Planning Healthy Eating Recipes At Home And On The Go

Planning healthy eating recipes at home and on the go, can be done very simply. Depending what your household schedule is like, you may want to plan for meals at home or on the go. Both are usually important to plan ahead for, so that it is possible to stay on track with your healthier eating regiment.  

Whatever is most enjoyable to eat, should be a part of your healthy eating plans. The trick is to alter the way you prepare the recipes and possibly change the content of some ingredients a little. Look online for fun and alternative recipes from your favorite manufacturers. Eating healthier is part of most modern households, so all the big food companies are offering their top tips about how to use their products to create healthier meal alternatives.  


An important thing to do is keep a journal of your favorite eating recipes, as you experiment it will eventually turn into your personal healthy eating cookbook. This is a key element to remembering what tastes good, what was simplest to prepare, and how to repeat it. As time goes on, your favorite recipes will be at the ready for your household meal planning.  


 Making Healthy Eating Recipes at Home


Planning healthy meals at home is one of the simplest ways to improve your diet. It is best to shop regularly, so that your meals can be prepared with the freshest possible fruits, vegetables and lean meat, or other choice alternatives. Also use this regular shopping excursion to keep stocked up on your staple items and lower calorie ingredients. If unsure where to begin, pick up a couple cheap books about cooking and healthier alternatives to use, these can be found online or at local health food stores. 


So here are some ways to make the most basic household recipes healthier, by beginning with ones that you are already using.  


If you enjoy cooking casseroles or recipes with meat sauced recipes with cream soup bases, then switch to using only cream soups that are low fat. This will taste just as good, but lower your overall calorie intake.  


Similar substitutions can be made for cheese casseroles and vegetable sauces that you use. When possible, switch the ingredients in your recipes to use a lower fat cheese. If the recipe requires sharp Cheddar cheese or parmesan, try reducing the amount of these ingredients by about one quarter what the recipe calls for. This should lower the calorie count, but retain the flavorful end results.


Whatever recipes you like that call for salad dressings and mayonnaise, try switching to brands that are lower calorie, total fat, trans fat, or saturated fat, as opposed to ones marked as full fat varieties.  


When it comes to eating meats, try to limit your use of ground beef. For popular home recipes like tacos or spaghetti, it is easy to substitute low fat varieties like ground sirloin or ground round meat products. Another alternative is to use turkey breast that is skinless, by browning the meat first and removing any excess fats from it.  


Supplementing your home diet with meals that use low calorie steamed vegetables will make healthy eating extremely easy. Add side dishes to everyday meal plans and try to avoid using toppings on fresh vegetable servings. Try serving cut green beans, sliced carrot dishes, or mixed vegetable side dishes.  


Similarly, you can extend soup recipes by adding dry bean alternatives to the dishes themselves. The best alternatives are white beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, or black beans.  


 Making Healthy Eating Recipes on the Go


By planning healthy eating choices for our on the go hours, it will make keeping to a diet or healthier eating regiment less complex. It is important to remember, that most people feel full based on the amount they have eaten, not by the amount of calories that they intake. This can be the key to making up healthy alternatives for on the go eating.  


Planning for on the go eating means packing lunches or meals daily, but having them ready to take on the road. Forgetting to do this, will inevitably lead to eating out at a local hot spot or junk food drive thru. Taking time to stock up on your favorite meals for work or going out will make planning healthy eating easier, so make sure that you shop regularly. Also make sure your kitchen has plenty of storage room, so that shelf stable items and treats can be kept readily available.  


The best on the go meals include a simple mixture of fruits. This include all the daily favorites that can be eaten by hand, like raisins, bananas, oranges, apples, and chopped mixed fruit bags. Canned fruits can be used as an alternative, but are less convenient for the busy person. You can also try out some smoothies it is simple and fun to make, but stay away from some smoothies that may ruin your diet plan.  


Next on the list should be fresh vegetables, ones like celery, cucumbers, carrots, cauliflower, and radishes. All these vegetables can be eaten raw and chopped into easy to munch bites. Anything fresh and raw is meant for eating healthy on the go.  


Make sure all lunch bags are full of high proteins. Low fat meats are always good, but lower calorie turkey breasts are highest in protein content for sandwiches. Add some nuts or seeds to supplement your on the go protein needs, especially good for this are bags of almonds.   


Finally remember the top staples for eating healthy on the go, yogurt and crackers. Low fat and sugar free yogurt is a great healthy alternative, but so are low fat cheese sticks too. Crackers are an excellent meal supplement, try to get crackers or breads that are whole grain, with wheat being the best for overall healthy eating.  


 On the go meals can be made from the leftovers at home, in a pinch.  


Using these tips, it should be made simple for anyone planning healthy eating recipes at home and on the go. Try to have fun with your new diet and let it become a habit, one that improves your overall health throughout the rest of your life.  

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Hope Cassidy is a medical student with credible work experience in the Health and Fitness department. My expertise and interest lie in the following categories of writing Health, Fitness and Beauty.You can read more of Hope Cassidy’s articles at where she is a regular contributor.

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