Control…Dominance… When we hear those words, we can almost think they are synonymous. In terms of outcome, both words seem to invoke the same result…that of one person or thing being held under the will of another person or thing.


Yet, when a Facial Intelligence Expert looks at those words, she sees two distinct faces with very different facial features. Her distinction gives her a unique perspective on people, their behavior and their expression of themselves in relationship to others, particularly in the areas of control and dominance.


Every feature on the face, presents the potential for a contrasting perspective of behavioral patterns and emotional tendencies. That is, each feature has, at its core, the ability to show the innate intention of the emotional and behavioral nature associated with that feature and the potential for both a light and/or dark manifestation and perception of that nature.


When we are looking for signs of potential to desire to be in a position of dominance on the face, we are looking at the strength or prominence of features like the eyebrows, brow bone and jawline. People with strong, thick eyebrows and a protruding brow bone and chiseled jawlines are referred to as being the Warrior Archetype in Face Reading. The innate intention behind the strength of these feature combinations is to be an agent for change. These are people who, at their core, want to make the world a better place. They are designed to be do’ers, to move things and people forward. Their base emotion is anger, intended to be healthy anger. The kind of anger that sees that something must be done and in the feeling of the emotion, motivates action and forward momentum.


When the Warrior energy is out of resonance with it’s innate intention, however, we see a different manifestation. Often times, the healthy anger that motivates action toward a greater good, becomes frustration that can linger. When frustration festers, it can create such behavioural expressions as annoyance and a need to take charge in a more militant way to force rather than encourage change. The inner tension that drives Warriors to action, can become more highly competitive and the need to win at all costs can occur.


The perception and reality becomes one of dominance.


When Warriors are aware of the innate intention of their drive and strive to stay in resonance with the expression of their desire to do and to create change, we see more of that healthy anger than the anger born out of prolonged frustration. If we as perceivers of Warriors understand the innate intention of their behaviour, we can recognize when they are out of resonance and help to bring them back in tune to avoid feeling the effects of unhealthy anger.


The expression of control is very similar. People who tend to be perceived as controlling have specific facial features as well. Often times it is those who are the Royal Archetype in Face Reading that can be this way. Royals tend to have prominent noses, prominent upper cheeks and fine bone structure. Royals have the innate ability to see the big picture and the minute details all at the same time. Their mission is to create beauty.


Having such ability drives the Royal to want to follow the exact steps in their mind to get to the outcome. They believe that their way is the best and most efficient way to do things. They can want to micromanage everything to ensure their vision comes to life. The perception of this kind of attention to detail and scrutiny of the process, especially if others are helping with that process, can come across as Control. There is the perception that the Royal is standing over the shoulder of the other directing the way things should be done and not accepting any other way.


As you can see, the control a Royal needs is to ensure that her vision is brought to life; however, others can see it as tyrannous or degrading, feeling that they can’t do something well enough if they are not doing it exactly as the Royal says it should be done.


When you understand the intention behind the behavior of the Royal, that behavior can be reframed from control to attention to detail. You can see why it is important for a Royal to care about every step of a process.


When we dig deeper and look at intentions, we can reevaluate our perceptions. We can look at expressions of dominance and control in new ways and understand how to relate to people differently. Perhaps we can even change the world, or at the very least our own relationships for the better. 

Michelle Butt, Facial Intelligence ExpertTM and Master Coach, helps people reach a deep and profound understanding of themselves and their relationships.

Facial IntelligenceTM unlocks the treasure of insights that our faces hold. With a new level of awareness, Michelle guides her clients to achieving the joyful, fulfilling, successful lives they desire.

She is a also a Chinese Face Reading Practitioner, Nine Star Ki Energy Interpreter, and Hypnotist.

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Comment by Michelle Butt on July 6, 2016 at 11:44am

Thanks Kathy! Have a wonderful day!

Comment by Kathy Custren on July 5, 2016 at 11:32pm

Thank you, Michelle - your article is being forwarded to the publishers for inclusion in a future edition, with our thanks ~ Blessings! 

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