Release Worry and Feel More Joy: It’s More Important Than We May Think

Abstract: This article provides practical suggestions on how people can reduce worry in their lives. It offers a new perspective, perhaps, that worry negatively the vibrancy of the energetic waves (or frequencies) that we emit each day. And that these “worrying” frequencies actually repel the kind of lives we long to co-create. This article also offer ideas on how we can dive in deep to identify the root cause of the worry (or limiting belief), and then separate from this belief if we choose, to help us release what hold us back from experiencing joy and freedom from worry in everyday moment.

Life is not meant to be heavy or hard. Many of us feel like we are supposed to worry, as if everything might fall apart if we let go.

We worry about money, our relationships or our jobs. Often, these worries are based on a past experience that we re-play like a bad song stuck in our heads. Something happens to us in our lives, usually as a child or young adult. In a similar situation later in life, our memories are triggered and our brains instinctively believe that the same thing is going to happen again.

Then we re-live our past over and over. The same patterns tend to occur in our lives. According to Abraham-Hicks, “Worrying is using your imagination to create more of what you don’t want.”

The good news is that we can work past our worries, allowing ourselves to experience more joy. The mere act of feeling joy can raise our personal vibration, the invisible waves we give off energetically, to bring about the wonderful things that our souls want for us.

This is not about getting rich, famous or acquiring the latest trendy gadget. It’s about aligning with our true purpose, or what we are here on Earth to do.

If we find ourselves in an unhappy pattern in life, we might ask ourselves if there is an unconscious thought under the surface contributing to this pattern.

Human beings have tens of thousands of thoughts per day, and most of them are quite negative. What if we could contribute to the nature of our daily experiences with our thoughts every day? Imagine if we were to replace the negative ones with positive ones. What could we bring about in our lives?

Here are some ideas on how we can work past the fears/doubts/worries to create what we long for:

Identify the Root Cause of the Belief

We might explore something we have been told, or that happened to us in the past, to notice any subconscious beliefs lingering there. Writing takes an emotion out of us so that we objectively see it for what it is.

Move On from the False Story

How are these beliefs holding us back in our lives? What would our lives be like if we no longer decided to believe this story? We may uncover some powerful revelations by diving deep into the kind of lives we wish to co-create.

Separate from the Belief – In our Minds and on Paper

Imagine telling the person who may have inadvertently created this belief that we are no longer going to believe this. Feel the separation in our bodies and write it down.

Minimize the Daily News

The information overload within the news these days often keeps us in a constant state of fear and anxiety. Turning our TVs off and minimizing our exposure can create a heightened sense of peace and alignment.

Wonder Like a Little Kid and Enjoy Life

Children have so much to teach us. Marveling at the treasures that exist in nature and throughout all life, they know how to find joy in each moment. They live as if they were on permanent vacation. Like a child, what if were to try something crazy that we would not normally do? Our brains thrive on spontaneity and keep us excited about life.

Learn about Personal Vibrations

When we are joyful, we emit a high-frequency wave toward which people, opportunities and events naturally gravitate. When in a negative space, we give off a low-vibration wave, often attracting negative situations. Instead, we can create a vision of our ideal futures, living in a state of joy so our current vibrational frequency might eventually match that of our future one.

Be Aware of the Negative Ego

Our negative Ego-based minds will tell us we are being irresponsible when we are intuitively following our bliss. It will scream that things will fall apart in our lives. But will they really? We are just experimenting, just exploring. Tell that Ego to settle down and let us try something new.

Connect with a Like-Minded Community and with Nature

Our energy is amplified as a loving community. We feel uplifted and restored. Spend some time with friends, relaxing, hanging out, enjoying food. Join a meditation group. And get outside and run. Jump in water. Sing out loud. Run barefoot in the grass and absorb the healing energy of the Earth.

Our inner selves are begging us to let go and find joy. When we can release our internal blocks, we experience true freedom and a life that feels good in our hearts, bodies and souls.

By: Rachel Horton White

Rachel Horton White is an intuitive coach, spiritual seeker and writer. She connects the spiritual to the real world through guidance sessions, workshops and communities of support with Soulful Work Intuitive Consulting and in her podcast, The Courageous Path. A mother to two young children in Portland Maine, Rachel longs for a world of healing and shared consciousness.

Rachel can be found also on:

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Comment by Rachel Horton White on October 4, 2017 at 3:39pm

I was so delighted to see this article in the most recent magazine, thank you again Kathy! So grateful!

Comment by Rachel Horton White on July 16, 2017 at 3:08pm

Sounds good! I will check back in a month or so! Many blessings to you as well Kathy! :)

Comment by Kathy Custren on July 16, 2017 at 10:47am

We generally do not send messages on publication; the current schedule is being filled for the last part of August and into September, so look for it around that time ~ Happy Sunday ~ Blessings! 

Comment by Rachel Horton White on July 16, 2017 at 10:10am

Wonderful news! I can't wait to read it! Will I get some kind of notification when it's up somewhere? Thank you so much again! Yaay!!

Comment by Kathy Custren on July 15, 2017 at 10:14pm

The article is being forwarded to the publishers for use in a future edition, with our thanks ~ Blessings! 

Comment by Kathy Custren on July 15, 2017 at 10:05pm

That's okay, we'll make it happen. Much appreciated, Rachel, and have a good night ~ Blessings! 

Comment by Rachel Horton White on July 15, 2017 at 9:46pm

Thanks very much Kathy for the helpful suggestions! I have made the changes here and hope that it might be more appealing now! (Although when I pasted the new version from Notes, I am not seeing the links or formatting showing up here.. maybe that's just on my end though). Many thanks and much gratitude! :) Rachel

Comment by Kathy Custren on July 15, 2017 at 7:23pm

Hi, Rachel - a very nice article; a couple things, though, before giving final consideration. Please refrain from using quite as many contractions. They're fine for conversing in blogs, but articles we offer require slightly more formal word structure. Also, we would need your "About the Author" bio paragraph with link and an outline/abstract for your piece as well. Our submission guidelines have all the details. Please message me when it is revised and I would be happy to review once more. ~ Blessings! 

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