Whether you are new to meditation, getting back at it or practice it daily, one thing that is always a great learning tool is grounding.  Regardless of the type of meditation you are doing – mantras, guided, drumming etc.- you will always go deeper and feel more centred when you perform a grounding technique at the beginning of your meditation.  If you do any form of energy work you will find grounding a valuable tool to use with it as well. Any time you can bring your focus inward you are able to connect to your Higher Self which in turn will enable you to raise your vibration as you set aside the ego and the world around you.

As the name implies, the purpose of grounding is to make you feel planted on the earth. Have you ever had one of those days when you were just a bit “spiny”?  When you couldn’t seem to concentrate on what was right in front of you because your mind was travelling everywhere else?  Maybe you were in physical pain and you were not able to focus on anything but the pain?  Then there is good old stress that comes in all forms, making it difficult for us to sleep, eat or think.  Doing grounding exercises can assist in relieving all of these symptoms.

Although grounding is usually associated with relaxing the physical body it can be used to go even deeper as you use techniques to calm the emotional body and to connect to the spiritual body as well.  It is on this deeper level that you can access cell memory and release, forgive and transmute things from your past, other lives, your ancestry, the present and into the future. When you work in this way healing can be done not only for you but it will clear negative energies from your family, community and the earth.  Just think if more and more people would do this simple meditation how amazing the vibration of the earth would be!

There are a variety of grounding practices, some you may already be using. If you were to focus on how grounding makes you feel you may be pleasantly surprised to discover that you are already connecting mind, body and spirit.

  1. Deep breathing will automatically make your physical body relax and let go of stress.

  2. Crystals, prayer /meditation beads held while meditating will provide a variety of feelings.

  3. Certain musical tones resonate with the energy centres creating a sense of calmness.

  4. Visualization can take you to a happy place; create an emotion or sense of well being.

  5.  Being outside and physically placing your feet on the ground or your hands into the dirt, hugging a tree, swimming, going for a walk or simply sitting and taking in the world around you.

  6. Running water such as over the dam or river, ocean waves all produce negative ions which make a feel good sensation physically and mentally.

  7. Closing your eyes and bringing your awareness to your breath and imagine it travelling through your body.

  8. Doing a simple “Aah” or “Om” chant will send a grounding vibration throughout the body.

  9. Even a few moments of energy work will begin the releasing process.

Regardless of which method you use or combination you will find the more you do this, the faster you will become relaxed and ready to go further into meditation.  Once you have the physical body relaxed it is time to work on the emotional and spiritual level.  By meditating on the heart centre, you will be able to let go of all negative emotions, memories and events from past, present and even ask that nothing negative be held onto in the future. Remember, to make room for the positive you need to be willing to release what no longer serves you at this moment in time. It is amazing what you may want to hang onto but ask yourself if holding onto it helps you in ascending or raising your vibration or does it keep you weighed down to the past ? Think of it as a heavy rock with a string wrapped around it and the string tied to a beautiful eagle. The eagle wants to fly but the string holds it to the rock which holds it to the ground. It cannot go anywhere no matter how it tries to fly. But if you decide to go and untie the string, the eagle soars high and out of sight...the possibilities are endless. Acknowledge the Dark Prana, thank it for the part it has had to play in your learning but release it from you.  By doing this you are ready to centre your emotions and create an inner sanctuary where you can go to connect to the spiritual body.

Through you heart centre you can feel the connection to Spirit. Once you feel this, you can allow your soul to soar beyond the physical body...much like the eagle you are able to fly higher than you ever thought as you leave all those things that tied you down behind you.  Letting go of fear of the unknown, and embracing your worthiness to be one with I AM will take you places you never thought of before.


Janice enjoys following her path as a Spiritual Growth Facilitator where she can use her training and experience as a Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Spiritual Coach and Minister of Spirituality and Metaphysics in creating unique private and group sessions. She encourages everyone to seek the Divine within, honour it and draw from that strength to make life changes thus growing in mind, body and spirit. Visit www.mindfuljourney.ca for more details.

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