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"You may say I’m a dreamer…but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the World will live as one.” 

Though these were John Lennon’s words, a Libra, he understood the message of Pisces, possibly due to the spiritually subtle influence his Pisces colleague George Harrison had on the band.  George (Pisces) was the quiet one incorporating all the archetypes of life and the language of the Divine.

We are all dreamers. If we weren’t, we wouldn’t have art, dance, music, poetry. We wouldn’t have our imaginary Worlds of fairies, dragons, mystics. The World would be dreary! Our greatest visionaries were dreamers. Alexander Bell, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein to name a few. They were probably called illogical and said to live in fantasy.  Yet all dreams, wishes, all things our imagination projects can manifest if we just BELIEVE, trust the Universe, and have faith. This is the mystical energy of Pisces! By the way, the gentlemen listed above…all Pisces!   The dreamers are the imaginative creative force of the World but often misunderstood as seeing through rose-colored glasses, illusions.

Is Pisces really a dreamer, or do they “get it?” Do they understand that the illusion is the physical world and our dreams, fantasy and imagination are real? The Hindus refer to this concept as Maya, literally meaning illusion. Buddhists refer to it as samsara, the process of creating and physically moving through different worlds. The flow of life!  Mystics and philosophers believe that the physical world is the illusion and suffering results when the illusion of perceptions created in our minds affect our lives regarding our relationships, our emotions, and our thoughts.

Pisces is Wholeness of Life. Being the last Zodiacal sign, they have walked compassionately in the imaginary shoes of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc., which is why those born under this energy are extremely empathetic to the point of being detrimental to their sense of well-being. This empathy and compassion extends to all sentient beings. They “feel” and soak up the negativity that flows through life, which is why they often escape life through sleeping or addictions of various sorts. Neptune, ruling planet of Pisces, can bring confusion, escapism, deceit making it difficult for Pisces to understand where the line is drawn between that which they “feel” and the harshness of life.  Setting boundaries is difficult and they are prone to self-pity and confusion. But imagine having all those energies within you! It would be exhausting! It’s enough to pull even the bravest Aries into a funk!  This needs to be understood, just like Libra’s balancing act needs to be understood.

This is the energy of faith, religion, which may explain the establishment of more traditional, conformed religion during the Age of Pisces.  Interesting to note that Pope Benedict XVI’s last official day performing Papal duties after his resignation was February 28, 2013 when the Sun was in the constellation of Pisces!  We then entered the Age of Aquarius which is about unity, one mind, one religion, one God, which is what Pisces is all about.  But Aquarius needs Pisces’ faith and belief and integration to make it happen. One age ended; another began! What did the Pope’s resignation which only happened once 600 years ago mean for the future? We will have to see. However, the Age of Aquarius brought us Pope Francis who has already shown to be more open-minded, moving away from the strict conformity of the Church during the Age of Pisces.

The message that Pisces brings after the Sun’s journey through the Zodiacal Wheel is that we should try to be integrated with the blessings that each energy gives to us. We need to be communicators (Gemini), resourceful (Scorpio), persistent and determined (Capricorn), logical (Virgo) and all the other gifts the Zodiac brings to experience life. Pisces is all this. They understand and perceive that all is One. They are the “flow” of life, as is symbolically represented by the Fish. As George Harrison so wisely said, “Life flows on within you and without you.” The flow of Prana, Life Force.

What role does Pisces play for us? It’s the mystic in us all. This is the energy of yoga, meditation, astrology, Tarot, dreams, imagination, fantasy, art, the creativity of our minds and thoughts. We all love these things in life. Who doesn’t love to watch an animated fantasy movie stirring us up emotionally, bringing out sympathy and empathy when we find ourselves relating to a little fish who gets lost from his comrades. Pisces is the imagination we use to visualize, create, and manifest in our daily lives. It allows us to have “AHA” moments!

This is a perfect time to meditate, take yoga classes, pay attention to dreams, go to a dream group.   Use creative visualization and journal what you “hear/see“ in answer to your visualization. See the World with empathy and compassion.  Walk in others’ shoes. Enjoy art and poetry. Go into fantasy…..become a mystic!

In yoga, it’s a wonderful time to take Prana Flow classes. Google Shiva Rea (Pisces) and streamline her classes or maybe get her DVDs. When performing sequences, imagine flowing like a dancer from one pose to another, seeing/feeling yourself as whatever you wish to be.  Become the prolific Fish, symbol of Pisces, flowing through the waters of consciousness, one reaching for the Divine, the other towards physicality. 

And go dancing! Pisces loves to dance! Do the Snoopy Dance! Take a class in line dancing where the flow of energy is One with everyone. Unity!

Enjoy this time of imagination and creativity! BELIEVE in your dreams!  Trust and have faith they will manifest.  Pisces is the Circle of Life, the beginning and end. It is the end of the journey through the Zodiac taking us into the Spring Equinox when the Sun returns to warm us, planting seeds for new beginnings. 

“Here Comes the Sun, and I say it’s all right!“

Debbie Peluso obtained her Bachelors degree from the University of Metaphysics in association with the University of Sedona in Arizona. She is a certified practitioner in Meditation, metaphysical/spiritual counseling, and is a working astrologer and co-owner of a yoga studio in the Washington, D.C. area.

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Comment by Debbie Peluso on February 4, 2016 at 8:34am
Thank you, Kathy! It's a blessing to be able to participate in such a wonderful forum!
Comment by Kathy Custren on February 4, 2016 at 7:25am

Hi, Debbie - thank you so much for posting with your bio! Forwarding your article along to the publishers for a future edition, with our thanks ~ Blessings! 

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