some big decisions for us if we are reluctant for us to do it by ourselves and life may seem cruel and pushy, whereas, it is breaking our hearts so that it can open it free.

One may ask, where does it all end? One may say I am tired now and I need rest, I have had enough of this now and please allow me life to be myself and leave me alone for I want to go my way now and please don’t push me anymore!

Life says, keep moving on and you will meet your destiny that you have been asking from me, that you said you can’t have, you will open your eyes and will see like you have never seen before within and without, and you will adore life for what it is and not loathe it for your short sightedness has been your greatest enemy in this journey and you will regain your trust and faith in life. You will be healed of all the maladies in your heart and soul that you have been carrying all along. You will realize that no hopes are lost and all the desires have been taken care of.

Have you ever noticed that we run away from the very things we want? It is because the mind believes it cannot have what it wants. The mind can’t trust itself for the arrival of things which are unexpected and uncalled for and keeps manifesting the state of lack and victimization. In the mind’s eye it can only see so far and when something arrives from nowhere or announces itself from nowhere which is beyond its limited perception the mind cannot sustain!

The way to come out of this lack and victimization is to trust and believe in life and in ourselves in our abilities to live a fruitful and happy life. This is possible by moving into our intuitive hearts and often we get a glimpse of it however due to our past habitual patterns we move back into our limited mindsets. For the heart truly knows without any comparison to our past experiences and behaviors. To trust that life provides us everything that we truly want and it has always been so we can come out of the loop of lack and victimization. When we are out of this loop of lack and victimization then we empower ourselves to create the next best thing in our life and then the next best thing and in this way we move forward in a cycle of growth and contribution.

Whether we like it or not, we must trust life and follow life all the way because there is no other way to follow and all the ways are in life and lead to life and the resistance is futile for sooner or later we give up and life takes over.

About the Author

Asim Choudhury is the creator and founder of “Awakening the Inner Sun within” to help people to transform their lives for good with various quantum healing modalities. His mission is to allow others to receive the love and proper education that will eradicate the victim persona to find their inner healer within to finally end the search and meeting their inner master.www.blissofnewsun.net

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