Rise Phoenix: Examining the Depths of Your Shadow

Angels, light, the Divine and healing rays of rainbows are always the pleasant sides to look at in spirituality.  Most of us grasp to the Divine concepts, moving into a state of bliss and higher levels of consciousness.  The space that we enter with these levels of spirituality is closest to our true spiritual nature and allows us to open to the god / goddess within. This is the true state that we are dancing with in this realm of the cosmos.

However, to truly have a dance with the cosmos and to exist at certain levels, it requires a type of polarity.  The negative and the positive forces pull against each other and move toward each other.  This is a scientific truth that moves into depths of creation.  It creates the dance of life, allowing us to experience and learn certain life lessons.  The polarity of the negative is as powerful as the positive light. 

If you are truly interested in spiritual and soul growth in this realm, then remaining in a state of bliss won’t allow you to take the step.  Understand your entire dance.  Look at the depths of your shadow and the depths of your light being.  Everything that is light about you also has a polar side that is a negative.  This is what allows you to grow and expand, learn at the soul level and to have power within your existence to evolve within your spirit. 

What Is The Shadow?

The shadow is the negative force in your infinite being.  It doesn’t relate to demons or astral realms like many think.  It is simply lower vibrations that you carry in your being.  It is a way of balancing out the positive and creating a phoenix type effect.  When you can examine and overcome your shadow, it is the ashes that you rise from to become your true divine self.  It is an essential part of all of our growth in this realm.

While the shadow carries the negativity, it can also assist with cleansing energetics so you can move into even higher realms than you are already experiencing.  Energetically, our shadow is a lower realm.  When this is balanced, in - check and is playing within the cosmic dance in the correct way, it can develop into an amazing play for our soul growth and to reach our soul destiny through the process of the phoenix.

Examining Shadow Realms

Most shadow energetics come from patterns and imprints in the subconscious.  At times, they may also link to the super-conscious.  The subconscious is patterns, beliefs and thought forms that come from our experiences that may have been negative.  It may be from the subtle family imprints or experiences that we have had.  The shadow may also link to energetics and imprints from our soul development in our past existence, specifically to learn life lessons at this time. 

The amazing part of the shadow realm is the link to the super - conscious.  This means that we may have negative imprints, thoughts, beliefs and ideals that are linked to groups that we travel with.  Souls that have a similar soul pattern and destiny have shadow imprints that are carried through as a vibration.  For instance, cultures, gender, societal groups and other segments of the population have group karma.  This karma may be negative and positive at the same time.  Within the negative vibrations are shadow energetics that are carried into the super - conscious and which travels through us, playing out even in the most subtle ways through our daily games in the cosmos.

Begin examining your shadow realms.  Begin looking at the things in your life that you do that may not be of the light.  Look at manipulation, thought patterns and ways that you treat others.  There are endless realms of the shadow, all which play in the cosmic game of our lives and which create a sense of change with our being.  After looking at these realms, find how to alter the energetics and heal.  The more you can examine and release these realms, the lighter you become, the more you heal and the more you allow others to heal.

Running away from your shadow, or allowing it to run away from you doesn’t allow you to experience the vast expansion of the cosmic dance that we are all playing in.  Looking at your deeper sides and releasing them creates a more positive outcome.  You can rise like the phoenix out of your own ashes and into the higher realms.  This empties you into a realm of light while allowing the negative and positive polarities in your creative being to balance.

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