A Time to Retreat - 807 words - spirituality, OM living, Healing, well-being, metaphysics

“Help….I need somebody.  Help….not just anybody.   Help….you know I need someone.  HELP!!”

Yep, we all loved that song and the movie as we watched Ringo run away from those who wanted to steal his precious ring!  It seemed like such an innocent and fun-loving song the way The Beatles presented it, but in reality, it was John Lennon’s genuine cry for help.  He had become overwhelmed and didn’t know where to hide.

We have all heard our friends, families, co-workers cry out for help, feeling as if everything they try to think, say, or touch seems to go in the totally opposite direction of their character.  Everything is out of whack!  How many times have we ourselves felt this way?  We go about our daily business smiling, talking the talk but feeling as if we’re not “walking the walk.”  Then doom and gloom sets in and we begin to lose confidence, self-esteem, self-worth.  Our own cry for help begins to surface, only we’re not quite sure where to turn.  Do we turn to friends, loved ones, church?  Do we turn to self-help or spiritual books?

And if we are spiritual practitioners or journeying the path of spirituality, it becomes compounded by this idea that we’re not supposed to be feeling this way.  We think to ourselves how can this be?  We chant every morning, meditate, are in service to others for their own healing, adhere to dharma.  This should not be.  Well, guess what….at some point our humanness with all of its traumas surfaces.  As a matter of fact, precisely because one is a practitioner or spiritual teacher/leader that challenges arise more often.  And really, that’s a good thing!  It allows release of that which attaches to the energetic body and move on.

What we fail to understand is these moments are “nature’s” way of telling us something is not right in our life.  It brings to light unanswered questions and conflicts within our subconscious mind and becomes an opportunity to confront ourselves. Is it painful, confusing?  Yes!  But it is through pain and sacrifice that we release and evolve.  

But how do we do this?  Do we turn to books of wisdom?  Certainly they are an inspiration, but do we then degrade ourselves for not being in harmony with their teachings?   Do we continue teaching, lecturing, healing others?  We could for when we are in service to others, it brings us joy.  But how can we truly serve and heal others when we ourselves need comfort, healing, and releasing?  Where do we turn?

“Clear your mind of dogmatic theological debris; let in the fresh, healing waters of direct perception.  Attune yourself to the active inner Guidance; the Divine Voice has the answer to every dilemma of life.”  (Autobiography of a Yogi - Paramahansa Yogananda)

Sometimes we just need to step back, “retreat” from the noise, information and guidance.  The “true” teacher/master lies within ourselves, and it is our own direct perception of our experience that brings answers and redirection.  There are plenty wonderful retreats in beautiful locations to get away and regroup, but those can run a pretty penny.  What if financially we are not in a position to take advantage of such an offer, or it’s not our calling?

Retreating doesn’t have to be in Bali with beautiful waters, swaying trees surrounded by other sensitives as ourselves.  Though it’s awfully inviting and a wonderful opportunity to connect with others, does it ultimately live up to the challenge of getting out of a rut and back on track with life? Ummmm……probably not!   It’s only a temporary distraction to what really needs our undivided attention.

We can establish a retreat anywhere and at any time.  Taking a day, weekend, or a week to sit in our favorite room in silence, reflection, meditation can be more beneficial.  Yes…there are distractions of family and activities in the house.  Little Johnny pounding on the door asking for his ice skates, or Jenny needing a ride to her girlfriend’s house.  

Well, lovingly ask family to respect your need to be in retreat.  Prepare a care package with water, food and incidentals you may need.  Gather meditative music and your favorite inspiring quotes or affirmations.  Sit in meditation.  Ask to be shown what needs to be released from your energy field that is not serving you.  Commit to a time for being in retreat and listen…receive the answers, redirection, and then emerge feeling fresh and alive to tackle new ideas, projects, prepared for the next chapter of your life.

Most importantly….remember you are safe!  We all need time to step away from the noise, people and situations in our life in order to be empowered in peace, purpose and service to others.  Happy retreating!


Debbie Peluso obtained her Bachelors degree from the University of Metaphysics in association with the University of Sedona in Arizona. She is a certified practitioner in Meditation, metaphysical/spiritual counseling, and is a working astrologer and co-owner of Zion Yoga Studio in the Washington, D.C. area. and  is a facilitator of and teaches the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.  Debbie is an OMTimes Magazine spotlight writer and OMTimes Expert.

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Comment by Debbie Peluso on January 15, 2017 at 7:32pm
Thank you, kathy!❤️
Comment by Kathy Custren on January 15, 2017 at 4:22pm

Debbie, thank you very much for editing and revising the title. It is being forwarded on to the publishers ~ Blessings! 

Comment by Kathy Custren on January 15, 2017 at 8:54am

Oh, also - the title could be a little more descriptive, if you wouldn't mind adding a few more words to it. ~ Thanks! 

Comment by Kathy Custren on January 15, 2017 at 8:53am

Hi, Debbie - this is a good topic, but is a little long/over the word count. In reviewing it, there may be some areas where you can tighten up the copy just a little to remove some of the "I" comments or other asides. If you could manage to take off even 100 words that would be better. Let me know once you have amended it and I will be happy to review once more. thank you ~ Blessings! 

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