Is there a dream following you around in which you are having a hard time connecting or communicating with? Do you feel the dream offers a message you are unable to receive? Or maybe there is a question you need an answer to and you are wanting your dreamtime to provide you guidance.

Simple techniques on Remembering your dreams:

Create a relaxing ritual at least 3 nights per week. Turn off all electronics 1 hour before your normal bedtime and avoid any alcohol or caffeine during these evenings. Find soothing music, take a salt bath, light a candle, and meditate to clear your mind of the earlier events of your day before falling asleep.

Set an intention each night before going to bed to awaken a moment earlier and recall at least one image from dreamtime.

When you wake up in the morning just lay in bed peacefully. Do not get up out of bed right away. Wake up slowly, capture the feelings that come with you from your dreamtime. Retrace your earlier dreamtime steps and recall images, sounds, words, colors and encounters. Have a pen and paper close by and jot down any fragments, images, any senses you can remember. You do not have to remember everything from your dream to be able to recall your dreams. Usually the pieces you are able to remember and write down are the ones most important for that moment.

Take about 10-15 minutes each morning for waking up before beginning your day. Sit with any feelings you brought back with you before starting your day.

Waking Journey: Sometime during your day while take a moment to mediate on recalling your dreams. Sit quietly and close your eyes just for a minute. Let your monkey chatter mind go, and visualize any rays of light that bring a spectrum of high vibrational energy. Invite positive images, tones, voices into your light as you ask your inner Self what may be causing a blockage to recalling your dreams. Listen to the answer that comes. It may be simplistic or it may be something you have buried subconsciously. It may come in pieces, voice, symbols, feelings, colors; be open to what comes through. Try not to become frightened, as this feeling reinforces the fear and blockage. Let your six senses bubble up to the surface, allowing you the ability to see, hear, and listen to what appears before you.

After doing this exercise and before falling asleep this same night - think about the shedding whatever has blocked you… see it’s pieces fall off of you.. and invite your dreams into your sleeping life. Ask your dreams before falling asleep why you are unable to recall them when waking up. (This may take a few attempts if something internally is blocking you. There may be a healing process you need to go through.)

Simple techniques on Incubating your dream:

There may be some nights when waking up from a dream and loosing important details may feel like a deep loss. Or maybe you are experiencing a question left unanswered from the dream startling you awake. This may be a sign that the dream needs to be incubated, swaddled in the womb of your spirit, while you sit near warming the dream and letting it wash over your body, mind and soul.

After a day of embracing the pieces of the dream, it is best to next take it into incubation. Incubating a dream will provide the necessary ….  to uncover the missing images or questions left unanswered.

To incubate your dream, sit with the dream and embody it throughout the day. Set the intention that you will care for and tend to this dream – like kindling a fire and keeping it lit through the day and night.

Prepare for Sleep Mindfully. With your dream kindling the fire within in mind’s eye, prepare for sleep. No electronics. Vent and clear away your monkey mind. Apply the same steps as suggested in dream recall tips above.

Set your Intention towards the messages to receive from this incubating dream. Keep it simple, direct. Be clear on your intention, the clearer your intention, the more likely your dream will be easier to translate. What would you like your dream guides to weigh in on? If you enjoy writing in a journal, write your intention down and start with a phrase such as, “In my dream I would like to know….” Whisper your intention while falling asleep.

Receiving the dream. We are not always able to notice the connection at first. Although it may be hard to believe the answer does appear within in the dream, right in front of our eyes, as it has always been deep within us the whole time. Upon waking, write or draw out any images, feelings, conversations, encounters, vibrations, colors that you can recall from your dreamtime. As you are reconnecting with your dream in waking life, begin looking for elements and associations to your question(s) — by connecting the pieces of your dream(s) together with your incubating dream you are fitting the puzzle of your soul’s journey together. Ask yourself: Do you feel your question(s) are being answered or recognized? Do you see any images that are connected to your incubation dream? How are you feeling at this moment upon waking?

If you are feeling frustrated with your dreaming, it is important to look through what you see and feel past the dream, as the frustration comes from within your blockages not from the dream speaking to you. We are very good at creating walls for ourselves and tucking away in small places complex memories of the past that we do not allow our mind, body, or spirit to break down – we refuse it the right to release when we hide away and create these blockages. Take this process step-by-step, day-by-day, and piece-by-piece. For when you emerge through your own walls, your dreams are waiting to take you on a beautiful journey through the transformation of your Self.

Some dreams have clear meanings; some dreams take longer to interpret because there is healing involved, or because messages given to a dreamer are not being received openly. Do not get discouraged! All dreams have a translation special to the dreamer; sometimes the meaning comes in pieces and belongs to a larger puzzle the dreamer needs to spend time fitting together. For those who have a difficult time recalling dreams, incubating may have to be done several nights in a row. If your question is not being answered or a resolution for an issue is not appearing for you, taking time off from the dream and intention would be best. Sometimes when we desire something so intensely we hold on too tight, only to soon find that letting go is actually the answer in itself. If the message is not coming through while incubating let go of the dream by seeing it off into the wind.

Developing a ritual that resonates best with the dreamer is always the right way to incubate a dream. By manifesting a style that works for you, you are granting your dream incubation's top priority and allowing the dream to be present and significant in your life.


Meredith Smith is a Dream Intuitive, Reiki Practitioner, Distance Healer, and Author of the book DreamWorkers Behind the Veil; Night Shift Dreams. Meredith is an astral traveler existing on the boundary line of waking and dreaming ~ she speaks in dreams.

To learn more about DreamWorkers, Night Shift Dreams, dream guides, energy healing with the living and the deceased visit:


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