Looking out through our eyes we see a three-dimensional spatial world. As physical human beings we are embedded within and are a part of this world, but the “us” who is observing is a mere onlooker manipulating the world with a physical human body. To recognize this “us” is self-awareness.

All is Awareness

Awareness is the foundation of this world and all worlds, from physical to the highest of spiritual states. Nothing exists but that which awareness constructs.

We are awareness. Through our eyes we see and interface with the world through the physical body. We don’t usually think about who this awareness is as we busily live our daily lives. We indulge in whatever narrative is playing out in the world and in our lives, and through the narrative we are defined. We are our parent’s children, we root for the Green Bay Packers, drive a modest priced car, are a good father and successful businessman; elements defined by our preferences within a surrounding narrative that has followed us from birth. But the narrative is temporal and reveals only a surface caricature of a more fuller self.

A popular phrase, “Stop and smell the roses,” advises that we slow our pace and take a moment and reflect on subtle things we routinely overlook in a rushed effort to live and compete and carry on with accumulating things of the physical world. Our focus of fulfilling the narrative being lived can be shifted to a deeper level of our being. Slowing the mind and meditating on what wonders and beauty surround us, we minimize the narrative in favor of awareness, that unseen part of us that has been driving the physical narrative.

Seeing Our World

To observe and study and enjoy the shape, color, and fragrance of a rose better reveals the deeper mind. This is experiential knowledge not taught in a classroom environment. Through practice and repetition the mind will begin to see and experience this hidden deeper self and in the process will see the outer world as not so important to our identity and thus livelihood. As observer of the rose, we need go yet deeper and feel our experiential bond with the rose. We will begin to feel our “I am-ness”, we the observer and the rose, together parts of the one. This is of course the whole purpose of the exercise of stopping daily routine and experiencing the rose. And more still is required for the serious practitioner of metaphysics trekking the path to enlightenment.

The rose, the weeds, the grass, the dirt, bees and flies, all are God’s creations and all a part of us.  The rose, absent the lesser things surrounding it would not seem so grand. 

Differentiation  is needed for there being things of value. We must thus stop and see all that surrounds us and see it without judgement, and without giving names and identities to what we observe. There is no “rose”, there is only form, shape, color and fragrance, true not of just the rose but of everything: object, sound, and other vibrations collected by the five physical senses and experienced by the awareness “I”.

Growing Toward Enlightenment

Enlightenment requires a sound, stable mind. Through meditation and contemplation observing the rose without identifying it as such, is one long established method toward that end. But such need not distract from our very real (or seemingly real) daily activities.  In our daily chores and routines we will find that stopping to occasionally smell the roses on a somewhat regular basis will point us toward observing other things that materialize within daily experience.  A painting on the wall, a colorful chair or table or rug, even details of the texture and color of a wall itself, will begin producing results as time passes. Months or even years may pass as we find we are beginning to better feel and experience our own personal very beings. And in time we will somewhat automatically contemplate at times on our place within the wide and colorful reality surrounding us in all directions.

With self-awareness peering into our environment the radiant energy that is a part of every consciousness will emerge from within and bring about a growing and steady peace of mind. Those formerly hectic daily abrasive living experiences will become more simple and natural as others surrounding us feel the growing energy we are nourishing. Peace of mind and enlightenment will become ours by right, natural qualities that were hitherto dormant. The roses that we pass and see will have special significance, for they will be remembered.

About the Author

Arthur Telling has written numerous stories and articles on religion, philosophy, and metaphysics. His article, “A Different Jesus Message” appeared in the Nov. 2011 AMORC Rosicrucian Digest. Telling is author of nine books, including the untold stories of Cleopatra and Jesus, a just released novel based on true events titled: “THE INCARNATION: Cleopatra’s Story of Jesus”. His website:  www.arthurtelling.com and Facebook page “Philosophy for a Modern Era: www.facebook.com/philo30

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