Pineal activation and the dissolution of the Astral Veils


As we move toward the ascension into 5D, the usual veils between the waking and the astral planes become transparent and ultimately fall away enabling us to become fully aware of dimensional planes of etheric love and light (primarily 5-6D). This process enables one to become fully conscious of the astral plane, first during sleep and then during the waking consciousness. Doorways and portals then open up in ones consciousness bridging the dream world and this reality. These bridges in conscious awareness expand our consciousness as well as our perceptions of the astral planes – thus this process of dissolving the veils is vibrationally advantageous.


The unification of our awareness of the different modes of consciousness (sleep, waking, astral and dream) brings a deeper integration, a vibratory cohesion within our being which then facilitates empowerment through spiritual knowledge and the embodiment of Universal love. Becoming consciously aware of our experiences in the astral planes enables us to open up deeper vibratory portals to realms beyond the astral ( 7D and above – galactic hyperspace / the central Sun – Source). Opening up these portals involves developing the ability to consciously dream, direct awareness within dreams and to activate gateways.


Hence to begin the work of dissolving the astral veils one seeks to become aware of ones dreams, paying note to detail and the landscapes. It becomes apparent that over ones whole life particular locales in the dreamscape show up repeatedly and these areas upon deeper conscious exploration appear to contain forgotten knowledge about past lives, and existences on other worlds in the galaxy in a non-physical vibratory form.


These dream locales act as astral springboards for propelling one further into the etheric planes. Once our pineal glands are functioning effectively, we will then become aware of numerous journeys into astral worlds, luminous light ships, contact with dimensional beings of love and other regions of the galaxy.


In the beginning this work is done in the sleep, however once one becomes conscious within the dream time one then becomes conscious of the dream time from the waking. From here one can begin to parallel (be in two dimensional locations at once) or open up a conscious channel of awareness of the upper astral planes . Being aware of the upper astral planes whilst in 3D enables the perception of 5 and 6D loving dimensional beings of profound love and wisdom. They are often angelic, and send us vibratory healings, messages and affirmations. They can work with us in many ways once we make the contact and develop the relationship. The love of these Beings can deeply open our heart and open up our spiritual perceptions and understandings of higher dimensional reality.


Becoming conscious of the upper astral planes can also be facilitated by the use of entheogens such as ayahuasca. They do not induce awareness of the planes themselves – but they temporarily dissolve the veils that obscure the channel and stimulate the pineal gland.


Ultimately the medicines become superfluous as the channel becomes established. The medicines can also work to transmute the vibration of fear that dampens astral mobility and lowers the overall vibration of ones being. A thorough cleansing and releasing of fear usually acts as a powerful consciousness accelerant – as our awareness is no longer trapped in dense 3D fear spaces.


To support the dissolving of the astral membranes we can work with the pineal gland and the heart simultaneously. Working with the heart enables a releasing of dense negative emotional energies and fear vibrations. We can release them with the embodiment and integration of purer vibratory states such as love, forgiveness and compassion. This shift from fear into love creates a vibratory acceleration of ones being and the ability to assimilate into ones being a deeper vibration of love. From this deep heart centred place the awakening of the pineal gland is supported. We are no longer in fear as we begin to experience different parallel realities and contact with non human immortal etheric beings.


To deepen our awareness of these dimensional planes and to communicate with the immortals pineal activation is necessary. The glands are calcified and overloaded with heavy metal toxicity in the majority of humanity, creating spiritual unconsciousness and reinforcing the separation from the planes of love. Cleansing the pineal gland calls for the avoidance of all pineal toxins. The main ones are;-


Flouride in water. toothpastes, dental flosses and toothpicks. Unfiltered tap water should never be drunk, and ideally not showered or washed in. Spring water is ideal for drinking and shower filters are cheap and effective removers of toxins from the water.


Mercury in tooth fillings, fish, light bulbs and vaccines, a dense metal that causes neurological toxicity, DNA damage and the dampening of spiritual awareness.


Chlorine in swimming pools and tap water. It can enter the body orally, through inhalation or through skin pores. Toxic to the pineal gland.

Others include Aspartame-K (in squashes), pesticides in inorganic food and complex chemicals found in shower gels and shampoos. Toxic BPA in plastic bottles can be avoided by drinking from those made with “7″ plastic. Look for a recycling triangle with a 7 stamped on the base.


Pineal nutrition includes supergreens such as wheatgrass, chlorella and spirulina to remove toxicity. Raw chocolate can be used as a pineal stimulant and for its high antioxidant qualities. Keeping the body ALKALINE overall supports pineal – as well as overall health.


Continuing this work of heart and pineal healing enables the awareness of dimensional awareness, the awareness of beings of love (the immortals), the realising of all fear vibrations and the grounding in of purer vibratory states such as love and compassion so vital for the ascension process.


Love and Blessings

Free Spirit

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