Seven Signs You’re Not Living Your Purpose

Something my guests and I discuss a lot on my podcast is how to follow your life's passion and purpose. We've all been there. Ignoring the warning signs showing us something is dragging us down and explaining why we are feeling so unfulfilled. Here are seven signs you should keep an eye on, so you can finally get started with building a better, higher version of your life.

1) You’re Unhappy and Life is on Repeat

You feel like you’re on a repeat cycle that is monotonous and you sense that life is passing you by. You’re probably saying things like: ‘Is this it?’ and describe life as being ‘the same old dull routine’. You can’t find much joy in your life or much to look forward to. Where’s the excitement? Where’s the adventure? You feel like your life is lacking its sparkle.   

2) You’re Feeling Out of Balance

Everything feels difficult. Nothing seems to flow. It feels like something is out of alignment and is affecting everything else. This disharmony can impact all areas of your life: relationships, finances, home and career. It feels like everything is against you and you probably describe yourself as unlucky. Nothing ever seems to go to plan. You feel off-course, and you wonder why life is really hard work.   

3) You’re Hiding Your Light and Playing Safe

We all have gifts, talents and passions that light us up, but it takes courage to go out there, do what we love, and shine. Perhaps you have something you would like to share with the world, but choose not to do so because you feel too shy, vulnerable or scared. Deep down, you know you want to create a different life but you’re afraid of change, upheaval and uncertainty. You stay in an uncomfortable comfort, even though it is intensely dissatisfying and even painful, because it feels safer than perceived alternatives. These limiting thoughts are keeping you small and stopping you from living your truth and shining bright. You probably already know this. Be truthful with yourself.   

4) There’s Something Missing

You’re intensely unsettled and disconnected, as if you're adrift on the ocean. You have a vague or strong sense that there is something more to your life that is waiting to be explored. Life might be good, but you’re not quite where you truly want to be. Perhaps you’re constantly looking outside yourself for direction and answers, searching for what you know is missing in your life. Perhaps you’re going on workshops, studying or trying new things to discover that missing piece but it remains elusive. You might already be successful, but feel unfulfilled or discontent, despite experiencing some level of achievement, comfort or material wealth. Perhaps you don’t (or no longer) feel passion or excitement about what you’re doing. On the outside, you might have everything that you could possibly wish for. You probably feel guilty for wanting more when you already have so much. If you look deeper, you’ll realise that your ‘more’ really equates to wanting something different, and this is a purpose or direction that truly resonates with your soul. You have a sense that this missing link is important and can make a huge positive difference to your life and possibly the lives of many others. What you might not realise, until now, is that what is missing can be found within.  

5) Your Health and Well-being Are Suffering

There can be a myriad of reasons for the presence of disharmony, illness and disease, but most can be attributed in some way to our emotional state and not being in alignment with our soul’s truth. When you’re not following what your soul intended, this can create inner conflict and stress, which can then manifest as a variety of symptoms, illnesses, and diseases. When you start following your purpose and aligning your life in a way that is more joyful, you might find that you start to feel better in a variety of ways. Miracles can happen.  

6) You’re Feeling Regret

You're looking back (a lot) and find yourself wishing you had done things differently or made other choices. Perhaps you feel nostalgia for better times or wish you had taken another route. Regret is a painful and self-destructive emotion. You know you can't change the past, but you can certainly change how you feel right now and what you do next. It's never too late to create a new reality for yourself.  

7) You Keep Encountering Issues

When you’re not in authentic alignment, your soul somehow conspires with the universe in some mysterious way to deliver a series of wake-up calls. This might come in the way of a loss (losing your job or house, or business, for example). It might come in the way of a threat to your current way of life (an accident or even a near death experience). Usually, the wake-up call is unexpected - although upon looking back, there may have been signs that something ‘big’ and life-changing was going to happen. Usually, these wake-up calls arrive because you’ve ignored or not recognised the gentler signs.

I hope this post helped you identify what may be going wrong. In my posts you’ll find various examples of change-makers who have experienced something life-altering that grabbed their attention. Listen to my talk with Nick Haines and Gail Loveshack on my podcast to hear about their wake-up calls. You see, it doesn’t matter how much you resist, ignore, push, force, run, scream… your soul will let you know one way or another - often dramatically - until you take notice and make the necessary changes to be in alignment with your truth. 

Does any of this sound familiar? Yes? The Kitty Talks podcast was created to help you build a life in alignment with your soul. Join our change-makers community today for free. 

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