Welcome, friends. It is time to share…and go on a little word wandering.

In its most prevalent meaning, piety is defined as a religious devotion. We often feel the word “religious” pertains to a particular, holy sect, but there is another aspect of its definition that many might find even more interesting. Part of being religious means being very thorough or conscientious--paying attention to details.

A detail has, as part of its definition: “2. every element of whole: all of the individual parts that together make up a whole attention to detail 3. inclusion of all elements: the treatment and inclusion of all of the individual parts that make up something Your description of the item needs more detail. 4. insignificant part: something that is insignificant or a minor part of something else.”
Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
[Early 17th century. < French détail "piece cut off" < détaillir "cut up" < taillier "cut"]

This appeals to the spiritual aspect in a ‘not insignificant’ way. To think that we are parts of a whole…makes us all, literally, “in the details.” We are included with the other elements in creation. As such, we really do need to be more pious--more focused spiritually in our being and doing.

Making a circuitous route back around to piety, we can see the way may be with devotion:
“1. committed love: deep love and commitment
2. dedication: great dedication and loyalty
3. enthusiasm: strong enthusiasm and admiration for somebody or something
4. religious fervor: fervent religious or spiritual feeling
5. act of devoting: the act of devoting something or being devoted to a particular purpose”
Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Deep love and commitment, eh? A spiritual feeling that enthuses us. I can see where this can take us places…move our feet and feelings along our path--maybe even cause us to dance a little as we enjoy the cyclical, vibrational rhythm of life.

As we move on our journey, with piety, compassion, love and devotion, the main question we may pose to our self (“why?”) feels answered, assured, and secure. With that much love going around, surely there would be little room for doubt and fear. At least, our easiest choice seems simple and clear.

Why, then, do we complicate our life and become so worried, anxious, and fearful? Is it because we “want more?” Does that wanting of more than the middle road of peace throw us so violently off course?

Of course, it could be argued that these are simply the hidden aspects of love--the other side of the coin, if you will. The chaos seems to go hand-in-hand with security, does it not? We are told that we need ultra-high enforcement of barriers to protect us against the terrors that exist “out there.”

Within us, however chaotic the external circumstances might be, our body system still works together seamlessly, with very little distress. We can maintain a measure of calm, peace, and equanimity. This seems to be the more challenging aspect of piety. Finding the love in life can be easy enough. Holding an essence of peace as we do it is something else.

There certainly are many challenges that any of us can face. Illness, loss, pain, and the affliction of uncontrolled ego can leave us feeling victimized--especially if we do not have the support of others who understand what we are going through. Left to our own devices, any one of us may flounder or feel ineffective--like a lame bird, whose broken wing keeps it from taking flight.

We spin in circles, follow a set routine, rarely straying from our comfort zone or trying new experiences. We create a rut of systemic repetition and a vortex void of our own making. We are afraid to fail, so we become fearful of trying. We become institutionalized to our victim status, rarely seeking a new label of “survivor.” The habits we have become instilled onto the next generation, perpetuating the cycle of abuse. Perhaps even worse, is that we fail to say “stop!” when we have had enough, and chose a fresh path upon which to place our footsteps.

Once we recognize life is about love, spirit and peace, we owe it to our self to seek out those new experiences. We need to create them in ways that may never have existed before. This is where the innovation of spirit helps us to redefine what we know, and how we do what we do.

Innovation places us in alignment with the energies our creative Source. We include creativity being our true spiritual purpose and vocation instead of as a pleasant avocation. By paying greater attention to the spiritual aspect of our existence, we uncover possibilities that shine through our loving purpose.

Instead of questioning, “Why?” and fearing the answer, we assert, “Why not!” and proceed with assured steps toward whatever the future may present. The loving aspect of a pious life does not require a lot of physical maintenance. It manifests into the physical realm, and, like any seed, either takes root or goes dormant.

By caring for each other with attention to detail, we care for the seed. We utilize the seed, instead of hiding it away. We can see that with any creative project that comes to life--it either adds to our existence or fades away.

Fading away happens as part of a natural process, too. All of us are a part of it. As much as we may jump into life with full-throttle wailing, kicking and screaming, many of us will end up fading away, riding off into the western sunset, out of sight and mind of most of the people with whom we have interacted.

In the hustle and bustle of our existence, it can be helpful to sit and appreciate the silence from whence we came and shall return. It is something we can enjoy regularly, this quietness of spirit, this middle road where there is not too much or too little of anything, where it is secure and good to be.

If there must be any religion to our daily routine, let it be that we continue to partake of piety. Let us appreciate and share compassion with all the details, while we embody what it means to be spiritual beings. May our hearts and spirits combine inclusively. We are part of something much, much greater.

Namaste ~ Blessings!

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Comment by Kathy Custren on September 11, 2012 at 6:25pm

Hi, Dawn, and thank you very much!  I am grateful for your attention and support.  Namaste ~ Blessings!

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