Relationships under the magnifying glass... Again?

Many of us are constantly provoked into examining how we connect and react within our relationships. What's surprising is that these are areas we thought we already covered (a few times!). So why do we keep finding ourselves back here?

When this happens, this is our chance to realise that when it comes to our relationships - whatever we think we know could be working against us. It's time to let go of all the accumulated 'knowledge' so that we may become vulnerable once more (and perhaps a little more humble) in discovering something new.

Things are always changing. Nothing is ever the same as it was ten years ago, six months ago or even last week. We have changed, other people have changed, everything has changed and now our perceptions have altered in reflection of that. When our perceptions of the current moment change, our perception of the past also shifts. We may find that our memories present themselves differently to what they have done before and are revealing alternate perspectives of previous situations - either showing them in a brighter light or perhaps invoking some more challenging feelings.

The thoughts we've had about these people in our lives have served us up until now. It was those very beliefs that helped us process in a certain way and to bring us to this point in our lives, but we may have out-grown that way of thinking. We can ask ourselves ‘What am I believing about my relationships that is not really true anymore?’

It might feel at first that all of what we believe is true because we’ve become so attached to the story that created that belief - but what if that story isn't true? What if Ego is creating a tale that feels more familiar and keeps us in a stagnant place rather than being able to move forward? Because you know Ego just hates to move forward…  

Every time we find ourselves in this place of re-examining where we stand in our interactions with others, we have the opportunity to bring forward relevant ways of looking at our relationships as well as different approaches when it comes to healing and connecting with the people currently in our lives. We are also perpetually getting ready for the people who are about to make an entrance in the next chapter of our lives. We’re sure are a busy bunch of souls aren’t we?

Here’s a great tool to use is when we want to take a deeper look into how we are viewing our relationships - it’s one where we connect with our inner child.

Close your eyes and take some deep breaths down into your stomach. When you feel relaxed, see your child-self standing in front of you. Firstly, give you a hug! Then ask your younger self where you lost your faith in your closest relationships. Have a heart-to-heart with your inner child and find out what it has been that you needed, where you’ve not been receiving and where you’ve been withholding support and validation. Your inner child will show you exactly what your perception of relationships has been and why you're now ready to open up into trusting, loving connections. You also have the opportunity to tell your inner self that everything is different now! You are now empowered, safe, free and deserving of love within all your relationships.

This is such a powerful, healing tool that can help us to realise what we are still carrying from the past and where we can now make changes to ensure more of interactions are harmonious and loving.

Whatever is coming up right now is (as always) for a really great reason. It is peeling away the layers and cracking open our hearts. We are becoming more and more aware that we need people in our lives to share with and to help one another grow but it's bigger than that. As human beings - we need to love. It is fundamental to our wellbeing. It is only our fear and resistance to loving that causes us so much suffering because the reality is - we need to love. As we clear away all the rules we've been using to protect ourselves, we create the space we need to be open and willing to experience the many, many ways of connection and loving once more.

Everyone knows how to love, we are all born with that gift, but we need others to awaken that gift within us. So as we go through times of reflection and processing on our relationships, let us make a choice to not use it as a reason to feel bitter or enraged so that we may love less, but rather know that this is absolutely necessary so that we may love more.


And let's face it... When it comes to love... You can never have too much!

Author Bio:

Emma Bennett is the Co-Creator of The Sacred Spaces. She is a Seer, which is someone who sees, feels and knows - deeply and intuitively. Emma loves life and spends her time helping people to embrace their own beauty, truth, power and love and to create a life they don’t need to escape from - a life they can love!

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Comment by Emma Bennett on October 17, 2015 at 8:11am

It's all the unknown for now! I'm happy to wait and see what happens from now then :)

Comment by Emma Bennett on October 17, 2015 at 8:05am

Ok! I shall subscribe for the magazine to arrive in my email and then wait and see! Thank you very much Shelly - I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

Comment by Emma Bennett on October 17, 2015 at 7:54am

Thank you! And thank you for your edits as they've helped me to understand more in regard of bringing the article together, presentation and formatting as well as some other things. You've been very helpful! What does it mean once the articles have been chosen as featured? Would I be notified if you used them or they went on your website?

Thank you for all your time and energy - it is most valued and appreciated!  

Comment by Emma Bennett on October 16, 2015 at 4:38pm

I've edited this one too! Again, I'd love to hear what you think! :)

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