Quit Adding and Start Subtracting- Take it All Off !

Published  JULY 2015 C Edition Personal Growth page 96 

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by Gia Dalton 

We spend most of our lives adding. But is everything we add beneficial, aligned and authentic to who we really are? Can we find ourselves in the present moment and no where near our truth?

We add education and degree's. We add friends, lovers, and experiences, both good and bad. We go on adventures, travel, and become weekend warriors. We also add fears, insecurities, shame and guilt. We cover our real thoughts and feelings, and develop coping skills to handle hurt and pain.  Many times the coping skills we’ve adopted came from problem’s other than our own, which turn into a form of enabling. 

As children we are innocent, loving completely and unconditionally. We smile, laugh, and play.  We attend school for a formal education and "socialization".  We learn how to share, who shares well, and who does not. We discover there are consequences for our actions. 

We raise our hand, and do not call out. We learn that it feels good to do well, and make good grades, as this pleases our parents, and teachers. We become "people pleasers”.

We learn how to be part of a team, and how to compete. We learn about trust, loyalty, and compassion from the friendships we have established. We learn that often times, the people closest to us are the one's that hurt us the most, and those same people, we have a hard time living with out. We learn who we need to be in order to fit in, and how it feels when we do not.

After years of schooling, seminars, books, lectures,conferences, experiences, relationships, business ventures, careers, birthdays, marriage, children, breakups, anniversaries and divorce etc... we find ourselves buried somewhere beneath it all. And we begin the process of subtracting, in an attempt to honor who we are. We move away from people and relationships that no longer serve us, as we heal our pain, and release shame. 

We prioritize our lives, infusing it with all that is important to us. We evaluate our friendships, keeping those which are authentic and letting others fall aside. We make time for what really matters, and subtract all that does not. We stand steady and strong inside ourselves.

We release thought patterns that do not empower us, no longer trapped in the past. Once and for all, we release ourselves from our history. We clear our minds and our homes of clutter.

We sort through our feelings and emotions to get back to who we really are, under all that we have we added, and accumulated over the years. What we once desperately tried to cover, we now expose.

As we connect to our passion, beautifully surrendering, we discover the essence of who we were at the very beginning, before life happened... before all the adding.

This realization can happen at any age. It is awakened the moment we first thought " I need to get back to me". 

Personally, I don't think the essence of who we are ever really changes. Everything that I once felt about myself, before I started adding.... is still there. When I began the process of subtracting, I let go of the need to cover it up.

I never wanted to learn coping skills. I knew that coping skills could help many people that were dealing with great loss, and despair, but for me, coping meant I'd have to endure the issue or "situation" indefinitely. I wanted change. I needed to deal with it now. I instinctively knew that change was the only way out. I knew I was never going to accept these things, and I did not want  to learn how to "cope" with them.  

That being said, the only option is to be strong. Strong enough to let it go and strong enough to know that facing fears is the only way we can be who we are....powerful, abundant, and excited about the possibilities life has to offer. 

We have been blessed with many gifts. One is our ability, should we choose to embrace it, to forget. No, not bury, or repress, but forget. Forget about the details, or the pain. Remember the good and the lesson learned. Be thankful for the experience, blessing it a success, as it has helped us to discover our strength, and the rest… forget.

If we believe in God or a higher power, and if we believe that there is life after death then nothing can stand between us and that. This lifetime is a blink of an eye in comparison. Live by faith. Be infinite. Don’t get caught up in the past, or in the future. Live in this moment. That is all that we have. And that is all we will ever regret not living.

Feeling at peace and relaxed about where life is going makes all the difference. Find calm in the midst of chaos. This is how to evolve and grow. Holding on to hurt does not empower. In order to be who we were meant to be, we must, be fully present.

Energy, time and focus devoted to past hurts stagnates in our  vibration. Good people get trapped in feelings of despair. Some emerge from it, victorious and free. People have been pulled, pushed, and molded by those energies for years. Energies from the past, going back long before they were born. Many of which never belonged to them in the first place. They were sort of inherited in the their DNA. But we have a choice. We can choose to be free of them, clearing that space on a cellular level. 

Let’s get back to feeling free again, by clearing the space, subtracting all the random stuff and taking it all off ! Emerge strong, empowered, and gloriously free.


Gia Dalton is a Visionary Writer, Author, Speaker, Coach, Teacher, and Intuitive Life Strategist. She is currently writing a book, and operates a private concierge holistic practice. 

“My mission is to motivate, empower and inspire the lives of others with integrity, beauty and love.” 




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Comment by Gia Dalton on July 19, 2015 at 12:12pm

Thank you for published my article :)  July 2015 C Edition 

Personal Growth page 96 

Comment by Gia Dalton on June 15, 2015 at 4:04pm

Thank you Shelly  I am ROCKING an Attitude of Gratitude !!! 

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