Psychic Messages: If You Will Them, They Will Come



“When did you know you had the gift?”  is a common question clients pose to intuitive counselors when they’re impressed with a reading.  Actually, some clients ask the question before a reading, hoping to gauge the experience of the psychic from whom they seek advice.  It’s true that many people are aware of  their intuitive abilities at very young ages, having conversations with guides and spirit teachers whom their parents dismiss as harmless imaginary friends.  Some intuitives  grow up exceptionally centered, possessing a wisdom beyond their years,setting them apart from their peers, and others  are shocked into their gifts through some type of accident or illness, as traditional shamans are.  But not all psychic abilities emerge naturally; many of us require preparation, the same way we learn any skill or trade, and the results are just as miraculous as those coming from  people we praise as especially gifted.

We can awaken our intuitive abilities through will and commitment. Abilities  might be a more appropriate term than “gifts,” as gifts can denote privilege and selectivity whereas innate ablities, like the natural senses, are accessible to all with intention, instruction, and plenty of practice.  If we devote ourselves to our own spiritual journey, these abilities will not only emerge but continue to strengthen.

Take, for example, the “gut feeling” you might have entering a room.  You may not be able to put your finger on the precise cause of your discomfort, but the gnawing is compelling  enough to move you to another place.  We've read many stories of people who had that feeling when they were about to step into an elevator or board a plane that soon met with disaster but  “something” very consciously diverted them before the elevator shaft gave way or the plane crashed.  How many 9/11 stories did we read about people who for some reason – nothing they could  specify–  felt steered away from their offices at the World Trade Center on that horrific day?  They attribute their being safely delivered elsewhere to an external force when, in fact, it could have been their own intuitive knowing that kept them home.  Our first lesson in becoming psychic is to pay heed to that inner pull, however illogical it seems at the time.

That attention trains us to trust ourselves, and as we do, we dissolve our limitations as mere physical beings.  We learn that we’re not restricted to one concrete plane but operate on  much higher levels, willfully shifting from one to another and back through  that part of us connected to the Divine. When we open to our wholeness, we open to the Universe, unlimited in its blessings and we are in turn unlimited in our “gifts.”

Not believing but knowing that we are  spiritual beings opens doors to greater levels of consciousness.  The insight we seek from others can be matched by the insight we seek from our own higher selves or our spirit guides and teachers.  All it takes is will, breath, and receptivity.  Try this:

Shake off the day’s debris.  Flex your hands and feet, the release quickly.  Do a few neck rolls, to the left and then to the right.  Pull up your shoulders tightly, then release.  Feel relaxed. Close your eyes and take long, deep breaths with special attention on the exhale – release doubt and fear.  After a few moments you will begin experiencing the energy that is just you – not your job, not your family, not your to-do list, just you.  Breathe in the you.  Feel who you are.  Then see yourself connected to a great white light, the peaceful, loving energy that drives all life.  Feel yourself surrounded by this light.

Visualize yourself with an outstretched hand in this veil of light.  Ask for a message from your guides and teachers.  Do not impose your own expectations and do not limit yourself to a particular time.  You are working in a realm that is not dependent upon time or space.  Sit and breathe for as long as it takes you to receive an answer in whatever form it arrives: a color, a word, a symbol, a voice, a gesture.  You will know when you receive it. 

What you do with this message is up to you.  Listen to it, look at it, interpret it, cherish it. But you will know you have received it because you will feel somehow emotionally changed.  This is your psychic center at work.

Lisa Shaw is an animal communicator, intuitive counselor, Reiki Master, writer, and professor who lives iwth three dogs and a macaw in Ft. Lauderdale.  Her web site is and her e-book, Illumination: Life Lessons from Our Animal Companions, is available on

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Comment by Lisa Shaw on September 15, 2014 at 4:35pm
Comment by Trevor Taylor on September 15, 2014 at 6:15am

Hi Lisa, your article is being assessed for publication. Could you pop a brief BIO in at the end, about 60 words or so.  Many thanks

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