Psychics: What Do They Know and How Are They Different?


There are some among us who say they are psychics. What does it mean to be a psychic?  Are we or can we become psychic?

Consciousness not Matter is the Foundation of Our World

The nature of reality is a construct of beliefs. Underlying these beliefs is consciousness,  perceived by science as living cells that make up the physical world. Science understands these living cells as being the elements composing physical matter, but they are seeing symbols built by consciousness. Science can only observe thought produced by consciousness as undeciphered vibration.

Science, unable to see the science of how the world is constructed, denies existence of such consciousness, proclaiming a “flat world” mindset of the world being composed of hard material objects. Yet, material objects are a construct of the mind, and without mind there are no material objects to be seen and observed. There are people, however, who confess that they do see and interact with elements within consciousness that are not physically observable. Such people are outside the bounds of the accepted model and are so labeled “psychics”, a generally Western term.

Psychics a Class Preserving Inner Knowledge

Metaphysical science is the recognized umbrella for Western psychics, the latter term being a recognition of individual spiritual knowledge. Gurus from India and teachers from Asia are today focusing attention on the West and are making inroads in restoring the West’s forgotten knowledge.  Psychic Deepak Chopra is a popular speaker and author presenting Eastern knowledge with a practical Western focus. In the year 2020 author Marianne Williamson ran a national campaign for office of President of the United States, the first openly professed psychic to do so.

But what is a psychic? What does it mean to hold “the inner knowledge”? It means everything, actually, It means having some direction and understanding of where we came from, of our purpose for being here and what will happen at death of the body. It is a realizing that we were blind, even fools, building personal identities and daily narratives without knowing where it was taking us in the longer term.

On Becoming a Psychic

Knowledge of the inner worlds, however, does not make for a psychic any more than would knowledge of good art make one an artist. We generally lay claim to being psychic when we recognize inner world information and put it to some kind of use. This commonly involves the establishing of communications with one or more other-worldly spirits or having some gift (or defect per the conventional world) where extrasensory information is decipherable, such as seeing auras that will allow visualization of moods, state of mind, and degree of development, areas beyond physical recognition.

Arthur Ford who lived during the 20th century was a well known psychic in some circles. He tells of Fletcher, a World War I buddy who died in the war, and they came into an inner communication with Fletcher’s promise he would stay and be Ford’s spiritual eye. Syndicated columnist Ruth Montgomery later befriended Ford and through a process called “automatic typing” recorded Ford’s experience in the afterlife from the point of Ford’s physical passing in a book titled “A World Beyond”. Jane Roberts, a more contemporary psychic from Elmira, New York came into communication with a high level entity who called himself “Seth”.  Through direct channeling, he dictated many volumes of high-level information describing inner reality in great detail.

Seeing and Advancing Our Psychic Natures

The making contact with inner entities offers a fresh source for information blocked, denied, or foreign to the physical world record. Such contact can be highly rewarding but, just as trusting strangers in this world should be done with caution, contact with inner-world entities should be equally so. We should trust yet test the entity for validity as we would a new friend.

To know who this new inner source is requires some verifiable contact,  be it audible or some form of touch, or from dreams or visions.  My first recognizable contact was with my father ten years after he died. I could feel when he was in the room and over some years we came to a subtle communication in a form of “charades” where I probe with questions and receive back a subtle yes or no nod that I feel in my head. Having one trusted other-worldly entity (my dad) I had a reliable contact for verifying other spirit-world entities.

Beyond this, as an author I have at my fingertips internally developed sources offering historical and other information that human persons are not otherwise privy to. The writing remains mine, I’m not directly receiving it in a verbal or written form, but the information is of a history formerly lost to the physical world and otherwise unobtainable.

Verifying transferred inner information is much like the skepticism a historian must have regarding his available surviving written sources. Is this spirit entity actually who he claims to be? If a close relative or friend who has passed on, then it may be easy to feel and confirm their unique aura and personality. If the spirit personality was famous or of known reputation it is good to weigh their new information against the existing records and perhaps “read between the lines” to see how their version matches with the surviving historical record of which itself may be wrong or in-part myth.

The inner sources cannot be lying but can be mistaken. Spirits depend largely on the physical world and their own knowledge of the physical record for information, and from other spirits. Their personalities are exactly like ours, with exception that they cannot lie, for they cannot manipulate information, it just comes out. There is no separation, no added processing between thoughts inside the head and words spoken through the mouth.

The invisible inner world is not something to fear and should not be of any mystery. It is not extra to our world, it is the source of our world. Evolution is through the mind, the physical world reflecting activity built in the inner emotional and mental planes. To improve our lives here in this world will require an intuitive understanding of the nature of reality, inner spirit and physical planes.

About the Author

Arthur Telling has written numerous stories and articles on religion, philosophy, and metaphysics. His article, “A Different Jesus Message” appeared in the Nov. 2011 AMORC Rosicrucian Digest. Telling is author of nine books, including the untold stories of Cleopatra and Jesus, a just released novel based on true events titled: “THE INCARNATION: Cleopatra’s Story of Jesus”. His website: and Facebook page “Philosophy for a Modern Era:

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