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There are as many different types of yoga as there are people seeking to connect with the mind | body | spirit. Each path creates an individual practice that can be a life changing event, so there is no WRONG yoga. No matter what path you choose, it is a commitment to change as well as the desire to take responsibility for life – including, but not limited to your health & wellbeing.

By now, most have heard the short definition for yoga “~ meaning union” and see the results being used to get fit, stay toned, prevent injuries, stimulate organs and glands, regulate body functions, reduce recovery time, reduce stress, increase lunch capacity and health, and enhance sex.

Oh my gosh, did I just say that. Can that be true? And even if it is, dare we talk about it? I take dare and I am going to challenge the rest of you to consider what it means to be human and why our society is so sexually repressed on the one hand – and so completely out of control on the other? Questions are the easy part … the answers lie withIN.

As we honor the male energy, I think it is no accident that if falls in the month of June, the mid point in our Gregorian Calendar, depicting balance. Even our chakras, which are energy points placed strategically moving up the spine depict balance. The lower three Chakras ( Muladhara | Svadhisthana | Manipura ) relate to masculine energies – earth , water, fire. In the middle one more time, Svadhisthana relates to passion, sexuality and creativity.

Part of the “yogic”path is discovering what brings “you” back to OM. When you explore different types of yoga, you learn different techniques for healing, but ultimately they are all designed to all bring you back to “self” discover. This month, consider that the creativity is thought to originate from the sexual energy we each carry within. Yoga does on a physical level, enhance sexual pleasure – but there is more to Tantra than sex.

Tantra Yoga is the path of ritual and perhaps the most misunderstood of the yogic paths. Some believe Tantra Yoga as sorcery, witchcraft, magic spell or some mysterious formula. Most people perceive Tantra Yoga as sexual. All of these perceptions are far from truth. Tantra is the knowledge concerning Tattva (Truth) and Mantra (mystic syllables). It utilizes rituals to respectfully experience the sacred in everything we do, not specifically just sex, but sacred sex is a part of our spiritual journey. It aims to expand our awareness in all states - whether awake or asleep. Tantra Yoga practitioners must have purity, humility, devotion, courage, dedication to his Guru, cosmic love, faithfulness, contentment, dispassion, non-covetousness, and truthfulness.

Tantric yoga suggests that sexuality can be a very powerful force that can be harnessed for increased self-awareness. Thus, tantric yoga is unusual, in that it not only allows sexual feelings and contact, but uses sexual experience as a means to enlightenment. The emphasis is not on the sexual release as an end in and of itself, but rather on sex as a channel through which the evolution of self may proceed.

Tantra Yoga lays special emphasis on the development of the powers latent in the six Chakras, from Muladhara to Ajna. Kundalini Yoga actually belongs to Tantric Sadhana which gives a detailed description about this serpent-power and the Chakras (plexus). Entire Tantric Sadhana aims at awakening Kundalini, and making her to unite with Lord Shiva, in the Sahasrara Chakra
Reality as Shiva-Shakti. According to Tantra, Reality is pure consciousness (chit), which is considered to be identical with both being (sat) and bliss (ananda). In Tantra, this being-consciousness-bliss or Satchidananda is enshrined as Shiva~Shakti, a conjoined term conveying the inseparable nature of Shiva (the Absolute) and Shakti (the power of creation). In Tantra, any conception of the Divine which does not include Shakti, or the power to become, is considered to be incomplete.

The truth is this: Kundalini Yoga is good for moving all of the energies in your body, which naturally includes sexual energy. It’s worth saying that the point of Kundalini Yoga is not good sex, but good sex is a pleasant side effect of the practice. It is also worth saying that Yogi Bhajan was not an advocate of random or casual sexual encounters; he felt that sex was the holiest of holies and should be reserved for committed relationships (which meant marriage.) Sacred sex is love in action. Treat yourself and your partner like the sacred temples of the divine that you really are; treat sex like the avenue for blissful union it deserves to be.

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Comment by deZengo on May 24, 2011 at 4:04pm
This was a bit challenging for me, but what a wonderful journey.

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