Emotional osmosis in highly sensitive individuals is an interesting mechanism which acts to purify negative emotions, yours and others. How does it work? 

Highly sensitive people are more permeable, you flow in and out of your energy field and are not as attached to the 3d world, leaving you open to sensing beyond the 5 senses. Think of a tea bag, water flows in and permeates the tea leaves then the mixture flows out filling the cup ... that's osmosis. 


You are evolving... the greatest gift you can give yourself is to learn how to identify and then surrender the emotions you feel. These come from you, and (because we are all connected) everybody. This is where reverse osmosis comes into play. Because your sense of self is permeable, you experience oneness, and can easily connect with the emotions of people, places, animals....

With the experience of oneness often you may find yourself in a state of confusion. What is yours? What have you picked up from another? The bottom line is you are feeling the emotion. The origin isn’t important. How you process negative emotion is. If not handled correctly you will accumulate layers and layers of negativity. This in turn will give you a low energetic signature and attract more negative emotions and experiences.

Now that emotion has come into your energetic field, you are given the task of purifying your field once again in order to maintain a higher energetic frequency.


You must learn to pause, identify your experience and the emotion behind it without labeling or judging (creating and attaching to thought forms) and flow with it rather than resist. This creates greater flow and eases discomfort and dis-ease.


Resistance causes MORE discomfort. What's the first thing you do when experiencing a negative emotion? Put up the shield to defend, however that means energetically you aren't acknowledging, "facing", and allowing.... so more of the same (usually amplified) happens.


The three ways negative emotions are usually dealt with are: suppression/repression, expression (venting, acting out), and escapism (diversions).


Emotion stuffing is common. Projection, denial and blaming are also ways to avoid facing negative emotion. Since you are connected to all through oneness, when you do not attend to negative emotions you emit them via energetic signature and propel that into the world. Sharing with the world while propagating negativity and creating the illusion that stress is external when its origin is internal. Another aspect to this is displacement. You are triggered by an outside event, when really it is a convenient outlet for the negative emotion.


Expression sounds like a good thing. The problem with expression of negative emotion is it usually lets just enough out for you to feel better but does not resolve the entire emotion. Meanwhile since the nature of the expression is negative you have just energetically thrown up on other people.


Diversion is employed to keep you busy. Busy doing so you don’t have the time or stillness to observe what you are feeling within. Television, movies, social media, working overtime and over extending yourself are all examples of diversions. Along with diversion there is another method for escapism… addiction using drugs, alcohol, shopping etc.


Emotions and their corresponding frequencies influence thoughts and beliefs which in turn either keeps the cycle going or offers you the opportunity for transcendence.  Emotion + thoughts = belief system, which creates a cascade of involuntary re-activity. Even if the emotions aren't yours?


Doesn't matter you still must let them "be" and if you have attached thought to it you have claimed it as yours and it has become a part of your energetic signature. Your work is to feel the emotion without attaching thought. Emotions have a beginning and an end, you must allow the feeling "to be" until it dissipates.


What does it mean when you have allowed the emotion to “be” and you felt it was resolved only to have it reappear? The tip of that emotional iceberg is gone, yet there is more to that emotion. You have been accumulating layers. You must address the emotion as it comes up. As you do this work you will feel lighter, and your energetic vibration will rise affecting your energetic signature. Thus your experience of the world will change to reflect this.


The evolved viewpoint is nothing is external, but rather within. Very few can start at that point. Those exceptional few start by knowing what is within, accept, surrender and transcend into the next higher frequency. This enables you to experience more joy, love and peace. The book "Letting Go" by Dr. David Hawkins is an excellent tool for reaching a deeper understanding of the process of surrender.

You may also try using the chakra system as a map to learn and identify beliefs and emotional themes with archetypal symbolism. This puts a 3d label on it so you can explore, discover and identify what's already within. This will give you an understanding of your energetic signature (the sum total of the emotions, thoughts and beliefs you carry which emits your specific frequency) which attracts experiences to you.

As a highly sensitive person living in today's world, you don't have an option to suppress, avoid or disconnect your emotions. If this were possible it would only lead to greater discomfort and suffering. You will learn how to allow yourself to flow energetically knowing emotion will flow in, and now with your greater understanding you can simply acknowledge, allow and accept what comes and then release (as the emotion will naturally dissipate if not allowed to connect to a thought form) with increased ease and grace.


Lynn Zambrano

Lynn advises and trains empaths all over the world to use their gifts to change their lives and the lives of others. You CAN feel better. Did you enjoy this article? Visit LynnZambrano.com and browse through her blog for more interesting posts.

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Comment by Lynn Zambrano on November 2, 2015 at 9:27am
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