PREVENTION not Treatment : Reclaim YOUR Power & SAVE Health Care Costs

PREVENTION not Treatment : Reclaim YOUR Power & SAVE Health Care Costs


February 25, 2010 03:34 PM EST (Updated: February 25, 2010 05:00 PM EST)

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< from a post on Gather>  I thought it good timing to bring it over. 


by deZengo

I started late! I didn't have a professional writer on staff! There were many strikes going against our NamaSpirit Team, from the very beginning ~ but we chose to just follow our daily Mantra and KEEP it SIMPLE SILLY - "do what needs to be done!" period, end of story!

Right now we are pushing an awareness and trying to get Federal Funding to support an initiative that begins to look at how completely simple it is to PREVENT disease through diet and lifestyle changes! DO YOU HEAR WHAT I AM SAYING??? Do you even SEE me at all?

All these other wonderful causes that we have as we discover and create our "enlightened little self" are NOT POSSIBLE without the cooperation of that thing we all the "body!" Right now, globally, but more specifically in America and bringing it on down a little more to Tennessee, our people are being diagnosed daily with cancers! The community of which I am a part of (although my cancer was not diagnosed here - it was treated locally) and I have become increasingly aware of the frightening statistics of these people who are getting cancer ~ and I am ready to start looking for answers and then


You may be asking yourself, if this was so easy then why would it have been done before?  Ummm... it has, but if YOU and I learn how to HEAL-thy Self can you imagine how that would impact the global economy! I mean, come on ... lots of people depend on us being sick to pay for their trips to around the world, they have mortgages too! So, don't you go getting selfish and thinking you are going to save your money that you spend each year fighting these diseases that our friends and family in "big business &amp; government" control. NO no no! That's just silly talk. Ok, let me put it to you very slowly ...


WE provide the world with so many job opportunities because of our greed and our need to compete and have more than our neighbors. WE even agree to put that flouride in our drinking water. Heck, just because it's poisonous, it won't hurt us.. they told us so!  OH.. about that flouride ... that .. was  insert uncomfortably long awkward silent moment HERE.

You might just want to read about it for yourself ... FLUORIDE IS YOUR FRIEND

But why stop there! It so easy. WE embrace their sneakiness and raise them ignorance! Food? Did you say food.. ah, now - everybody gotta eat! So why not just create food that is :

F-A-S-T and not healthy, because if we add that .. to the other toxins that they are already receiving through ingenious means, I might add ... &lt; insert mad laugh here &gt; we will finally be able to create, then study, then make money, then make more money to create more ... well, as you can imagine it's a wonderfully insane ride and it has just begun!

Morpheus: This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

So, back to why we are here. I pray that WE the PEOPLE WILL PRIORITIZE and get a "to-do" list for humanity and then order of operations ... and then we can post haste get involved and join us &amp; others as they begin to examine our personal responsibility to our "body" and that we must hold businesses and governments accountable for allowing this to occur! It sickens me at times at the very nature of mankind - but I have faith, that with every tragedy and horror WE SEE - we are one step closer to our own humanity healing! For those that do not wish to listen or explore - let us pray and give thanks for their sacrifice for our economic prosperity! They do this out of love for humanity and we pray for stronger drugs and tighter pharmaceutical control to ease their mental and physical pain(s)!

But for those who are ready to step outside 'the imaginary line' that we have been "rained like dogs" to obey ... and to reclaim our POWER as human BEings-not as a sacred pig or cow! Ready to embrace life with the full awareness that YOU can make a difference in your life, destiny and world! But the more light warriors that connect (we just love connect the dots) the brighter the light and the more hope it provides for others! That is why the NamaSpirit fully supports interconnectedness to accomplish the "big Shift!"

United we Stand :: Divided we FALL!

We have been given the answers throughout history. I don't care if they were angels, or ghosts, or alien beings or GODS or &lt; insert unknown higher divine being here &gt; I don't care! I am not here to debate it. IT does NOT matter to me! What matters is that the answers are there and we have access to them now and we can make change!  THAT IS WHAT WE NEED NOW!!

Love is the Answer. I hear that all over the net and ning and here and there. Is it that simple? YES and NO

Yes "love" is the answer - but it does not stop with that warm fuzzy that we get when are in our kumba ya state of being and connected to the source. Once you have felt that connections, being here in the "now' can be tiresome - since it is always the same old drama day after day .. you can almost know what to expect from person A or person B. Misinterpretations, preconceived notions.. judgments ... negative.. snappy .. hateful... grumpy ... a few really pleasant experiences that balance the day out. The way to stop that "average" day from being an average day is to think extra-ordinary thoughts! To bring loving ACTions into everything you do. As we unify our thoughts and order this imaginary wish list of global healing and priorities ... do you think we might outta start with keep our human powered fantabulous machine in good working order?

I mean, you can enjoy LIFE without ONE! Unless we really want to continue allowing others to profit of our weaknesses and capitalize on our laziness and/or ignorance WE must get involved! The  NamaSpirit / HUMANITY HEALING / OM-Times Magazine / Angels Launch have supported ourPREVENTION not Treatment</a> initiative that is on

But even with the support of networks with great numbers of people ... and quality / caring people on the networks .. we need almost 300 votes to make it to the next round. So - I thought I would try to communicate to a small group of the collective .. BEing that might have more pull with the masses and can help us create Change. IT's only together that we find real solutions &amp; peace does come from within. But love, has actions!

Here is the Post at
When a study is completed and the numbers are on down on paper - all columns balanced, I would imagine the amount of money that is made "off" of people being sick is astounding! When we examine our diseased human body we find toxins. For those with an investigative nature or those who perhaps cannot afford to BE sick the answer becomes a simple one. PREVENTION not Treatment.

A complete program of health &amp; wellness instruction will need to implement into schools where children &amp; adults are becoming more and more inactive. For our youth, they are fed what is allowed, but are they fed foods that are free from pesticides or other cancer causing agents? We already know many of these same children are going to get cancer or some other disease which can be at a minimum partially attributed to our food / water supply. It's just a matter of time, a calculated risk. A GAMBLE with your life!

Last year I volunteered for the ACS and one of our biggest fundraisers was, candy! I raise money by selling candy and feed people something that will probably assist in their own disease experience (diabetes / obesity / high blood pressure / heart attack / cancers) We do not always see our part in contributing to the problem. Yet, if you are trying to raise funds - you have to sell something that people want. Supply / demand.

Yet if people began understanding through education that the food &amp; drink that we are used to consuming, may not really be that good for us and if we make a change willingly and early enough we can prevent most diseases all together.

There are MANY organizations, providing natural healing around the world that could teach how to prevent disease, slow aging and generally feel good and live a long happy life. Perhaps, if readers can show the industry that they actually do care about what goes in / on / around their body because enough information has been made available to support these facts! We have homeopathic universities ... but they can't be taken seriously - too much money to lose if we taught people how to heal themselves through diet, exercise, meditation / prayer and positive thoughts &amp; actions.

This is not going to be an easy change, but it can be done! I believe that it is time for the PEOPLE to recognize and take responsibility for their role and contribution to their current mental &amp; physical health! Then, teach them how to keep, at a minimum their body in better working condition. But more importantly, I believe we should examine how much money is made on the toxins that are secretly (or knowingly like fluoride) put in our food and water supplies.

Thank you for your time and consideration on this. WE pray that in the very near future the PEOPLE will realize how much power they have. The purchasing dollar speaks volumes.

Now is the TIME! WE are the PEOPLE!  PLEASE VOTE!

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