Where Are You? 
So you have awakened to a new possibility for your life, and are aware of the need to make some major life changes in order to get into alignment with your Destiny.   Yet, despite what you know, you resist moving ahead....what is going on here?


Congratulations, you have reached stage two in my Destiny Success Process of "SHIFT." 

Now that you are awake, you must shift all the things in your life that hold you back--beliefs, relationships, and even location.  You are leaving your comfort zone and entering into your courage zone.  And you may find yourself feeling uncertain about how it will all work out. 

Well, my friends, welcome to playing a bigger game in life and please recognize that this is in fact an encouraging sign of your new emergence.

The truth is, feeling this way is a positive indication of your growth and progress.
You have, undeniably, begun a new stage of metamorphosis.  

As Richard Bach says, "What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls the butterfly."

During my many years of teaching other how to live a life of true purpose, I have observed four distinct levels of destiny that people can actualize.  In order to move in a new direction, you must first know where you are, read through these and see if you can identify where you are at this moment.


Level One: Default Purpose: "lost"
You are getting by in life but may be feeling less than fulfilled, and more often than not, feel stressed or disappointed with how life is going.   You may have taken a peek into your inner self occasionally, only to get dragged back into the default mode of existence.   You find it challenging to make life decisions and may find yourself jumping from job to job, relationship to relationship, looking for yourself “where you are not.”


Level Two:  Pseudo Purpose:  "off track"
You may feel as if you are “hanging in there” or doing fine and yet, feel like there is something MORE to life than this.  You are not fully certain of your purpose, although you may have glimpses of being on purpose from time to time.  Work is not passionate or fun and you are settling for less than your heart’s desires.


Level Three:  Personality Purpose: "on track" 

You have a clear understanding of what you want but you may not be fully aware of your purpose or allow it to guide your decisions in life.   You also may be on a track, but not your unique path to Destiny.  There is still unrealized potential within you, and can easily be harnessed with the right guidance and support.


Level Four:  Destiny:  "destined for greatness"

You are more than likely living at a higher rate of fulfillment, confidence and inner peace.  I encourage you to embody your purpose and share it with others.   Maybe you need to take who you are out into the world in a bigger way in the form of a business or some physical manifestation.


If you are ready to graduate from whatever current level you find yourself, and truly FLY, then make a commitment to move past the resistance and 'do what you fear.'

Where Do You Want to Be?
It is often when we change ourselves or our circumstances, that we find what we are looking for.  I often say, "Soul growth occurs outside the city of our comfort."

Of course, this is often easier said than done,  so I’d like to share a personal and practical example from my own life how moving past resistance can lead to your Destiny….it’s the process I went through when deciding to move to from an island life to the  big city of Austin, TX.

While walking on the seashore two years ago, a quote came to mind;  If you want to discover new oceans, you have to learn to leave sight of the shore.  (Yes, Spirit has a sense of humor and can sometimes be quite direct!).  My own coach had been encouraging me to go on a vision quest of sorts…to step out of my comfort zone and get in touch with my bigger vision, and right away I “got to feeling” out of sorts, low on energy, stuffed head and nose–‘allergic’.   

You see, this was my so-called "dream life." I lived on a water canal with access to the ocean, spent a lot of time at the beach and boating, and basically felt like I was always on vacation.  I had decided that this was it for me.  Why would I want to rock the boat now?  Maybe you can relate. My allergic reaction was showing me that I was in resistance to changing status quo.   

Resistance is what stands between the life you live and the unlived life within you. On a deep level, I knew something was needing to change in my life, something big like a relationship break-up, and a move of residence, but I did not want to think about leaving my comfort zone of living on the island where I very much enjoyed a quiet, simple life where I could still run my virtual business.

When something like this happens in your life, recognize that it is a very important choice-point.  What you choose to do (or not do) has far reaching effects; so be careful, because if you let resistance rule you instead of your "greatness," you may miss out on the life experiences that you are meant to have.

For example, when I made the change, I met and married the man of my dreams, attracted new soul-mated friends and my business took off.  I know in my heart none of that would have occurred, had I resisted what I knew was true for me—even though it was a lot of work—I went through a lot of release and had to pack and unpack my stuff three times in one year, until I settled in with a wonderful new home with my hunky buns. 

Once I faced the fear, felt my way through it, and  accepted my next step, all those physical symptoms subsided, and a new sense of Self and a burst of energy became activated.  

When you are shifting through a major transition (divorce, career change, move, financial challenge, living your PURPOSE), it is common to be in a state of negative emotional and mental overload that makes it difficult to think clearly and make wise decisions.

However, the stress that you are experiencing is the perfect prescription to evolve your soul—if you choose to see the blessing in the chaos (by the way, chaos, change and challenge are what I know to be "stepping stones to Destiny.")   

You can learn new skills that are built upon a spiritual foundation and learn to access the wisdom of your own soul which will empower you to recreate your reality based on what you really desire.

Surrender to Your Soul
The great news is that the stress and resistance dissolves when you
 surrender to your higher purpose and allow your soul to lead you. 

Even though island living was a pretty great track to be on, it was not the one that would lead to my greatest Destiny, and by letting it go, I discovered even greater 'treasure'---a new me, a new husband, and a renewed sense of Purpose.

Now, I see the move was a natural step into taking my message of Everyday Enlightenment to a much bigger audience.  Another result is the completion of my book, The Destiny Discovery:  Find Your Soul's Path to Success.   Writing it has been a breeze because of the amount of personal transformation that I experienced from all of my life experiences and most especially, the last three years, because everything finally came together for me.

The same happiness and fulfillment is yours for the choosing.  I would love to know what is going on in your life---what change or challenge may be calling you forth?  What great Destiny do you want to fulfill?


→You are invited to join Bright Michelle for a once in a lifetime Destiny Activation call, designed to help you reconnect with the wisdom of your Soul and become clear on your true purpose in life.  It's happening on the auspicious 11/11/11 portal to higher consciousness.
Sign up here http://www.LiveYourDivineDestiny.com/free-global-call


***This blog is based on Michelle's forthcoming book, The Destiny Discovery:  Find Your Soul's Path to Success


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