I've spoken often about Be the Change. I love the idea of Change. Change is our privilege, a function of our free will, and it exercises autonomy in our lives when we learn how it functions and how to use it wisely
and well. It works especially well in the mind body connection, or the body,
mind, and spirit realm.

In order to change, you have to decide that's what you want to do. There isn't something in the Universe that sticks out a giant wooden spoon and stirs up your life. I know that sometimes we'd like to put the blame
"out there" but sorry, folks, "in here" is where we need to look to Be the

Going within our body mind and spirit can be a fascinating and fun journey. Sometimes it may be a bit scary. The reason it may be scary for some people is due to lack of experience. We're all a bit hesitant to do
something we've never done before, but once you've encouraged yourself to just
do it a time or two, you quickly get to the fascinating and fun part. So, let's
start with a journey within the mind body connection.

As you sit reading this article, just become peaceful, calm and quiet inside yourself. Notice the pace of how you are breathing. Tell your ears you don't want to tune in on any outside stimulus. Close your eyes for a
moment and just be in there. Inside yourself is a wonderful opportunity to talk
to the "I" of you. He or she will answer all your questions. I like to think of
your "I" as your internal guidance coach. So often, we've been trained to go
outside of ourselves for wisdom and advice, when our own internal guidance
coach is in there, waiting to help us.

I believe you've had a small sampling of what going within is like. In order to change your thoughts, your life, and your world, it's important to adopt what may be for some of you a new form of spirituality. Your
within is where the true spirit of you lives and it's your spirit, your mind,
who can initiate the changes in your thinking.

Changing your thinking is important to Be the Change because your thinking is what is causing your life and your world. I would encourage you to go within often and see what's happening in there. Become your own best objective observer. Pretend you are a psychologist and analyze
what you are thinking. If you become an objective observer, you can talk with
your "I" and ask it why it's thinking as it currently does. It will tell you, and then you can offer your
best objective psychological or spiritual advice and encourage your "I" to make
different choices.

Governing your thinking is a wonderful goal. It is true that "what you think is what you get" so if you want to get something different than what you have, going within and changing the way you currently think is the place to get the job done. Let me show you an example:

If you want to change the size or the condition of your body, that would be your Desire. Your mind has created that Desire for you. It
begins to think about having a healthier body, for example. This is where choice enters into the picture,
because you have two main choices.
Here's how they look:

"I would really like a slimmer body, but I can't handle dieting. I'll just make do with the one I've got now. I probably can't even get going on exercise, and my friends are sick of hearing me complain about it anyway. No sense even thinking about it." This individual has thought herself into
"same body as I already have" situation?

The second choice looks like this: "I'd really like a slimmer body. If I keep my desire strong, somehow, someway, all the pieces will fall into place. I'll create a healthier diet and make it something I can do long term. I'll find
an exercise routine that's really fun.
I'd like to buy new, smaller summer clothes. I want a tighter stomach and tighter
abs. I'll be meditating daily to support
the diet and exercise and ......." See the difference? This individual is busy thinking herself into
a more desirous body.

It begins with your thinking and your mind body connection. It starts with spirit or mind, and then it pictures itself forward into your body, your life, and your world. Try it! You'll like it.

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