Quantum Mechanics: a theory of matter that is based on the concept of the possession of wave properties by elementary particles, that affords a mathematical interpretation of the structure and interactions of matter on the basis of these properties, and that incorporates within it quantum theory and the uncertainty principle —called also wave mechanics. 


The common ground between spirituality and science can help us come to an understanding of what I call “the quantum field of consciousness” as it pertains to healing the soul.

First, let’s touch on the basic principles of quantum mechanics, which is the study of physics as it relates to the microscopic field. When we talk about 'the observer effect' in wave mechanics, we are talking about a very profound principle that sees wave particles change behavior based on whether or not someone is watching them. Think about that for a minute. It’s like the “does a tree fall in the woods” theory!  But more importantly, when we become the observer or watcher of our own behavior, in that moment, we can also change the microscopic pattern of said behavior.

The emotions of the grieving process are relevant in our day to day “reality” as we continue to shift and grow in Consciousness, identifying and releasing those emotions, ideals and patterns that no longer serve our deeper Soul Purpose. Each pattern in our lives is like an energetic wave, and once we recognize the wave it changes its very behavior - just by being observed in the first place. In that, our conscious awareness sees us become the observer of our own patterns of behavior, all the way down to a quantum or microscopic level, and helps us to let go of those attachments.

The Quantum Field of Consciousness

We’ve heard it called the Akashic record, cosmic mind, tree of life, and book of life - depending on what you’re reading. I call it the "quantum field of consciousness". This is an old and Universal idea, and is a common thread throughout ancient cultures and “religions”. It describes the concept that all of our experiences are recorded in the Universe and that we all have access to these records, sort of like an “emotional” Rolodex of our experiences which incorporates Consciousness on both sides of the “veil”. As we access the quantum field of Consciousness, healing can take place on a multi-dimensional level if we have an open mind and an open Heart. And as we heal the root of our tree - the traumas that we endured in our Earth life - we have the ability to Heal the astral realm too.

When we have unresolved trauma surrounding the death of a loved one or unresolved hurt in our own lives, we tend to haul around unnecessary emotional and spiritual baggage -- feelings like betrayal, anger and abandonment. This equates to the lower vibration or more “dense” emotions that we find when we haven’t completed the grieving process and come to a place of peaceful acceptance. Until we find acceptance, resolution or a state of grace, we haven’t completed the full process of experiencing and integrating loss - and the energy remains with us.

When we think of a loved one, we automatically get a feeling - whether it be love, anger, longing, resentment, shame or guilt (just to name a few). We can feel the energy of these relationships in our bodies, and if we can feel them, we can also heal them!

Of course, truly experiencing grief can be a difficult process; two prevalent stages of the grief process are denial and bargaining, and it can become more challenging when we begin to bargain with ourselves, in denial of the circumstances or “trauma”. But if we can begin to find an awareness of our ROOT “traumas” - the fundamental experiences that shaped our current state - we can begin to change our patterns on a quantum level first, and then in our physical reality by extension, just by recognizing them in the first place.

For example, abandonment is (in my experience) the most common “trauma” we Spiritual Beings carry with us through this human experience. The vibration of abandonment shows up in human behavior as the “go away and come here” mentality - the ultimate "mixed message". If we don't resolve the trauma of abandonment, we experience love and fear at the same time, never quite trusting that we can love again without fearing we may be abandoned and ultimately keeping others at arms length. But if we can recognize the “go away and come here” pattern in our own behavior (the effect), we can begin to identify the trauma at its root (the cause) and ultimately open our Hearts to the vibration of unconditional love, bringing more trust and intimacy into our lives and our relationships.

Healing the Tree of Life

As we free our minds from the “matrix” system of control, we begin to see that the Earth’s vibration is connected to the vibration of humanity. Just as our negative, lower vibrational emotions consume us, they also consume our planet, our Mother. This means that to truly heal the planet we must heal ourselves. By acknowledging the existence of the quantum field of consciousness, we change how it behaves and how we connect with it, allowing us to begin changing our lower vibrational patterns. If we recognize our own baggage and find the root within it, through a conscious process of forgiveness and letting go of “negative” emotions and attachments, we can find acceptance and resolution in all our relationships and traumas, on a multi-dimensional level.

The Universal Law of Correspondence tells us “As above, so below; as below, so above”. This means that there is “harmony, agreement and correspondence” between the physical, mental and spiritual realms. That harmony and correspondence is expressed on all scales throughout our Universe, through microcosm and macrocosm, from the smallest electron to the largest star and vice versa. There is no separation since everything in the Universe, including you, originates from the One Source. All is One.


The ancient Greek Temple of Apollo at Delphi refers to this great Law of Correspondence in its inscription “Know thyself and thou shalt know all the mysteries of the Gods and the Universe”.

When we heal the root of our trauma, we also heal our relationships that were affected by the manifestation of that trauma energy. As above, so below.

To be of service to the planet and humanity, to heal the Tree of Life, we must start within and heal our root traumas.

When we heal the root, we heal the Self, on the physical and astral planes, while also raising the vibration of Mother Earth and the rest of Humanity by extension. As we amplify our own “State of Grace” we raise our vibration to one of Love, setting in motion the butterfly effect of healing across the entire interconnected Universe – on both sides of the veil! By healing our self and our relationships, we place ourselves in a higher and more objective emotional place where we can flow with the Universal flow of energy. By caring for and nurturing our self and the root of our very own Tree, we gradually become more energetically efficient, emotionally intelligent and spiritually enlightened, and at the same time, we become of service to the planet and all of humanity. It’s a spiritual mission, should we chose to accept it, and an important part of our shift into a new era of spiritual enlightenment.

Heal the root and the rest will follow.

About the author and instructor:

Jennifer Deisher believes the art of human connection has been conditioned into detachment from our True Self which consequently denies us the essential Blueprints of our evolution.  She founded BlueprintsForButterflies to help others connect with their Higher Self and create a spiritual foundation in line with their own individual energy signature.  Her unique insight and connectedness with Spirit allows her to guide others into their Higher Self where our own unique and individual Blueprints await discovery.  To book a session/soul reading or to sign up for Jennifer’s Creative Writing Workshop – Opening the Creative Channel WithIN please visit BlueprintsForButterflies.com.

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Comment by Trevor Taylor on August 18, 2014 at 11:33am

Thank you for re-working this article as per our discussions. Recommended to the publishers for inclusion in one of the forthcoming multi media editions of OM Times

Comment by Jennifer Deisher on July 11, 2014 at 6:40pm

Yes, I saw ALL of that in hindsight - of course!  I have an idea though...

Thanks, Trevor!

Comment by Trevor Taylor on July 11, 2014 at 4:25am

Hi Jennifer, thank you for your article, which is being assessed for publication. You need to shed nearly 600 words, which could be a challenge as you have tackled a complex subject. As it is a complex subject, I suggest a brief closing paragraph summarising the message in the narrative, and the opening paragraph marrying 'quantum mechanics' with 'the soul' a little more than it does, for the reader to be drawn in to your message from the start. Over to you. Many thanks, Trevor

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