What time it is? What’s your plan for today? At what time you are having an appointment with your dentist? Do you know at what time the party is going to start? How many kids you have? Can I have certain percentage of amount I lend you? Can I have your contact number?

These are the sentence which we use daily in our life, now the reason why I have started my article with these statements is can you answer any of these simple questions without using numbers? Thinking? Think again take your time!!!!  Come to the conclusion, for sure your answer is definitely NO!

Imagine your life without numbers; would it be possible to plan something, to schedule something, to do anything important or even simple routine work? It’s simply impossible to survive normally without numbers.

Many people believe and it is also stated by Galileo and Plato that God talk to universe and people in language of mathematics, I am not going to make further point over this, that is God is Mathematician? But one thing interesting that comes from this statement as numbers are soul of mathematics so again numbers are creating bridge between God and Human.

Besides the humans, animals also use numbers in order to communicate with each other. Here I will take example of honey bee the forgers when collect pollens and nectars from flowers, it spread the news among the worker troops by showing them waggle dance, and forms the figure of eight in order to repeat the dance pattern so workers surrounding him from different directions can get the direction of food, and forger give the direction according to direction of sun. For example if food is at 90 degree from sun the forger will waggle at 90 degree from sun, and repeated pattern of figure eight give the workers distance in meters.

Now I am going to briefly describe what digits 0 to 9 holds for us.


It is an amplifier number; it can bring drastic changes in values. In playing and tarot card joker and fool are cards associated with zero number, the fool cards gives a suggestion that sometimes its ok to be carefree, you don’t need to be super perfect all the time in all areas of life.


Usually it is favorite most number of people, everybody wants to be at number one position. One is starting number ,when this number somehow appears in your life it means you are about to start new chapter of your life. God has given you chance to become number one , now is your responsibility to sustain your position with honesty and dignity.




When two number encounters with you , it means solid foundation has been made, you have work properly in order to build the solid ground, you can use this knowledge and/or experience to proceed your progress.


It is number that indicates some attachments with past , cause in order to give green signal to someone or something we use proclamation “One Two Three , get set go”. So if three appears in front of you it suggests there are some pending tasks from past which you need to complete in order to achieve your greater goals.


It is a number of stability. But at the same time it somehow reflects boredom and saturation in our life. And moreover this number also give you message to relief and feel relaxed, because too much focus only on single element in your life can create situation of boredom.


This is the number of misbalance,  so if you are at number 5 position you may find bit confused whom to flow with , either with higher authorities or with junior  ranking people. If you are at number 5 position among your siblings you may also feel standalone due to the grouping of twos.


It is a number of maturity , it is number of balance. And since it is associated with maturity so it automatically fixes any destabilize conditions. It is also number to of give and take, it is a number of support so if this number is clicking in your mind the day is asking you to pay back to the society in form of to give support to some who is in need, and if you feel yourself in needy position, this number ensures you that help is on your way.


Universally known as lucky number, but luck is somehow unpredictable sometimes it comes to us when we least expect it. Number seven is number of uncertainty. So if you are having it in your raffle ticket it does not guarantee you to win the lottery. So if somehow number seven appears in front of you it’s better not to solely rely on luck and to use your logic rather than to rely only on intuition.



It is a number of regeneration, redesigning, reevaluation, recreation. If somehow you are focusing on number eight, the number is asking you to re do the task in order to obtain outstanding results it also give message that if you feel fail at some point you should not feel down you have been given an another chance to learn something new from already performed job and it will be easy and enjoyable for you.


It is the number of completion it is a number that asks you not to give up , not to lose hope,  as you have reached almost to your destiny few more steps of efforts are required in order to achieve your greatest goals.

So numbers have meaning number have power and it’s up to us, how we take subsidize these power and energy in our life.


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Comment by riya on March 21, 2014 at 2:45pm

Thank you Trevor  Blessings !!!

Comment by Trevor Taylor on March 21, 2014 at 1:54pm

Hi Riya. I will be recommending your article to the publishers for inclusion in one of the forthcoming multi-media editions of OM Times. I will be doing some technical editing on the final draft submitted to the publishers, but this will not alter your voice or message in your article...Namaste, Trevor

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