In this time of the Coronavirus pandemic, spiritual knowledge is critical for coming to understand and heal body and mind.  It is critical now for Science to seriously look at presently taboo metaphysical sources and more thoroughly comprehend the nature of infectious disease, how it actually spreads, and why it enters the mainstream reality. 


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Science vs. Metaphysics

The world is not what it appears. There are no solid objects; consciousness is the foundation of everything.

Science is wrong at foundation level. Man is not subject to environmental events generally outside of his control. Quite the contrary, he is master of his environment.  But he doesn’t know it, for he is duped by the allure of the colorful objects, sounds and sensations of the world,

Spiritualism as philosophical doctrine is out of favor in the present day conventional realm, so evidence of there being life of a non-physical nature is denied.  Information that could be useful, even critical to Science, is taboo and is excluded.

At this age and time in year 2020 of return of disease in epidemic proportions identified as Corona Virus, or Covid-19, it is critical for Science to stop blocking the wealth of information conveyed over the centuries to humans from the spirit worlds that we who are unrestrained by the conventional thought refer to as astral and mental planes.

The Jane Roberts/Seth Material, a paranormal source of information recorded in the last century and popular still today, says it in clear and precise terms: “What exists physically exists first in thought and feeling.” —The Nature of Personal Reality, a Seth book.

The Nature of Communicable Disease

All being consciousness, our daily experiences are driven by our thoughts and emotions, individually and en masse.  When our thoughts go awry we open ourselves to disease; it is an important warning post that we need change our thoughts. A pandemic evidences the whole society as needing such adjustments in the extreme.

Answers Found Within

The entire nature of scientific examination is wrong because the foundation belief is wrong. We are subject to disease emerging from our inner thoughts. To look to the outer world for answers may be useful because in doing so we are automatically and unknowingly changing our thoughts. But we risk also going far astray, even to make matters worse through this ignorance.

When a society, through medical efforts, sees a cure or control of the mass illness outbreak, our thoughts change. We come to trust the remedy.  If we believe it works then, by the nature and functioning of the process of reality, it will work. If we believe social distancing works then it will appear to be working. If we believe face masks will work then they will appear to be working.  But, as the Master said: “We must truly believe”. We must truly believe something is true and then all things are possible. There are no limitations because all is consciousness, all is mind. Limitations arise when we are unable to overcome the confining beliefs of our surrounding world.

The contagion of the pandemic is through transmission by thought and emotion. And all being consciousness, we are everywhere connected.  A “virus” could thus jump unrestrained from one continent to another, that is, when our thoughts have a common element of communication between differing peoples. Driving the pandemic is apathy, despair, hopelessness and fear. Science will observe the structural changes in consciousness as mutating viruses. The pattern will appear the same, as though a virus is spreading through some outward means, yet all that is observable to Science originate in Mind.

Resolving the Pandemic

The illness “in fashion” permeating the world today has emerged because things have gone very wrong already, in politics and religion and the sciences, all. It comes as a warning and catalyst for correction. Our reaction now will be critical in determining our short-term fates and long-term health, individually and communally.

The process of learning the elementary basics of the nature of reality may be slow, and the world will most certainly need the physical crutch of “placebos” through the designs of modern medicine and the established religions, a means of tricking the mind into shaking off negative beliefs.  But there is never a better time than now for setting foot on the path leading to knowledge of the deeper levels.

About the Author

Arthur Telling has written numerous stories and articles on religion, philosophy, and metaphysics. His article, “A Different Jesus Message” appeared in the Nov. 2011 AMORC Rosicrucian Digest. Telling is author of nine books, including a new joint release with writer and philosopher Chirag Patel: “Seekers and Speakers: Learning to Walk Your Own Path.” His website:  www.arthurtelling.com and Facebook page “Philosophy for a Modern Era: www.facebook.com/philo30

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