Psychology is a reflective in a life of our mind .Our mind has a tremendous energy forces ,which is limitless .

Our memory ,intelligence ,our working of brain very often ,commonly known as genius ,are the living energy forces of our mind .

For our physical standing our mind plays an very important part as whatever contribution which we are creating & also placed in our every action of our life which its surrounding & social fabrics depend on our mind.

To me our mind with its created energy forces is the resulting fruits of our previous action of our earlier lives ,which we are receiving & generating the fruits of our present life .

Men are born equal but differs from person to person even though a child takes his birth in an very intelligent  family ,the child comes out with a poor memory so to say may be Dull child .

In certain cases it has been observed that such child may come out as a mentally retd child .With this it is clear that we all are born under the stream light of the Destiny .

But with our brain quiz we can certainly trap energy forces of our mind as per our desire end.

With the help of psychic tech so to say H.S.P for which we may placed our views in the line with certain question posed to me which I feel our readers may like it .

Q:1 Can the new generation of researchers build a psychology of religious experience ? By Steven Reiss from U.S.A

Ans: New generation of researchers -it is not necessary for them to have religious experiences .Any part of research demands an energy forces of mind which requires a deep study ,concentration a clear way of thinking not for the weaving mind but in well many cases they receive the help of their intuition which offers them the pathway of their research process .

To me in above line it is in an indirect mode of research experiences .

Q;2 Does reflective thinking also include meta cognitive thinking if it is interwoven between thinking critically & creatively ? By Ellianawati Subali  from Indonesia

Ans: Tendency of our mind moves in different direction .Sometimes it often takes its shape in an irrelevant & non national line .In such cases thinking power may not get the necessary nourishment & my energy may take shape of negative direction .

In such situation if a native carries his own introspection in a systematical mode he may gets certainly requisite inspiration & intuition & in such cases the mind forces pave the way of reflective thinking & in such there is every possibility of receiving the visualization under calmness which may show the necessary light for his thinking .

In this line he may be totally aware & the necessary understanding of his right line of thinking action .It is also likely that such thinking line may help to his memory ,his study & last but not the least he may also receive an hidden potentiality for his thinking process.

Q:3 What is the relationship between critical thinking ,creative thinking & reflective thinking ? By Ellianawati Subali from Indonesia

Ans: Words -Critical thinking & creative do not go hand in hand .In our action & regular flow of working environment very often our mind work under contra situation & for deciding the right course of action we come under the situation TO BE -AND NOT TO BE .

In the situation of such nature our mind works under critical thinking line & with concentration &imp; careful analysis we can certainly the draw a line of demarcation for critical thinking process.

As to creative thinking ,our mind accepts for our thinking in a right direction so as to help us to right type of decision at a right time.

Our mind is a key factor for all the time working in our activities & equally in our action for completing the requisite process .With this our mind is also governed by conscious & subconscious mind within a divinity controlling the resulting flow of our action -Positive or Negative .

It is quite good &   to play the working mode of our mind action ,reflective thinking reflects for the right action through intuition guideline &imp; sometime suddenly a right type of thought enters in our mind to take an important decision which may be very much helpful for our programme -for our career -& sometime also for the social related problems

Q;4 What is a good scale for psychological well-being ? By Elham Vaez from Malaysia

Ans: Psychological well being is the total development of   Mind ,Body ,covering the action forces of conscious & subconscious mind for which every human being acts as a deciding course of their life .

Well being of any person rests in the virtuous development of  the  body ,mind which may help him to establish moral code of life consisting of honesty ,sincerity ,in their behavior .

To achieve the well being of any human being ,he has to nourish & nurture his way of life through his conscious & sub conscious mind controlling the negative elements which almost every human beings posses .

Scale of psychological well being rests with the individual person in which way he desires to pass his valuable life till his life journey .

It is the watchful process which every human beings should guard & take care for his life so that he may not sleep away from his chosen life

Q;5 What are the new approaches & developments in humanistic psychology ? By Felipe Soto

Ans: New development &approach are regular process in humanistic psychology. It has a basic end but no end in itself .Mind energy force cannot be measure as it has also the power of divinity within .

We all know psychology plays part in quite good areas including human development-worries-Tension & Frustration ,Faith-Healing including Distance Healing & also helping us for our individual development with the help of intuition & in case if our mind turns to spiritual process & meditation it may create the requisite vibratory forces .

Q;6 What can be the biological definition of emotion ? By Sansoo lee from U.S.A

Ans: To me emotion has its roots from the within .Our mind immediately takes up our feeling our sentiments & all other disturbing traits our mind has to undergo ,this automatically becomes the root cause of our sentiments so to say emotion .

Not only that subsequent it reflects in our conscious mind & unless otherwise we make our sincere efforts with all the discipline & the effective control of our mind ,it becomes very much inconvenient to get rid of emotion from our conscious mind .

This would certainly result in worries -tension -& frustration .This is also going to affect our mind, body subsequent creating a disturbance in our physical health .

Emotion therefore should be control & also to be managed by changing the habits  ,concentration ,& if necessary to recourse to meditation .

This is of course my personal views 

Q;7 If you could only keep three possessions , what would be? By Roland losif Moraru frm Romania

Ans: You have raised a very interesting & inspiring question.3 important possession are already with us with offers us all guiding & energy force for preparing our life as a desire trend .

It is necessary to go outside for finding our possession.

1 Mind   2 Heart  3 Divinity within us.

Q;8 Can a environment change the way that person think ? By Marcelo Negri Soares from Brazil

Ans: Environment is for the existence of entire human beings. It may tune with the global ,or the natural in the form of calamities .

All the said atmosphere affect the human beings in the area connected with the said flow .

Man is a rational animal & as such thinking process becomes the way of life for every individual .

All the problem which man can generate is directly connected with his thinking process where the mind is the dominating   factor which has relevance with his conscious & sub -conscious mind .

It is this part which may create an environment in the life & if his thinking in right direction under the positive steps  ,he can create certainly a change in the way which he can think & nourish with the power of discrimination .

Man is a creator of his own environment & he has to become his own judge & to think what is right & wrong for him so that he can move on the right road .

In his thinking   ,if he has not chosen the correct path ,he will be left with no other alternative but to suffer for the consequences  & his action .

Q;9 Does a fate exist? Can be scientifically approached ? By Roland losif moraru from Romania

Ans : Our fate is the basic channel through our fate may tune our life as desired by us for the fruitful purpose for achieving success & may create an healthy environment for our family & to our members of our social fabrics .

With  the important  fate in our life we can not afford to make a sleeping pill we have to cultivate the our mind with the fate power which may help us to tune with our conscious & sub conscious mind with may direct us to cultivate the power of intuition with the help of divinity within every of us .

With this we may achieve to keep our min d calm & quite in the midst of worries-Tension -& Frustration & to make us to free from stress .It is only through the fate we may make our life worthy living

Q;10 Why do so many people from relationship with death row inmates ? By Victoria muxlow from U.K

Ans: I believe why to have the relationship of death restricted to inmates only .With our birth death is certain -not in our hand.It is a regular process & a part of our destiny which we all have recd through the storage & fruits of our action of our various previous lives .

In our death we depart our physical body & divinity also to said our soul leaves from our body reaching to his phase with the storage of the fruits of  our action of our life .It is a regular function of the entire humanity of our universe .

By remembering our all the memories of the departure soul ,we may remain in personal touch from our within with may help us to establish a small association with him either in our dream or very often his reflection through our center force of our mind & if  we have a purity from our within through our power of prayer & meditation we may experience a departed soul in an astral form .

Q;11 What make the humans unique special ? By Marcelo Negri soares from Brazil

Ans: Humanity at large is an unique one as they all have the divinity within himself.It is the fact that all human beings while entering on this earth have bought with them the resulting fruits of their previous lives which direct them to play their part & performance in the life-line.

unfortunately human beings with him as virtuous storage of good qualities very often covered under his action  for the performance vitiated through Anger-Greed-Attachment-Ego -Jealousy ,Pride which replied them to performance his life action in a noble & unique manner.

A person can become certainly unique if he has with him an umbrella of Truth in every side of his life action .Besides his pious -holy & noble life of action can be visualize in around the way in his social life .In his every step one can view his nobility ,honesty ,sincerity with the moral code of his action .Such person can certainly become unique human being .

Q;12 Fear of death scale ? By Ladislaw Rabusic from Czech Republic

Ans: Man are born equal but & the death are the traffic of the same pathway .Every human being have to accept the reality of the death which is certain & part of our life -not in our hand as a part of destiny for which we do not have any control .

When death is very much certain & not in our hand in this light why we should not accept the same as a grace for our life .

With our birth we start with our action no human being can leave without any action in which way he create the fruit of his action his totally dependent on him .With our birth we bring also the fruits of our action of our previous lives .It is this we should cherish & also to covert every action of our life under the rosy fragrance so  as to enable us to proceed our journey for the next life .

If the death is so much virtuous why to fear as every morning & day which we are passing by keeping in our mind the salutation of Death & in this case in our life we can also make our death as a companion .

Q;13 psychology Business. By Fatma Khattal From Egypt

Ans: To remain busy is a business & when it comes the important aspect of the mind which the play of conscious & sub conscious mind & divinity within himself  psy play a very important part in the life to establish serene living & peace of mind...

When we talk regarding the subject of psy as business first of all we should not lose the above important aspect .Before we view our student we have to consider at outset the five natural element which are in the negative line or he has alternative control the said energy forces in above line .

If he develops the above areas it is very much certain that he may equip with the better progress in area of psychology .

Q;14 How does psychotheraphy facilitates death anxiety in an existential point of view ? By Elli Skarvelli from Greece

Ans: For psychotherapy the main end is to facilitates person who are in one or another way remains in the surrounding of worries ,anxiety ,stress,& such other related areas .

It relates to individual problems pertaining to the mind offering such sort of  disturbance to the native apart from the therapy treatment the person suffering should be given an environment whereby he can maintain a peaceful situation whereby his mind so to say his to keep calm & quite which may also help him to avoid frustration in his life.

This can be achieve whereby he should be given a physical normal exercise of the mind for about 15 minutes so as to keep him relaxed in his day to day routine work.  Besides he should also take recourse of power of prayer,& meditation & such other practices .

As to the death with our birth it is a confirm status of our departure on this earth we do not know the exact period & the time about the same ,whether we like it or not it is a confirmed standing of our destiny .

Q;15 Mindfulness vs creativity By Tze Leong Chan from Malaysia

 Ans; Creativity is a natural gift ,a source of power of inspiration ,concentration & which his utmost faith from the within .He brings something novel for himself  with an inclination to pass to the social fabrics.

Mindfulness works with the care ,his belief  sometime confusion & indecisive & which is thinking & concentration of his energy force of mind such person also take recourse to meditation ,& with all the dilemma he can find the road to way of his life in correct direction .

Q;16   Anyone interested in the psychology of religion ? By Steven Resiss from USA

Ans: I believe psychology & religion are the feathers of the same bird .For every human beings psychology has the reflection of the mind which is   playing his part with the conscious & sub conscious mind .

Our mind  carry the energy forces through our intelligence which speaks for the tune of within where our soul resides.

Religion is a gift of parents which child receives at the time of his birth. The end of every religion is to establish peace from the within where human being take recourse to that intelligence which is the governing force of appreciating throu power of prayer , Meditation & any established decorum .

To me psychology & Religion both go together.

Q;17  What are the psychological effects from inhabiting in a space with minimum windows ? By Jeanne kok From Australia

Ans; Window opens & invitation of the natural out world atmosphere but natural that under the minimum window space ,natural light  with other healthy atmosphere may not be available however psy relates to the mind & the mind has an also energetic force which may help the inhabitants in the right course of action .

Q;18 What are psychological functions of dreaming ? By Imran shuja Khawaja from USA

Ans: For every person generally our mind does not require to prefer silent  as with the play of five elements ,is mind gets tuning with the conscious mind & if it has a visionary aspect turning to the tune of higher self ,he receives the cordial support of his conscious mind .

Our desire attachment ,emotional phase become a major part of our action in our mind .Psychological comes at this stages where throu the psychic process that is of our mind dream virtually start in our mind .This dreaming process may work generally as a visionary process & it may not offer the helping hand to the dreamer .

When we talk regarding the psy function we are interested in our dreaming part which gives & also offer us a guiding factor of our mind so that if necessary we may take the help of such dreaming experience of our life in right spirit .

The function of psy as a process a dream part must have a tuning within the divinity within us & for which we have also to carry out the process of our mind in a scientific spiritual mode. Our dreaming process must have a guiding & energetic force so that our dream should not remain as a visual experience .

Q;19 What are the major conflicts between theology & psychology .By Carlos Pizzarro from Phillippines

Ans; The direction of theology rests with almighty god which is only one for entire human beings omnipotent ,omnipresence & omniscient. In order to understand appreciate & for realization one has to take recourse to religion .
For us  ,for caring out every action of our life ,our mind remain guiding force so to say way of our life. Psy is knowledge is implication for us remains the pathway for our process in carrying out our life course of our action on the right path .The knowledge of psy help us to get read of our negative thinking  resulting in negative action & this will certainly help us to make our LIFE-LINE on understanding God & Religion.

Even for rationalist they in the heart understand that our inner movement of our body & heart for which we are merely an observe for which there Eyes is peeping the inner corner for which they realize the divinity within them .

Q;20 What are thoughts about emotion Recongnition  Ability ? By Pernelle Lorette from Netherland

Ans; Emotion has its roots with the sentiment our heart & the mind .Our mind plays with his conscious mind with remain the day to day working process .In this light our Emotion calls for balance mind so that we can remain neutral without being surrounded by other activities related forces of our mind .
For Recognition ability ,the said areas play a fruitful part .Our recognition ability is a working process of our mind where the inner programme with our sub conscious mind play an important part & in this line our recognition ability will move towards a desire end. 

Q;21 How important is psychology in legal science ? By Radoslaw Zyzik from Poland

Ans; Importance of psy paves the fruitful mode in legal of science .The main good cause of our legal problems of any nature related the mind whether we should move to the extreme problem of criminal entity or so to say a revise problem in the marriage life & sometime the possession of children .
Whether we like it or otherwise ,a 5 elements remain very often in our conscious mind maybe this make come to us throu our Anger ,Action ,Greed ,Attachment ,Ego & Jealousy .
The said elements play a major part in our day to day working environment & in quite many ways  ,this may be the good cause for proceedings to legal dispute & the way to entrance of court..
But Psy can certainly become the day life of our  such problem including controlling our five elements. Under the calm ,Cool & quite mind may help to control fast growing conscious mind & if our conscious mind receive such benefit result ,our subconscious mind may certainly help to our rescue & help to solve such problems .
Very often our subconscious mind may offer a wisdom -Guidance & help us the progressive way of our willpower .

Q ;22 Can anxiety sensitivity predict psychotherapeutic out comes in congnitive  behavior  therapy for emotional disorders? By Omid Saed from Iran

Ans; Anxiety sensitivity emotional behavior to such extend jealousy remain the disturbing factors of our mind which has a requisite energy force creating the functional behavior of our conscious & sub conscious mind .

Anxiety is the resulting force & if   it does not get timely control ,it is bound to disturb gradually health problem.

Migrane-Blood pressure-Digestive system etc may visit the health behavior of the native .To me in such situation systematic guideline of psychotherapy may help in the process of emotional disorders but sometimes psychic tech may not work out successfully ,in this regard ,certain practice of philosophical outlook coupled with meditation along with the silent meditative practical approach & if the mind suggest either religion or power of prayer practice may help fast reducing the source of anxiety







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