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“When you move beyond consciousness, you caress the beloved. When you move into the unknown , beyond everything, the beloved caresses you.” (Rumi)

As humans, we place many conditions and expectations upon ourselves in our daily lives. Love, family, work. ”I will love you if….I will do this job if….I will reward you if…” These conditions can result in feelings of fear, betrayal, abandonment, hurt, our lovability, and as a result, we close our hearts to receiving the unconditional love of the universe. When we succumb to our conditional humanness, we can be left with feelings of emptiness and anger. Divine love, which wishes only to nurture and comfort us from our many sufferings and fears, wants to provide us with the wisdom, trust and confidence to move beyond our illusions so we are free to experience the many pleasures, joy and limitless abundance life has to offer us. But first we must tear down the walls of our many emotional illusions of fear and doubt resulting from past painful experiences in order to move forward. How?

For many of us it is pursuing a spiritual path. We turn to the ascended masters and other spiritual avenues to bring us the promised happiness and rewards of following a disciplined practice. When we first begin our journey, oh, the bliss! The joy! The wonderment of feeling the awakening, the connection to the One! We feel motivated and inspired to get up early and begin our ritualistic practice, whether it be chanting mantras, doing yoga, mindful meditation or just a long meditative walk along the beach or in the woods. We look forward to each new day with great anticipation and excitement. We feel we have found happiness. And then we begin to experience initiation!

What is initiation? It can be many things. It can mean being initiated into an organization, academic successes, or the beginning of an act or project. Spiritual initiation is embellishing our soul’s resume, if you will, with the many obstacles of life and how we choose to approach them with our newly-awakened free will. It is a test to determine our present level of being and are we ready to progress to the next. This spiritual initiation does not come to us in the form of physical manifestation, but only when our soul has learned and cleared itself of one emotional illusion and ready to face another. It comes in the form of psychological transformations which cannot be avoided if we wish to genuinely achieve spiritual evolvement.

Suddenly, our newly-found bliss begins to turn into feelings of anxiety as we find ourselves experiencing conflict in the world around us. We find conflict in certain relationships begin to arise causing us stress, pain and confusion. Memories we so cleverly repressed into the deepest crevices of our foundation begin to arise. We may have been diligently practicing to manifest a job and find we are laid off without warning or the company goes bankrupt leaving us empty-handed. We falsely begin to believe the ascended masters were wrong. What happened? What happened to the promised land? Where did the bliss go?

It’s still there! This is the outpouring of the Divine’s love for us wanting to grant our every wish that is meant for our better good, wanting to comfort and relieve us of the pain and suffering of each brick of that wall built from conditions, expectations and emotional illusions. We are being initiated into a club far grander than anything we could possibly imagine. It is cause for celebration rather than discouragement or doubt. That relationship believed to be safe and loving may have actually been a hindrance to your personal growth. The job loss may actually lead to a more financially rewarding job.

All our struggles and obstacles are not in vain. Actually, they take on even more significance when we are pursuing spiritual growth for they cleanse us of the toxicity in our lives. They allow us the opportunity to reach new levels of understanding and for developing courage and faith to overcome them using the Divine’s love, grace and immense generosity. It’s as if you turn on a faucet that hasn’t been turned on in over 30 years and the water comes out all dirty. As the water runs through the faucet, it becomes clear, clean, pure. So it is with us.

In Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, there is a quote, “A man closes his eyes and erects a dream creation which upon awakening he quickly dematerializes. Similarly, when he awakens in cosmic consciousness, he will effortlessly dematerialize the illusions of the cosmic dream.”

We must trust in the Divine’s love to guide us out of our illusions into our journey of initiation and be willing to receive the beauty of life’s many blessings. Are you ready and willing to open your heart with courage, faith and love to receive the gentle caress of the beloved?

Debbie Peluso obtained her Bachelors degree from the University of Metaphysics in association with the University of Sedona in Arizona. She is a certified practitioner in Meditation, metaphysical/spiritual counseling, and is a working astrologer and co-owner of Zion Yoga Studio in the Washington, D.C. area. Debbie is also a facilitator of and teaches the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

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Comment by Lisa Shaw on June 13, 2016 at 10:29am

Thanks, Debbie.  I'm forwarding to the publishers but I have one editorial suggestion.  After "what is initiation?" you define with the word "initiate," which is circular. I have edited to read "gaining entry" as in "it can be gaining entry into an organization..."

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