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So how did you enjoy all that Scorpio energy, all that transformation, all that dying to self?  It’s pretty intense energy but thoroughly enjoyable as we feel ourselves moving into new directions, renewing, rejuvenating, transforming! It was a great time to delve deep into ourselves and be rid of habits, attitudes and things that no longer serve. We shed our skin.  It’s challenging and sometimes painful, but it also heals.  And then along comes this optimistic, hopeful and abundant energy of the Sun in Sagittarius. The motto for Sagittarians.....“It’s All Good.” So let’s just flow with that!

Thank goodness for benevolent Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, as it brings the light to the darkness. Sag brings gaiety, fun, faith, optimism, luck, and it brings the light of Truth. Scorpio asked us to look deep and transform so we could open our eyes to Truth allowing the light to shine on the darkness, and here comes our light!  We may have perceived suffering or a negativity that things were working contrary to what we were desiring, but it’s actually the opposite. The energy of Sagittarius brings us the optimism to know we have the ability to bring to fruition the changes we experienced with hope and blessings from the goodness of Jupiter.

AND it bring us the Holiday Season!!!  Perfect timing for this most wise of energies. It IS Santa Claus!! Jupiter and Sag want to bless.  They want to give generously.  No coincidence it comes during a time of joy, laughter, fun, generosity, and Holiness. Sag is the optimistic, free-spirited, adventurous, generous wise man! (or woman!) But they are also the high priests, the gurus, the rabbis, the spiritual teachers, the knowledge-seekers, the philosophers.  And it’s all natural! They don’t need to read a million books (though they love to educate themselves). They breathe and live higher knowledge in the essence of their being, and for this, they are always seeking/speaking Truth, though sometimes not so gracefully.

“The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth.” Another of their mottos. The truth of a Sagittarian can really leave people with their mouths agape because they will dare to say that which others will not even dream of as it can step outside the boundaries of diplomacy. Truly….you will never be able to fool a Sag. They WILL call you out. 

But let's look at that for a moment. What puts us out about it? The fact that it’s true and they dared to be so rude as to say it, or the fact we have just been faced with a reality that needs to change within us? Does this not make them truly the wisest of us all? Does this not make them people we would welcome in our life for growth? And they do so with such naturalness, optimism and good intentions.  Truth is never easy, especially the Truth within ourselves we keep hidden. 

Welcome that Truth. Bring out your inner wisdom.  Allow it to help you migrate from the death/rebirth found in Scorpio to the hope, optimism and enthusiasm of renewal.  Find what your Truth is and how it is  lived on a daily basis. What is the authentic you? How is it expressed?  Buried within us through all the cobwebs of bad habits, negative thinking, identification with ego lies a most wonderful Treasure; OUR JOY! !  It is our Christmas! The greatest gift we will ever receive is our Truth.  “The truth of Sagittarius kills death (Scorpio), and the death of death is life.” (Gahl Sasson, Cosmic Navigator)

There is also a very prophetic side to Jupiter/Sag believing that as long as the future is faced with hope and optimism, we will attract all we desire in life.  It is an energy of vision, of the collective, of synchronicities in the Universe.  One could say this is a lucky energy.  There is hope for new beginnings to manifest, and Jupiter would love nothing more than to bless us with our dreams!

The downsize of all of this generous and benevolent energy is there is a tendency to overindulge.  Jupiter/Sag is an expansive energy.  It over-inflates, exaggerates.  It can give too generously, or be so overly-optimistic that it creates risk-taking, gambling.  Overindulging in too many pleasures of life can be detrimental to our health.  There is also a tendency to exaggerate stories, over-inflating the events and people involved.  It cannot be called lying.  It’s embellishing so  the tale is more interesting.  After all, fun is the name of the game for Sag!

So what is our practice of yoga and meditation during this time? This energy rules the liver and the hips. So detoxify the body by doing a lot of twists! Maybe devote a whole practice to twists. There are so many…….some we even like to forget! With all the parties we attend during this time with all the food, sweets, drinks it becomes most important to detoxify. Engage in hip openers.  Practice chair pose (Utkatasana) and its variations.  And while engaging in these challenging poses, remember to connect to the faith and optimism of your inner Sag knowing you CAN do it!  In meditation, we connect to our Christ Consciousness, that point between the brow, the Third Chakra (Ajna.)  This is the chakra of our visions, our perceptions.   Go within and find your vision, your Truth, your joy.  Find the prophet, the teacher within yourself.

So in preparing for the Christmas season, connect to this optimistic, fun, joyful Sagittarian energy.  When decorating the Tree, in your Mind’s Eye see yourself laying the gifts of calmness, forgiveness, nobility, service, kindness, peace, faith, joy all wrapped in gold under the Tree. Open up to the generosity, abundance, gaiety, spirituality of Sagittarius  living in the heart. Notice how the whole World seems to come together in one consciousness, and that is the Christ within us all, regardless of philosophical or religious beliefs.  It just seems to be “in the air.”  Think about that……

Joyful Blessings to you all.

Debbie Peluso obtained her Bachelors degree from the University of Metaphysics in association with the University of Sedona in Arizona. She is a certified practitioner in Meditation, metaphysical/spiritual counseling, and is a working astrologer and co-owner of a yoga studio in the Washington, D.C. area. 

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